Rudy, Part II


November 19, 2008 by esarsea


Back in August I wrote about entering the world of penny stocks, and the sports drink Rudy; a company founded by Rudy Ruettinger. If you’re new to the BS BLOG, you can read my Rudy post here.

Rudy was trading under the symbol RUNU when I first purchased some Rudy stock. At the time it was trading at $0.0024. I made two purchases totaling 150,000 shares for $395.90, which included commissions.

As a result of some missed financial filings, trading of RUNU was suspended. This problem was resolved, and Rudy resumed trading (under the new symbol RUDN) after a 4:1 reverse stock split. This reverse split reduced my shares from 150,000 to 37,500 – but the value of the stock increased to nearly a cent.

I received notice yesterday that RUDN is merging with Marshall Holdings International, Inc. which trades under the symbol MHLI.OB. Marshall Holdings was trading at $0.04 yesterday. I took a look at it this morning and it opened for trading at $0.10…and it closed today at $0.13. If it holds this price, my little $395 investment would be worth $4875! I suspect the price may be diluted some after the merger is complete, but all in all it sure looks positive.

Marshall Holdings was trading as high as $3.45 per share just a few months ago. Sure, it’s a long shot for Marshall to return to that price…but if it does, my $395 investment would be worth $129,000.

Legalized gambling at it’s best!

3 thoughts on “Rudy, Part II

  1. Da Goddess says:

    Well, it’s good to hear positive news from someone! Really happy to hear your investment is paying off. Hope it continues to go well.

  2. Stu says:

    Well it hasn’t quite paid off yet. Still waiting for the merger to take place, and to see if we do get 1-for-1 Marshall Holdings stocks (and if their value holds). Right now it’s still hopeful speculation.

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