For Those About To Rock


October 15, 2008 by esarsea

I’m an old head-banger. I love the blues, and many other types of music, but I’ll always be a rocker at heart. One of my guilty pleasures is AC/DC. I know they aren’t for everyone, but I love ’em.

I’m not here to sell you on AC/DC or to write a review. AC/DC’s new album Black Ice is coming out next week (October 21st). I wanted to share a link where you can listen to the entire album for free – a full week before its release date – courtesy of!

So without further adieu, here you go!

ps: Check out this article about AC/DC and Black Ice from the NY Times.


8 thoughts on “For Those About To Rock

  1. rsr348 says:

    Sorry, not a fan, but I might check out the article if I have time. Heard about the album release. Still on dial-up, so downloading music is a painstaking activity and I don’t have the patience.

    I did own Back in Black as a teenager, but never became a big follower.

  2. Stu says:

    Back in Black will always have a special place in my heart. When I got back to my car at the courthouse after finalizing my divorce (over 20 years ago now) I turned on the radio and the title song “Back in Black” started playing. The sun was shining, I rolled down my windows, and I couldn’t supress the ear to ear grin as I cranked up the volume and pulled away a free man…

    “Back in Black, I hit the sack, It’s been too long I’m glad to be back…
    …Yes I’m cut loose, from the noose that’s kept me hangin’ around.”

  3. rsr348 says:

    he,he,he…..some songs are just great for those kind of moods. Like driving home from school toward the end of May and the local radio station plays “Schooooool’s out for summer!” There’s a little bit of head-banger in me too.

  4. Da Goddess says:

    Well don’t be so quick to dismiss AC/DC as a strict rocker, Stu and Becky. Grab one of their early recordings. Listen to the chords. Listen to the beat. Listen to the bass lines. What do you hear? You hear some blues. Heavy as shit blues, but bluesy nonetheless.

    For me, as much as I relate AC/DC to a few events in my life, I have to say the most recent was 2002, Hollywood, a wrap party, and a scruffy comedian who needed a haircut. Oh, and his mom, who was intent on us hooking up since we were both Greek Orthodox. Still cracks me up.

  5. rsr348 says:

    I liked them as a teen (early 80s), because it was rebellious music that parents didn’t like (along with Ozzie Ozborne). Not sure I actually enjoyed their sound, and I still don’t care for much of it now. I don’t recall if I ever heard the really early stuff. Wasn’t it Bon Scott before Brian Johnson? Anyhow, I did read the NYT article. Interesting sales philosophy, not that I know anything about that and don’t have much opinion on it. Seems they want to stay true to their old selves and fans.

  6. esarsea says:

    It was Bon Scott before Brian…and I prefer that era of AC/DC (just as I prefer the David Lee Roth era of Van Halen, and the Sammy Hagar era of Montrose). I think most people tend to prefer the original line-up of any band, or maybe the line-up that existed when one discovers that band’s music. I preferred Grand Funk’s earlier material before Craig Frost was added on keyboards. Eric and Kenny w/ Joe…the list goes on and on.

    It’s no judgement on the character of the new members that come along. It’s simply that once the basis for reference has been established, everything else tends to be compared to that benchmark (?)

  7. rsr348 says:

    Yeah, know what you mean. I’m not old enough to know much about Grand Funk, but I know I like some of their songs. Van Halen I discovered at about age 13, and that was my first rock concert at age 14.
    My older sister took me, and what an experience that was!
    I was infatuated with David Lee Roth, and nothing was cooler in my mind than Eruption and You Really Got Me! So yeah, Roth vs. Hagar is no comparison for me. I haven’t yet made it to a Joe show post Eric/Kenny (sad, I know, but situations kept coming up), but I’m very curious to see what those shows are like.

    I do have some vague memories about the death of Bon Scott and controversy about a new lead singer.

  8. Jane says:

    i appreciated that link Stu, never got around to listening though but i did order the cd last night. i tried to hold out as much as i dig their tunes because i think its sad that they entered into the exclusive deal with walmart and i have personal reasons for not wanting to support them for that reason alone but i couldn’t resist.

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