February 10, 2009 by esarsea


Washington State’s Mega Lottery drawing last Friday the 6th of February was a close call. I picked 4 out of 5 numbers in the main section correctly and I missed the mega ball by 1 digit.  If I had picked the 5th ball correctly in the main section, I would have won $250,000 (even without the mega ball). Had I picked both the 5th number and the mega ball correctly, it would have paid $60,000,000.00. I was 2 numbers from retirement. Instead, I ended up with $150. Damn!

7 thoughts on “Damn!

  1. rsr348 says:

    He,he,he…. I know the feeling…. These days more than ever. The hubby and I used to laugh at lottery buyers. They seemed mostly the trailor trash sorts around here, but at this time in our lives we are so exhausted at the thought of 20-30 more years at jobs we really don’t like, that we do purchase tickets on occasion, usually after an especially crappy day. Guess I should just be thankful I have a job right now.

    Here’s to millionare dreams…..

  2. esarsea says:

    How much more fun can you have with one dollar? :-)

  3. Jane says:

    i try not to gamble muich but i do put a few bucks a week most weeks for the chance at hitting the big one. or the next to big one
    never got that close Stu…..but it is kinda fun.

  4. rsr348 says:

    How much fun for a dollar? Hmmmm….2 dollars used to get us into a kegger party in college. Don’t imagine they’re that cheap nowadays. No, can’t think of much for a dollar, and we have won a bit of cash a few times on lottery in the past.

    If I was a more savvy gambler, I’d probably love the casinos. They’re all over the place in north Wis., but the only time I went to one was to see a blues gig. Just walking through the casino part gave me a headache. Sensory overload for this country gal.

  5. Stu says:

    We have a lot of Indian casinos in Washington State. The slot machines here do actually allow for a bit of strategic play, as compared to the ones in Reno or Vegas.

    In Reno and Vegas, the result from any push of a button or pull of the handle is a true random event. A computer operated random number generator is constantly spitting out a series of numbers, and at the instant you push the button or pull the handle those numbers are “frozen” and the numbers you happen to catch corresponds to a winning or losing sequence….and then the screen displays an outcome which matches that win or loss.

    Slot machines in the Indian Casinos here operate quite differently. They are actually player “terminals” that are hooked to a big computer. None of the slot machines here operate as a stand-alone gambling device.

    The main computer contains several “game sets” each of which contain thousands of computer-generated electronic pulltab tickets, and each ticket has a pre-determined payout. When you press a button or pull a handle here, it’s like reaching into a giant imaginary pulltab tank and grabbing a ticket, although the machines look and feel and sound and play just like a regular slot machine. The reels or graphics of the slot machine (player terminal) display a winning or losing pattern that matches the outcome of the electronic ticket that was drawn.

    Within any given game set, the law requires a certain percentage payback. As you play, the tickets are actually dispensed in order, although from alternating game sets. If memory serves me correctly, each game set contains something like 10,000 tickets, and are dispensed in order from 5 or 6 alternating game sets.

    What this means is that in Reno or Vegas, when you are playing slots you are playing against the house. In an Indian Casino in Washington State, the house’s percentage is pre-determined, and you are competing against other players for a pre-determined number of winning tickets.

    Each bet level has it’s own set of tickets it draws from. A $1.00 wager comes from a different set of tickets than a $0.25 bet.

    The strategy comes into play by watching several people all playing the same bet level for quite a while with no big winners being received. Knowing that there are guaranteed winners in there (just like a big pulltab tank), people can watch and wait while other players get all the losing tickets out of the way, and then sit down and start playing in hopes of snagging one of the big winners without a big investment.

    I’ve hit countless winners ranging from $100-$400, and a few jackpots in excess of $1000. I think my last one was something like $2400. Most of the time though I grind it out, turning $20 into $40, cashing out, and repeating that again on a different machine. If you don’t cash out when you are ahead, in the long run the machine WILL take it all back (and then some if you let it)….guaranteed!

    The most fun I had though was probably at Harrah’s in Reno playing a Fort Know machine. I was betting $0.80 per spin and hit $2000. Within 10 minutes of them paying me off I hit the same machine again – at the same bet level – for another $2000!

  6. rsr348 says:

    Whew! Thanks for the stats, bro. A bit much for my brain to handle on Fri. night after a week of dealing with young tykes. I’ll have to read it again on Mon. I’m bad at math too, but I loved the movie “21”. Made me kind of dig the gambling scene.

    Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all. We’re headed for a long-needed adult night out tomorrow, but can’t find any good live music.
    Any other given weekend there’s music all over, but not on lover’s day I guess.

  7. Da Goddess says:

    Many moons ago, an office where I worked had pooled our resources and we did quite well — we got about $3000 to split amongst 11 or 12 of us. We’d have done even better (we had 5 of the 6 numbers and it’s usually worth a couple hundred grand) but everyone in the state seemed to have done the same thing.

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