Clairvoyant Insanity


November 4, 2008 by esarsea

Original painting courtesy of Eric Czar

Sometimes at night I check the closets when I go to bed.
Sometimes I wonder if the demons are just in my head.
Alone in darkness I hear footsteps walk across the floor,
and I awake to find there’s no one knocking at my door.

My mother told me that it runs within the family,
to hear and see things that to you are not reality.
What were the seeds ancestors planted which from now I reap?
Sometimes I pray dear lord for just one decent night of sleep.

I have no fear of the unknown,
and death does not concern me.
But I am scared of what I know,
for what I know is my reality.

Another night I lay in silence waiting patiently,
and wonder when tonight the voices will come calling me?
I press my palms together and fall down upon me knees;
Please dear God make it stop, this clairvoyant insanity.

7 thoughts on “Clairvoyant Insanity

  1. Bill says:

    I used to have hangovers like that.

  2. esarsea says:

    That sounds more like DT’s than it does a hangover! I actually set this one to music and recorded it many years ago. I played the rhythm and bass guitar parts and did the vocals, and a friend put down the lead guitar parts and programmed the drum machine. If I ever get it transferred from cassette to CD I’ll upload an mp3 and put up a link to it.

  3. Jane says:

    I remember it from your old bbr site, would love to hear it

  4. Jane says:

    oh yeah and even though i prefer ‘happier’ art, i dig this one by Czar.
    when’s that interview coming out?

  5. esarsea says:

    Eric’s been dragging his feet on the interview thing. Not sure when he’s going to accommodate us, but it’s in the works. He’s been busy writing sci-fi soundtracks of late, and developing a completely new playing style.

    A few months back Eric shared with me an email he received from Bill Conklin (of Conklin Guitars). Eric had shared a short video of him playing a 7 string bass, and Bill Conklin replied:

    That is f*@#ing incredible!!! I absolutely LOVE that! I would have to say that your use of the 7 is one of the best I’ve seen from anyone so far. I only have one complaint…it is waaaaaaay too short! I could listen to that all day. Please add more parts to that tune and keep going, evolving, transitioning…


  6. Stu says:

    Well, I dug out some old casettes last night. One of them was recorded at Horizon Recording Studios in (gasp) 1981. Hard to believe it was 27 years ago. Anyway, I sent them off to today, so I’ll be putting up some links in the near future.

  7. […] on November 4th I posted some lyrics to a song called Clairvoyant […]

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