White Trash From Alaska Turns Country’s Elite Into Mush…Mush!


September 3, 2008 by billie789

So, let’s just cut to the chase and be done with it.

Sarah Palin and her family are red-neckers with a vengeance. Probably blend right in anywhere in Alaska, where there really is nothing else to do but drink, screw and shoot stuff. Bring them down to the Lower 48, and they look and act like trailer trash.

Isn’t it interesting how the most fiercely conservative people, those who would cast me to Hell for having a pregnant, unwed daughter, are going all soft and gooey on Sarah Palin as a candidate. That idiot Dobson said that he wasn’t going to vote for McCain. Now that he’s tapped Sarah Palin, Dobson said that he’s now going to support McCain.


And there’s no lapse of moral judgement or sex education in their house. Hell, the little girl’s Accidental Husband will be right up there on stage tonight. Poor kid. He’s been caught screwing the Governor’s daughter in front of the whole world. He’s gonna have himself 15 minutes of fame before November and then slide into Alaskan oblivion right after November. Probably develop a drinking-sex-shooting problem.  

And the applause for a “True American Maverik” and her “True American Maverik Family” will spring forth from these Republicans who have suffered through a bizarre, last minute choice on their Presidential ticket, a convention that was postponed because of weather 1,000 miles away and a stunning p.r. campaign to cover tracks on the Palin nomination that basically says,”Everything you know is wrong. “ Reminds me of that age-old Monty Python sketch with the dead bird. “This bird is dead!…No, it’s not, it’s only sleeping!”

Michel Palin, the Python in that classic sketch, is the only Palin who doesn’t make me wince right now.

And this morning, to add to my distress in the face of my country being sold down the river to mistake after mistake after blunder after incompetence, I saw video of Ms. Palin addressing a group of people in an auditorium where she grabs the mic, faces the audience and says that the war in Iraq is part of God’s plan and we shouldn’t question it.

Jesus, please come back. They’ve hijacked your religion and they’re killing people in your name!

Nice. As an Obama supporter, I’m sick to my stomach. And it’s not because the Republicans have created such a wonderful thing here. It’s because in order to get this choice to “stay down,” as in eating after a heavy night of binge drinking, Republicans who know better are willing to mortgage their souls, their professional careers and their wounded credibility in the public square to appear to jump on the McCain-Palin bandwagon. I sure see lots of nervous smiling and darting eyeballs when they show convention-goers being asked about Palin, like someone who just farted on an elevator and people are just starting to look around.

Enough of Sarah Palin and her red-neck family of True Americans. When McCain drops dead, she’ll be dealing with terrorists if Republicans have their way.

At any rate, lock up your sons until this passes.

21 thoughts on “White Trash From Alaska Turns Country’s Elite Into Mush…Mush!

  1. esarsea says:

    I knew it wouldn’t take long for my friend Bill and I to express opposing views on our blog. Truth to be told, it’s part of the dynamic I had hoped for here. It’s not the first time Bill and I been on opposing ends of an issue, but we (or perhaps more accurately, I) have learned not to take things so personally now. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and sometimes you just have to agree to disagree.

    I don’t know much about Sarah Palin. Prior to her being selected as John McCain’s running mate, I never even knew she existed. As such, it’s difficult for me to hold any opinion of her – good or bad. I did watch her Vice Presidential nomination acceptance speech last night though, and came away rather impressed.

    At the level to which I am informed (or uninformed) about Sarah Paulin, I can’t summarily label her and/or her family as, “Red Necks” or “Trailer Trash.” That seems extreme and over-dramatic. Sure, conservative values do not favor unwed pregnancy. In fairness to my liberal friends, I’m sure it’s not their preferred family value either. Perhaps the single most striking difference of opinion occurs after conception. Conservative values suggest the pregnancy will not be aborted if it’s inconvenient or potentially damaging to a political career.

    There’s no doubt that I sit to Bill’s political right. Bill supports Obama. I remain undecided, but after watching Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech last night I feel a little better about the rebel flag flying over my trailer park.

  2. Bill says:

    Don’t forget the pork rinds, Big Gulp and death-metal theme music.

    If I were a younger man, I’d move to Alaska and drink and screw and shoot stuff, too, just like my Daddy did when he left us in 1968, moved to Alaska with his new girlfriend, and spent four years drinking, screwing and shooting stuff.

    Unlike Sarah Palin, my Daddy came home broke, hung over, and had actually stopped shooting stuff. He was in Anchorage and said having moose and bear walking around town kinda took the thrill out of shooting stuff.

    And it’s not really my admittedly angled take on things. Even the hockey-jock who got caught impregnating one of Palin’s underage daughters described himself as a “F—ing red neck.”

  3. Jane says:

    First i don’t support either of the corporate candidates. I realize that Palin did not say exactly that the invasion of Iraq was a task from God but however you view what she did say – vid on youtube – I don’t understand how anyone can think that is anything but harmful for America regarding the current war in Iraq – let alone the rest of the world. unless of course you believe the war in Iraq is or can be a task from God. Extremely dangerous.
    With a teenage son myself this is a huge issue to me. He calls himself a redneck as well for what its worth.
    BTW don’t forget, if you have middle-high school age children that you need to make an effort and write to your child’s school principal to opt out of having their personal info handed over to the military recruiters as the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to do.

    Open the debates

  4. esarsea says:

    Interesting dynamic taking place since Palin was selected as McCain’s running mate. The Democrats seem much more focused on campaigning against Palin than they are McCain. The liberal media also seems to be providing a disproportionate amount of coverage to the Republican VP candidate as well (at least when compared to the actual GOP candidate for President). If I were a casual observer from another country and just happened to catch a news broadcast from the USA, I might think it was Obama vs. Palin for the presidency.

    I don’t recall this happening before. Politics is big business and there’s not a lot that happens without a reason. Campaign managers and strategists map out a direction and course of action. Could it be the Democrats perceive Palin as the easier of the two political foes? Are they attmpting to pull voters towards Obama and away from McCain based on McCain’s choice of running mate? When is this campaign – and the media – going to start discussing the issues, and the positions of the actual presidential candidates?

  5. Bill says:

    Because I don’t want to get into a pissing match about politics with friends I admire, I put my hand over my eyes and covered up all of your post except the very last line.

    I’m with ya, brother!

    And I would love for you to help me understand what liberal media” means to you. (O.k., I read your post…)

  6. billie789 says:

    Make that “very last sentence.” not “very last line.” Sorry.

  7. esarsea says:

    Liberal media (in my most humble of opinions) is ABC NBC and CBS, while FOX is conservative. In fairness, since I watch the big 3 more than FOX I can’t say if they are doing the same thing.

    AND I KNEW you’d pick that out though! I just had to do it…and you didn’t disappoint me. I’ve always wanted to use the phrase “Liberal Media.” Maybe it’s the Oxycotin.

  8. Jane says:

    when is it gonna happen?
    when the people demand it – if that happens while they still have the right to

    try http://www.democracynow.org for starters or discover your own source of the truth, share it and encourage others to speak out for truth in media

    here is a link i have not explored yet but just dug up in a quick search

    as far as how this affects the current political scene, the major media is controlling what the public gets. since most people don’t look farther than the big networks, the info they get is from them
    its up to the rest of us to change it

  9. Bill says:

    O.k., here’s what Eric Alterman, a columnist at “The Nation” has to say about the myth of liberal media.

    “In recent times, the right has ginned up its “liberal media” propaganda machine. Books by both Ann Coulter and Bernard Goldberg have topped the bestseller lists, stringing together a series of charges so extreme that, well, it’s amazing neither one thought to accuse “liberals” of using the blood of conservatives’ children for extra flavor in their soy-milk decaf lattes.

    Given the success of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal editorial pages, the Washington Times, the New York Post, The American Spectator, The Weekly Standard, the New York Sun, National Review, Commentary, Limbaugh, Drudge, etc., no sensible person can dispute the existence of a “conservative media.” The reader might be surprised to learn that neither do I quarrel with the notion of a “liberal media.” It is tiny and profoundly underfunded compared with its conservative counterpart, but it does exist. As a columnist for The Nation and an independent weblogger for MSNBC.com, I work in the middle of it, and so do many of my friends. And guess what? It’s filled with right-wingers. ”

    And, conservatives, I almost forgot: I woke up this morning, walked out on my deck and I could see a mountain a half mile away. Does that make me an expert on mountains?

    That’s what you’re buying into.

  10. esarsea says:

    Surely, to acknowledge that the mountain exists would not make one an expert on mountains. It would however make it difficult to classify the mountain as a myth from that point forward.

    I have never pretended to be an expert on anything having to do with politics. In so many ways it’s little more than something to argue about! How do you argue with opinions?

    Speaking of which, if the conservative media is larger and more well funded than the liberal media as Mr. Alterman asserts, perhaps that is because it has a wider base of support in America?

    The media is largely a for-profit enterprise, and the news is a form of entertainment. Radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of that genre survive by listener support and the sale of advertising based on those listener numbers. Would it not stand to reason that if liberal talk radio played to a larger audience, that they would enjoy a stronger market presence?

  11. Bill says:

    Stu said: “Speaking of which, if the conservative media is larger and more well funded than the liberal media as Mr. Alterman asserts, perhaps that is because it has a wider base of support in America?”

    I’ll give you that, my firend. That’s why the myth of the evil “liberal media” is such a joke. It’s been used as a fund-raising boogey man, a reason to read arch-conservative books (They always sell them using pressure like, “You must read this if you value your freedom!”-type of hype) and, finally, “L.M.” is used as an excuse not to believe news reporting that reveals conservative logic and performance.

  12. Jane says:

    Stu I urge you to look beyond the surface with this. There is much more to know than what is available to the majority of the public.
    One thing about Fox news is from my personal observations they at least give some sort of coverage to the independent candidates. I do doubt their intentions but at least it is some coverage.
    It won’t change unless we demand it.
    The Democratic and Republican candidates for POTUS have little true differences. The lack of coverage of other candidates not coporately controlled is NO MISTAKE.
    The debates need to be opened to more than the two parties. As it is now it is more like parallel interviews rather than true debate. I feel the American public deserves better. I believe America NEEDS to hear more voices, and we have some strong voices with real solutions. Lets demand they be heard.
    Although much of the media is controlling this we still need to use our freedom to demand our rights. Demand the debates be open by contacting your local stations and papers and most importantly your elected officials.

  13. rsr348 says:

    Most excellent conversation going on here. I have to agree with Bill on this one, as the husband and I go to the “liberal media” for our information and decision-making facts. We attempt to stay well-rounded by taking in conservative viewpoints, but nearly always end up amazed and frightened by what we hear. Add to that the fact that we live in a place where religious values, guns and taxes are the most pressing issues. That scares us as well and makes us ponder the average IQ in our chosen place of residence. One particular professional colleague of my husband actually said “How can you vote for Obama, it sounds like Osama!” Granted, this person is whacked to begin with, but still, a supposedly educated person.

    Jane, you rock, and I agree that independant candidates need more exposure, and the country needs a better answer than the two-party system, but when it comes down to election time, I go for the democratic candidate because he might have a chance to win, and we can’t have another 4 yrs. of Republicans. It’s the same thing as the whiny Hillary supporters that refuse to vote for Obama. Do they want McCain to win?!

    Anyway, this blog is very cool indeed. Bill, I’ve missed your rants since you left the Joe world. I love the notion of general BS from Bill and Stu.

    On that note, it’s a gorgeous Friday afternoon and I must get outdoors.


  14. esarsea says:

    Oh my, Liberals to the left of me, Liberals to my right! I’m surrounded!!!! LOL. Like I mentioned, I don’t have much of an emotional investment in politics. At the end of the day, when CSPAN’s camera lights go off, the good-old-boys from both sides of the aisle all slap each other on the backs and go have a drink. Regardless of our own personal political ideals, when whoever takes office does so, I doubt I’ll see any real change in my own day-to-day life.

    My leanings to the right originate from my perception of the conservative’s traditional platform of smaller government and lower taxes. I also believe that it’s businesses, large and small that provide jobs…not government programs. But checks and balances are necessary, and I don’t think it’s healthy for one party to be in power too long…either way.

    I liked a lot of what Ron Paul had to say, and was frustrated by how he was shut out of the debates. I think some of his ideas were too radical to ever have been a serious contender for President though. I would have loved to have seen both the Democrats and Republicans put in a position to have to address the issues and ideas he was bringing forward.

  15. rsr348 says:

    Aw, Stu, I knew you’d feel outnumbered. I’m not liberal on all issues and I see your points. I just think the liberal sources I go to, Truthout, Mother Jones, Public Radio, etc, tend to give information that mainstream media does not. They make people see beyond the comfort of their own little circle. And I certainly wasn’t implying that all conservatives are among the less intelligent. I just happen to meet those types around here. The trailor trash flying confederate flags. Or the “Support our troops” people who really don’t know anything about why we are over there, but it sounds good to say that and display a yellow ribbon. Or the “good” churchgoers who think I don’t raise my kids right because I don’t brainwash them with age-old ideas that I question. Or the people who say our democratic governor wants to “take their guns away”, whatever that means.

    My personal life isn’t extremely affected by who is in office, but education and social services (the areas I work in) are, which can affect my working life and salary, etc. The future of condition of our earth and life for my own chidlren is also a reason I lean to the left.

    Well, enough of that . It’s Friday night! Thanks for the welcome too, Stu!

  16. Jane says:

    Becky, glad to hear you seek out truthful info. I would hope that if you learn more about some of the independent cadidates that you might see a better way for your vote to poitively impact the future.
    Anyone concerned, please visit the opendebates dot org site for ideas of how you can help get more choices and voices to the public though open debates.
    Stu, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that you don’t think whoever is in office will affect your day to day life. In one way I agree, in that if we get something that is basically the same as what we have now or if we get something that looks like change but in reality isn’t much of one, it doesn’t matter because the corporations still control both of the two major parties in our country.
    I would like to remind all though that it actually doesn’t matter because we have the power to change and affect so many things, if we take the time to do so . We need to keep tabs on the congress and demand of them to act in the best interest of our people and not of the corporations.
    if we don’t vote for a better way now, we will get more of the same. but we do have the power.
    I suggest you look at the news of the day and then explore the independent candidates ideas of how to bring about positive change. regardless of who you vote for for POTUS, don’t forget that as of now, the peopel still have the power. let’s seperate corporations and state.

  17. Jane says:

    i can’t spell and all that and can’t edit to fix, blahblahblah

  18. esarsea says:

    Jane, what I meant by that is…well, I guess just what I said. Everyone’s circimstances are different though. I understand my experiences are probably different than yours. But in all honesty, when I wake up in the morning nothing in MY life has ever changed when the President changed. If I never picked up a newspaper or listened to the radio or watched TV so someone could “Tell me” what’s different, and what’s wrong, and what’s right, well I’d never otherwise know.

    In fariness though, I’m not heavily invested in the stock market and I don’t own a business. I’m not in the military, I can’t have an abortion, I’m not gay and worried about my rights and I work in an industry that is fairly stable regardless of the economy. So a lot of things that impact other people effect me. I guess I’m lucky that way.

  19. Jane says:

    I’m not heavily invested in the stock market either but I pay taxes…..

  20. rsr348 says:

    Jane, I will try to check out the links you gave when time permits. I have to admit that the hubby does most of the political web-surfing and prints things out for me to read when I have time. My limited surfing time is usually for entertainment and venting, which is why I love this blog, while it’s still small enough to keep up with. I try to ignore all the tempting links on here–I’d be here for hours!

    Just for note as well, I’m usually here after a long day of work and a few adult beverages, so please forgive if my rambling drifts off or loses meaning.

  21. rsr348 says:

    Oh my God. The “McPain and Failin” thing just gets more pathetic each day. I caught some of MSNBC last night with clips of her interviews about Supreme Court cases she opposes and media sources from which she gets her information. She couldn’t answer the questions. It was downright comical, but scary at the same time. Please tell me our country will not become that stupid! I’m anxious to see how she pulls through tonight’s debate.

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