The Amero: Hoax, or cause for concern?


October 27, 2008 by esarsea

I received the following link in an email this morning.

Hal Turner claims the Amero to be new North American currency.

I’m not sure what to make of it.  I did a quick search and found this…

Steve Previs interview on CNBC, discussing the Amero.

If Wikipedia’s information on Hal Turner is accurate, he’s a right-wing white supremacist and and an antisemite. Not the best credentials, I have zero tolerance for bigots. I’ll never forget the lesson I learned about how prejudice is cultivated.

When I was 12 years old our family went on a cross-country trip. One of our stops was in Alabama, to visit a high school freind of my mother. They were your typical middle-class family who lived in an average house in an average neighborhood. My mom’s friend’s husband was a big guy, with a booming voice and an outgoing personality.

We were all gathered around a picnic table in their back yard when this big guy proudly announced he had something to show us. He called his 6 year old daughter over to his side. He smiled as he asked his daughter, “What does black mean?” She looked up at her father and nonchalantly replied, “Nigger.” Her father laughed out loud and said something in robust approval, although I don’t recall his exact words.

My parents just looked at him expressionless. We talked later (after we left) and my parents tried to explain that it’s “Just the way some people are in the South.” I remember being disappointed with their explanation at the time, and also being disappointed that they didn’t say something to this guy…but I understand now that we were guests in their home and I suspect they (my parents) just didn’t want to make it an issue.  But I never forgot that incident, and it helped me learn how prejudice is taught.

I’ve gone off topic it seems. Back to the Amero. I’m interested to hear your thoughts after watching the 2 video clips above.

61 thoughts on “The Amero: Hoax, or cause for concern?

  1. Jane says:

    didn’t have the patience to listen to more than a few moments of that guy Stu. I did read the wiki on the amero though which you might find helpful.
    i say BS, when in rome you know.
    the importaqnt thing to remember I believe is that we still have rights as Americans, lets all get involved and not allow our country to go further in the crapper……….

    • Patrick says:

      Haha im glad your patriotic but lets be serious….. its funny how barak obama defaces and lowers the value of the dollar right in front our faces just as thuis new dollar which is “economy safe” comes out well i think our rights have been gone for a while thats why i am moving to austarlia if things get to bad im in college and i am 17 so i know i have somthing to offer but your just plain foolish

  2. Da Goddess says:

    It’s an old rumor. No worries. OLD rumor.

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  4. Brian says:

    Ummm….The Amero is real and the coins are already being coined in Denver Colorado. The North American Union was signed by Bush in 2005. It’s only a matter of time until the U.S. dollar crashes and the Amero is brought forth as the solution. 95 percent of the sheeple out there don’t even know about it. A lot of people said the new ID Chip Card was a hoax when they first heard rumors about it. Who’s laughing now. New York citizens have to have the new ID card by June 2009. The amero will be backed by silver. 800 billion dollars worth of amero coins were shipped to China. How do you think we got the money for the stimulus package that Obama just pushed through Congress? I really don’t care anymore. All the lazy couch potatoes out there deserve what’s coming to them. So keep watching your American Idol while your country falls apart around you. I was in the Marines, I’m sad to say I served this country of idiots.

    • Robert says:

      holy shit man

    • Jack says:

      ummm yeah, that’s deep,
      interesting angle

    • Bill says:

      So, Brian, your dire predictions and warnings and name-calling happended a year and ahlf ago. How’s that workin’ for you?

    • jd says:

      Hey brian,
      Im sorry that this country has made it a disgrace to be served. I believe serving in the military is one of the highest honors a person can have, the privilage to defend what you believe and stand for. It is a travesty to now realize what our country has become. I serve the noble ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice; none of which can be found in these modern united states. we are a nation of sheep ruled by bankers.

  5. chris says:

    I fully agree with the above statement (Brian). And, like him served my country. It was very early in my military career that i learned some truths about what our good Uncle has done and continues to do. I served in Operation Desert Storm. The fact that Saddam was trained by us and other powerful NATO countries, was discussed quite openly (testimonials being given by individuals that actually trained with him).

    There are conspiracy theories out there. Sadly, this is not one of them. In light of our country printing nearly 1.5 trillion dollars in the past 6 months, a conservative estimate would put our dollars value somewhere around the 35 cent area. Brace yourself folks, things are about to get interesting.

    • Bill says:

      I, too, was in the military, but I guess I didn’t get the same dose of bullshit gas you guys were exposed to. You’re probably both dead by now, by your own hand. Stop-lossed too many times, guys?

  6. 888 says:

    You are all in for a hell of a ride if you think that the government still gives you rights. The president is technically still in his emergency power, so he doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you starve, because he can get away with it. He could because he has the the Rockefellers who control the flux of money, he has FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other concentration camps which he can throw you in on the “suspicion” of you being a terrorist, or some other bullshit that they can come up with. You have no rights, you are slaves even though you don’t know it. i.e: How much money do non-corrupt people make? Just enough to pay the bills to your government, and maybe twenty dollars over, so you are slaves even though you are under the illusion of freedom. Can you go out and plant your own crops? Maybe, if you kiss butt the whole time. There are so many logical fallacies in the news: 911, with building seven, the thermate, and the explosions that were caught on tape. The Pentagon, flight 77 allegedly was hijacked, doing a 330 degree turn around by an unexperienced pilot? Also, there was no aircraft debris on the sight, and a reporter changed his story (Jaime ?) after a conference with the FBI. Again: Bush and Chaney demanded secrecy on a meeting, with no press, recordings, family members, they weren’t under oath, and they would only meet with each other; and not SEPARATE. Rings highly of conspiracy, does it not?
    And you, Jane (October 28, 2008 at 9:42 am), think we still have rights? Sue me, I dare you. That would be the only way to make this public. And you know what? I’m only 14.

    • Bill says:

      And you know what? You’re completely full of 14 year old shit, kid.

      • darren says:

        no bill you are just an uninformed person who probibly believe your vote put our president (a nwo puppet ) in office .
        and for you 888 i applaud you for being a young informed person .
        I am 40 years old and served in the army as a army ranger i served from 88-92 in the infantry and a purple heart and bronze star recipiant.
        and i ask you bill what was your MOS because if you served in a combat unit you would know what policies we werre put up against while fighting there.
        our liberties have been taken away from us every year while new laws and taxes are forced upon us .
        I only ask you to investigate what you put down here and never assume that our government has your best intrests in mind that is so far from the truth.

  7. 888 says:

    oh, send me a response @, I want to see what you have to say about this.

  8. esarsea says:

    Thank you for contributing to our blog. It is very impressive that you have taken such an interest in civics at the age of 14!

    In keeping with the spirit of the open exchanges that take place on a blog platform (rather than a forum) we hope interested persons will share their thoughts with you here, rather than email you with their responses.

    Welcome to the BS BLOG.

  9. Al says:

    “When you see all these things come to pass, know that this ushers in the last generation” – Jesus
    Yes folks, time has come for the decline of America as a super power. That’s why the bible is silent about the USA in the end times. Look up, our redemption draws neigh.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry Al but I think the Bible does not mention the USA during end times because the Bible was written long long ago and the US is fairly new on the scene. Although we are taught, since kindergarten, that America is the land of freedom we really do have very few rights. The government is considering aspects of our daily lives that they have no business considering. The Internet seems to be the last place where people can actually speak their minds but with the government trying to smash net neutrality and beef up snooping, and digital snooping, my guess is our Internet model will start to resemble something like…China’s internet model.

  11. damian says:

    saludos desde colombia…………………………….
    en realidad me da tristeza observar este tipos de blog’s , ya que uno asi se da cueta cuan inocente es el pueblo norteamericano de las barbaries de sus gobernantes, y entonces uno se pregunta ¿si son capaces de hacer algo asi con su propio pueblo imagino que sera capaz de hacer con el resto del mundo?????
    solo hay un camino y es JESUCRISTO, es hora de quitarnos las vendas y comprender la realidad, una realida que se nos ha venido ocultando hace ya muchos siglos. bueno chao y que Dios les bendiga

    • Jason says:

      I’m not sure what GOD has to do with the freedoms being removed from the people of the US (NOT Columbia). Latin American residents are so squashed by religions boots, they don’t have the freedoms we DO still pocess int he US (for now).

      Concerning this topic and freedom in the US…lets keep something in mind; this is one of the ONLY countries where you could get on a blog site, in the street, on television, or anywhere for that matter, and say what you feel. Weather it’s that aliens beat you, the Amero is on it’s way, or you hate the current president. Just remember, while you critisize your country, this is one of the few countries where you CAN stand up and critisize!

    • Stewart says:

      yes , jeusus is important, but we need to think also aboult colinizing the moon or some thing like that.

    • Stewart says:

      jesus eh salvador, mas a muchas cosa que nos no sabiemos.

  12. Billy says:

    I am too 14 but still at this age very intrested in how the world’s media brainwashes the millions of people who are so oblivious to whats happening to not only the US but most of Earth. I’m from England but can still see many many similarities between the problems both out countries share. Most probaly becasue as 888 also knows, the same giant banking families of the US are behind the goverments of Britian too!

    It’s a sad fact to come to terms with, but its one that were going to have to accept, the amero will be circulated across the United States, and its neighbouring countries.

    Then we may even start seeing the beginnings of a one world goverment?


    • Jeff says:

      Go to the four Inns of Court in the financial district of London. Wake up, hello, world gov’t has been around for a long time. Everyone needs to stop reading from conspiracy websites and learn “reality” from real sources. And, to slap you folks even more, not only is it already in place, but all it is for is so that international commerce can exist. Get over it!!!! And get off of blogs, and go talk to those that are in positions of power. They would love to share with you what nobody is interested in: the actual truth independent of fear, paranoia, and ignorance.

  13. RussiaOwnsTheWorld says:

    One World Currency, One World Order, forget every lie youve been told Germany was saving Europe from the Russians during WW2, until the allies were tricked into going and destroying Germany, what should of happened is we should of backed Germany into defeating the Red Army.. instead we just handed over Europe to them, because they were in control of our armies back than and now, everything went horribly wrong the Russians control everything..

  14. skyleapa says:

    Those who think the USA is not mentioned in the bible do not understand symbolic prophecy. (Revelation:13:11: And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.) A beast is symbolic for a power. Waters are symbolic of people e.g. sea of faces. This beast came out of the earth i.e. no great population. It was a NEW WORLD settlement. It is like a lamb, a symbol for Jesus. USA came up as a Christian nation. A horn represents a head of a power. This lamb beast had 2 horns -Church and state were different powers. If it were a kingdom, there would have been crowns on those horns. No one can deny it now speaks like a dragon. It gets worse. Read on. from verse 12. This is the power that will enforce the mysterious “Mark of the Beast”. This mark is not mysterious if you study the bible. Hint, it says force “worship” so don’t go looking at a barcode on a can of beans or a computer chip in Dusseldorf etc. Look for something that is a symbol of worship. Look for a law made by government forcing a worship principle. e.g. What day of the week, how etc.

    • robert says:

      christians are rediculous. i could have done the same random association of bible scripture in ten thousand different ways. you take something simple and beatiful and apply it were you will. if you ask me that is how we as americans went wrong in the first place. manipulating our reality to make it more comfortable for ourselves rather than just making the best of the world we live. spare me the gosple application and inacurate claims.

      love rob-

    • David says:


      Skyleapa hit the jackpot!!!

      You think this is bad? Google Irving Baxter and Endtime. Wait until you hear about Interfaithism. If you hear that term, find another church that follows Jesus Christ. If they leave out Jesus Christ, you are following the false profit. Learn about Jesus Christ and how to be saved.

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  16. tacoman says:

    If the amero happens GOD help us all !!! the start of a one world goverment !!! End of freedom as we know it…dont know about you but im scared…But hey were just scum after all

    • robert says:

      fear is what the powers that put things in this direction want you to feel. dont be afraid im hear. fuck the government. i know a hundred people just like us that are NOT, as brian so eloquently put it “sheeple”(LMAO!) and are willing to fight to the death for freedom. im in love with that idea and i know all you are as well and it would take a lot more than the amero to strip me of that right.

      robby ray-

  17. Victor says:

    I have also been researching about the new Amero, Currency, I totally agree that this ‘thing’ should not be passed by any means. This currency is the way to our own holocaust. Where individuals will be force to be taken their own, rights. WE MUST UNITE IN ORDER TO LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. WE MUST EDUCATE OUR-SELVES SO THAT WE DO NOW FALL UNDER OUR OW GOVERNMENT’S TRICKS. WE MUST STOP THIS BEFORE, CATASTROPHY ARISES AND FINISH US ALL. i am also scared about this idea, i for one say that we shall lift up our voice, while we have it, and inform people about what is really going on, that our government will do to us, in the very near future, which looks dark, by the way, so let us become one to help one another and the world!

  18. paladin says:

    children learn by example. no surprise there. count your blessings that you had good enough parents to bring you up better. but realize also that a large part of the bigot’s attitude was probably handed down to him, too. Perhaps you have zero tolerance for bigots, but try not to have zero mercy, compassion, or forgiveness…

    Hate the sin, not the sinner.

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  20. Sam says:

    I don’t know much about Hal Turner but Wikipedia cannot be trusted as a truthful source of information. Hasn’t he just been reprimanded for being a CIA operative?

    There is a lot of dis-information posted on their, some of it by CIA officials. Check out wikiscanner to find out who is editing pages for yourselves.

  21. Brian says:

    Amero? ..use these keywords: moonlight mint, diversion, tactic, maneuver, inexpensive labor, oil, energy, food, healthcare products, WALMART, AIG, very rich U.S. Warren Buffet – look up the – Warren Buffet BYD e6 -, coming soon to your closed GM dealership, chinese made and probably sponsored with a $7,500 U.S. Government tax rebate for U.S. electric cars, ,……” for the appearances of ” ghb sr. bottom line: It is called,
    …. in short, the U.S. government, (governments) – support the very wealthy, always have, … more profit in cheap labor – ie. Republic of Vietnam is a manufacturer home to: Nike shoes, clothes – sold @ Old Navy and even fireplace Oak Mantle kits sold @ Home Depot – just to name a few. …standards of (labor) living here in the U.S. go down to meet the standards of (labor) living in other countries. PROFIT! China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.. all have increasing standards of living for the people and the U.S. standard of living is deteriorating… world rich collect the profits. ” Let’s stamp ‘shit’ AAA ” VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS!

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  23. GoAmero! says:

    So, glad I found this site! I’m very interested in the Amero. 2 years ago, I went to France to study French for a year. That was when the dollar hit its lowest..probably ever! When I got there, 1 Euro = $1.38. By the time I left 9 months later, 1 Euro – $1.59. Before I went to Europe, I thought like you guys and wouldn’t have supported the Amero. But after going there and seeing how all these countries used the Euro and how much money I lost during currency conversions, the Amero has my full support. We could pack a more powerful punch economically if we (USA), Canada, and possibly Mexico join forces to have a common currency. The Euro would probably be more equal to our Amero.
    I’m just not buying a US Dollar as our culture, our identity argument It’s just a piece of paper. Like I said, before I went to France, I thought the same thing. Didn’t wanna lose the green. But, now, to make things more equal and fair on the world scale, I throw my support to the Amero. So next time I go to Europe, 1 Euro can be 0.70 Amero cents or the 2 currencies can be equal. Unlike sheeple, at least I have a reason for supporting the Amero, if it is real. I sure hope so.

  24. stan_in_usa says:

    Just because a man such as Hal Turner (or even myself for that matter) are exposing the jewish bankers for what they are – money loving scum whose ancestors date back to the time of Christ) – we are NOT anti-semitic – but rather, anti-zionist. There IS a difference. And this new amero WILL replace our current system of money.

  25. 12th says:

    I look only at these blog responses to see once again how blind and bigoted so many people can be, who shove their own heads so far up their backsides for concern about the horrible future that they can’t see things that are right in front of them.

    People, if you’re that concerned, go out and try to do something. Don’t just wildly rant on the internet. Ranting never gets anything done.

    As it is, I’m a bit tired of all this nationalism we see in the world today, both within the US and without. One country is no better than another aside from matters of law and corruption, and those are fixable if the right people just have courage and do the right thing for once, instead of just pandering so that people will like them better and lining their own pockets.

    The world’s not that big a place, we can’t afford to all hold ourselves separate.

    • jd says:

      whose law are you willing to follow? that is the point of nationalism, each nation has a different way of doing it. one world order will have one way of doing it and i can guarantee you it wont be one where you have much to say about it.

  26. Ron Paul For President says:

    Unfortunately fighting for our rights is just what the government wants us to do. They are just waiting for us to start some sort of revolution so they can have a reason to declare Marshall Law. When this happens they will be able to force anything they want on us. Its their plan to show the rest of the world that they will sacrifice their own people in their quest for a one world government. They want us to be the first to go so that the other countries will be reassured that United Statesians don’t plan on ruling the world government. They want it to be run by the rich and powerful from every country. No country above the other. It was a plan started by those in the USA but if the others think that the rich and powerful from the good ol’ USA want to be the ones running it they won’t stand for it. WWIII.

    They know what they are doing and they are good at it. Just look at the people looking forward to the Amero and stating that its a good idea. They think that because that’s what they have been trained to think. This has been in the planning and implementation stages for many years. Trying to stop it now will only make it happen sooner. We need to spread the word to elect Ron Paul for our next president, if we can make it till then, because he is the one who has the answers to bring us back to the great nation we once were.

    Even Ron Paul says the dollar “will fail”. Not it might. IT WILL!!! When it does its too late. It may already be too late. My belief is that it will fail before the 2012 election so that no matter who wins the plan will already be implemented making it near impossible to change.

    Good luck to us all and if its too late I hope the new world will be a better place to live than everyone thinks it will be.

    • David says:

      If you want to do something about all of this, then go to Washington DC on 8-28-10. There isn’t a hotel room available within 20 miles of Washington that weekend, but find a way to make it. There are people that live in Washington that will let you stay in their homes, just so you can be there for the event. They live close to what’s happening with our government and they know we need people to show up to send the message that we don’t want: ACCORDING TO WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY
      SOCIALISM – A society with no private property
      MARXISM – The establishment of a classless society.
      COMMUNISM – Elimination of private property. Redistribution of goods, your goods even if you earned them.
      DICTATORSHIP – A government with absolute power.

      Make a differance and go to Washington DC on 8-28-10 this month. You don’t have a job anyway so you might as well go and help us fight the good fight.

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  28. Gerald says:

    Poor poor Americans. Always happy to join behind the cult of personality and “go kick some whoop ass” I for one will not lament the imprisonment of a nations citizens that have not only failed to be civilized but have aided and abeited it’s crooked government in their continuing crimes against humanity. Bye bye American pie.

    • Stu says:

      Nice to have a visitor and comment from down under (more accurately, New Zealand). Not sure if you are addressing other commenters, my original post, or just taking the opportunity to share a little anti-American sentiment.

      We welcome your continued participation here. Maybe you can elaborate on your opinions?

  29. Joe P says:

    The ameros aren’t being struck in Denver, they’re being made in a warehouse about 40 miles North of Denver. Its a one man operation, and I know him pretty well. We were room mates at an art seminar a few years ago. His pieces say Union of North America, come in copper, silver, and gold and are very collectible. I was able to strike a one amero for myself on July 4 using the new dies he made on July 1. Just google “moon light mint” and check out his stuff. If you buy something, tell him Joe sent you. BTW, these pieces are just official as the puffin coins of the island of Lundy were.

  30. Stu says:

    Joe, I googled Moonlight Mint as you recommended.

    According to your friend’s website at

    “Grabener coin press number GK MP 360 / 31824 was manufactured in Germany in 1986. It went directly into service at the US Denver Mint, where it was employed to strike all of the mint set coins, commemorative coins, and medals produced at the Denver Mint from 1986 to approximately 2001.

    When the Denver Mint ceased production of commemorative coins in the late 1990s, the press became surplus. It was sold at auction in 2001, and then sat disassembled and collected dust for six years in a warehouse outside Denver.

    Moonlight Mint acquired it in early 2007 and completed the restoration in December 2008.”

    The Hal Turner video I used in my post was uploaded to youtube on October 11th, 2008…2 months before your friend’s coin mint was restored. The coins are also struck with the date 2007.

    I still don’t know what I think of the whole Amero thing. However, it would appear that even if you friend struck some Ameros with a 2007 date after he restored the coin press in December 2008, they are not the same coins Hal Turner shows in the video which was uploaded to youtube before this coin press was restored.

    Can you offer any additional insights?

  31. Bruce says:

    The Amero would be a good idea. It would help Mexico develop economically and give Mexicans an equal economic opportunity. Also I think the constitution of the US is seriously over-valued, it doesn’t mention the right to health care or a fair income or retirement. It’s not a document for the 21st century. Look at how dysfunctional our government is – we could barely even pass healthcare reform. If we could form some kind of progressive North American union based on workers rights and common good I think that would be a great development, it’s notable that both Mexico and Canada are politically more progressive.

  32. Bill says:

    I love this, Bruce! Seriously, you take something that has people pissing their collective pants and turn it into a desireable thing! Fantastic!

    A casual stroll up this thread of lunacy reveals so much about the people we live with. None of the dire predictions that were spit up over this thread a year and a half ago have materialized. I guees I’ll have time to fertilize my garden next spring now that the world won’t end any time soon.

    I hadn’t really bothered to read these before and I now realize that the really long, weirded-out rants are from 14 year olds who apparently need to cut back on the daily dose of Ritalin or Adderall. And vets who probably walk around town mumbling to themselves.

  33. jjb says:

    It always comes down to perspective. Bill, you seem hell bent on proving these “14” year olds are taking too much of the medication your generation pushed on them, and extremists to the other side…. you also need to step back and take yourself out of the equation. It’s easy to determine what values take precedence over others when you concern yourself and how you think, but take yourself out and just leave a random human there and I believe we can all agree that there are certain neccessities one deserves.
    I doubt much around us will actually change, I think what has been going on for eternity; People fueled by greed and power, will stop being hidden from us. We all already know of countless examples where we don’t agree with what or how the gov’t handled something or with thier answers to our questions we just allow ourselves to believe that the world isn’t that bad. It’s not brainwashing perse, because you are choosing to believe there is nothing wrong in the fact that millions of people die horrible horrible deaths, people are wrongly imprisoned and lies are more prevalent than an opinion on a blog.
    Seriously, the one thing we all need to work on is our ability to put ourselves in others shoes. No one agree’s on everything but even you cannot deny the overwhelming amount of conspiracy theories and apocalypse idea’s coming from some of the most credible sources from people with nothing to gain from telling you. I’ll take a doctor’s/ proffessors/ regular joe’s opinion before I take a poiliticans.

  34. Terry says:

    Looks like your parents did a good job of teaching you that white southerners are are anti-black bigots. Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black.

    • Stu says:

      Terry, notice the word “If” in the following sentence:

      “If Wikipedia’s information on Hal Turner is accurate…”

      I welcome criticism of my thought processes and disagreement with my views – but if you’re going to take a shot at me, at least think before you write.

      • Terry says:

        I am familiar with the conjunction, “if.” It does not appear in the section that you described white southerners. Actually I’m in agreement with you with regard to the Amero; not so much with your depiction of white southerners. A better choice of phrasing to use in that instance would be “some people” not southerners.

        • Stu says:

          Ok fair enough. Perhaps I should take my own advice and think before I write. Reading your comment again I now understand you were taking issue with my parents explanation of their friends attitudes, and not my comments about Hal Turner?

          To their defense Terry, it was the 1960s in Alabama. Wallace had just been elected Governor by a landslide. You know, the same guy who at his inaguration proclaimed, “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

          I don’t feel my parents statement that, “It’s just the way some people are in the South” was unfair at the time. The truth is, it was the way a lot of people were in the South then.

          But your point is not lost on me. I can see how my post was throwing some southerners under the bus. Given the era we’re discussing, it’s probably a bus with a “colored” section in the back – but a bus none the less.

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