Crosswalk Logic


September 19, 2008 by esarsea

I’m beginning to think that there are two basic types of people in this world; those who have a natural positiveness about themselves and a tendency to be polite, considerate and optimistic, and those who tend to be negative, pessimistic, self-absorbed narcissist assholes. I’ve arrived at this opinion by repeated observatons of different crosswalk behaviors. They typically fall within two general categories. 

You’ve seen both types before. You approach an uncontrolled crosswalk in your car, and stop for a person who is waiting to cross – or just starting to cross. One person might quicken their step and/or give you a nod of acknowledgement (or perhaps a quick wave of thanks), while the other person will  v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  stroll across the street in front of you, sometimes even looking your way to make seemingly defiant and arrogant eye contact.

And there you have it – a fairly accurate method for determining a man’s (or woman’s) underlying outlook on life, I think.


12 thoughts on “Crosswalk Logic

  1. Da Goddess says:

    You were following me again, weren’t you?

  2. rsr348 says:

    That seems an accurate generalization, though I do know some narcissistic, negative people who are occassionally thoughtful and polite and probably wouldn’t be assholes in a crosswalk.

    I strive to be positive and thoughtful myself. I wasn’t always that way and learned the hard way that it works much better than being negative and self-absorbed.

    Hello to Da Goddess, I think I know you–it’s been a while old friend.

  3. esarsea says:

    Well Joanie, San Diego doesn’t count. A lot of the pedestrians there don’t always use sidewalks, they just sprint across the Interstate trying to avoid the helicopter’s searchlight beam!

    And Becky, you’re right. I had intended to write about the frustrations I sometimes feel at sidewalks as a result of the behaviors I see there…but I ended up passing judgement on everyone in the world! Oh well…

  4. Da Goddess says:

    San Diegans use crosswalks, they just like to use them to draw out the whole crossing process sometimes. I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure people out because it prevents me from doing all the other fun things I’d rather be doing.

    And yes, guessing who “Da Goddess” might be isn’t all that difficult for the vast majority of the JB community.

  5. rsr348 says:

    Don’t go getting too nice, Stu, just cuz I’m nice. It is the BS blog after all.
    I’m not always nice, and definitely not always politically correct. I’ve actually become quite the opposite since dealing with the clientele I have at work. It’s an area where I might even be considered conservative, or a snob at the very least.

    But hey, I do think your personality and Bill’s can create quite the interesting dynamic on here.

  6. esarsea says:

    I’m not always nice either, but it is my nature to see things positively. That tendancy is not without it’s downfalls however. I have set myself up to be taken advantage of in the past as a result of my tendency to be trusting soul, and because I tend to expect the best from people. But regardless of those pitfalls, it’s just a more comfortable place for me. I’m uncomfortable with negativity. I see it at work daily. It tends to become self-sustaining after a while. Negativity breeds futher negativity. The vibe put off by negative people serves as a magnet for negative events – and when the negative events come (as they must) it reinforces the negative persons’s attitude…and the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

    I agree with you about the dynamic we can create here. I’m very excited to see where this can lead…

  7. rsr348 says:

    I just didn’t want to change the ambiance of the blog. People often think I’m the nice, sweet teacher and don’t want to offend me, but they just haven’t been around me enough. I need the unedited Bill ramblings, and the swearing and the adult stuff. I spend too much of my life around kids.
    But I do appreciate your niceness too.

    Back to the crosswalk thing–I’m one of the people who starts to jog when there is a vehicle approaching, but then I always think, hey, the crosswalk is here for me and I’m being too nice, damn it all.

  8. esarsea says:

    Ssshhhh! Don’t encourage him! LOL.

    I was poking around the back office and saw that Bill’s got a new one in the hopper. Still under construction and/or being edited. We should be hearing from him soon, I think…

  9. Bill says:

    Hey, you are nice, Stu, and if you ever enter my crosswalk, I’ll speed up a little just for you.

    Teasing you, totally.

    I actually don’t have anything to say right now because I’ve been ill. Stu knows what I’ve been dealing with and it’s back. Although it’s not immediately terminal, it was killing me when it was diagnosed 2 years ago. It looks like I’m going to require a re-treatment soon. It’s heart-related and has to do with living like a rock star without any benefits during the 70’s and 80’s.

    I am going to move to Canada if McCain/Lipstick win in November. At least there, I can afford health care.

  10. esarsea says:

    Out of respect for Bill’s privacy I’ll not elaborate. Bill’s email is available on the CONTACT BS page if you want to reach him directly. I will tell you that our friend has (and continues to) face significant health challenges.

    Bill is what you’d call a “Man’s man” and tends to share his experiences with that trademark sardonic humor of his. While he may downplay the unpleasant and risky nature of the treatments he has endured and now faces again, I have no problem in asking for everyone’s positive thoughts and wishes.

  11. rsr348 says:

    I’m truly sorry to hear that, Bill. Positive thoughts and wishes from me are certainly with you. I’ve reached the age where many of the cool people in my life are finding themselves with health problems. I’m sure I’ll face some of my own in the future.

    Keep in touch if you make the Canada move. We tossed around the idea ourselves after the last election. Peace, man.

  12. rsr348 says:

    Geez, this news has put a damper on my afternoon, and I feel I must say more than just the generic goodwill wishes.

    Many in the JB community have wondered why I like Bill so much. I explain that, while he was often thoughtless of people’s feelings in his posts, I admired his nack for saying it like it is, and saying it in a way that makes you laugh your ass off. I often agreed with his comments, though not always, and I share his political views.

    I’ve also realized he reminds me a bit of other poeple in my life, including my dad, my brother, and two good friends, one of whom I lost touch with nearly 20 yrs ago and haven’t decided to try to find yet.

    So, at the risk of getting sappy, there you have it… Hang in there Bill!


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