More Clairvoyant Insanity


November 24, 2008 by esarsea


Back on November 4th I posted some lyrics to a song called Clairvoyant Insanity.

I found a company on the internet who was able to transfer some of my old music recordings from cassette to CD. Unfortunately, being over 20 years old (and having countless plays) the cassette tape had lost a lot of it’s quality…but I thought I would post it here anyway.

I recorded the rhythm guitar, bass guitar and vocal parts. My friend Steve Johnson added the lead guitar and programmed the electronic drums. We recorded it in his basement on an ADAT machine. Nothing fancy (and a poor mix) but here it is.

(If the link above does not work, copy and paste into a new browser window. For some reason the direct link does not always work). Allow time for download…

10 thoughts on “More Clairvoyant Insanity

  1. Bill says:

    Me likey! When you say you were playing rythym guitar, are you the counterpoint player?

  2. esarsea says:


    No, for all practical purposes the rhythm guitar is lost in the mix. Steve did 2 lead parts that play off each other. I would have liked the rhythm part to come through more, as I really liked how it and bass parts worked togther…but you really can’t hear it except in spots. The opening chord is the rhythm guitar, and that tone gets lost in the mix (in addition to having a low optput level).

  3. Da Goddess says:

    Not a bad recovery. The tape was 20 years old and played a lot? Not bad at all.

  4. Bill says:

    One of these days, I’m going to ask what “Clairvoyant Insanity” means.

    Perhaps it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    Clairvoyance means the ability to see beyond our 5 normal senses. Insanity describes “a behaviour whereby a person flouts societal norms and may become a danger to themself and others.”

  5. Bill says:

    Then again, I may be making too much of it.

  6. esarsea says:

    I guess there isn’t a lot of meaning to it. It all started one night when I came home to find I had left my front door unlocked. As I made my dutiful rounds through the house to make sure I didn’t have any unwelcome visitors lying in wait, the opening line, “Sometimes at night I check the closets when I go to bed” popped into my head, and I wrote the song around that premise – only with a different slant.

    I’ve always liked Stephen King’s quote, “The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle.” It was that quote, and me actually checking the closets that night, that was the genesis of that song.

  7. Bill says:

    Reminds me of the time in the early 70’s when, for some still unknown reason, I took Amber Windowpane acid for three days in a row while living alone. My roommate had been jailed on a pot dealing charge and we were playing in bands in beer bars.

    As I wandered through the house, I felt a “presence.” Running up and down the stairs to the rehearsal room would produce a distinct feeling that someone was following me everywhere I went, yet I was alone.

    I came to the conclusion that it was Satan. I felt his-her hand on my shoulder at one point! I then recorded a spoken-word piece into our old, 4-track Akai recorder. It was spooky…and probably stupid. Wish I had a copy.

    Man, the good ole days…

  8. rsr348 says:

    Maybe we need a new topic. Psychedelic Paranormal Experiences. Could get quite interesting.

    Sorry, Stu, I can’t listen to the song on dial-up. Or maybe I can, but I don’t know how to work the musicmatch jukebox or whatever. I’ve confessed many times that I’m years behind with my computer knowlege.

    The large photo of the cassette cracks me up. Some of favorite albums are still in cassette form from the 80s and I ought to get them on CD.

  9. esarsea says:

    What you might try is right-clicking on the song link and selecting the “Save Target As” option. Then save it to your desktop where you can find it easily. It will take a while on a dial-up connection, but after you have the file on your computer then you can listen to it anytime without having to rely on a slow connection to feed it to you. Just a thought…

  10. rsr348 says:

    Thanks. I did that, but still can’t get it to play, for whatever reason. I’ll keep trying when I have time.

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