Take A Stand Against McDonalds


February 23, 2009 by esarsea


In August of 2008, McDonalds employee Nigel Haskett was at work at an Arkansas McDonalds when he witnessed a man hitting a woman in the face inside the restaurant. Nigel Haskett rushed to the woman’s defense, and physically removed the man from the premises. Nigel then stood guard at the door to prevent the man from re-entering the restaurant to protect the woman and other patrons.

no-mcdonaldsThe suspect then went to his car, retreived a gun, and shot Nigel Haskett multiple times. Nigel was lucky to survive, but he did – after several surgeries, a month in the hospital, and some $300,000 in medical bills. Comes now the news that McDonalds has denied Nigel Haskett’s request for coverage under Labor and Industries workers compensation.  McDonalds claims that Nigel Haskett’s injuries resulted from activities  which were outside the scope of his duties and employment.

There is a youtube clip of a TV news broadcast about the incident here, which includes security camera footage of the actual event.

On one hand I understand McDonald’s position. It is company policy that in the event of any incident such as this, an employee is to call 911 and let the authorities handle it. A policy such as this is in the best interests of employee safety. Your typical fast-food worker is not trained to handle these types of situations. McDonalds further cannot condone vigilante actions taken by their employees. To do so would expose McDonalds to tremendous liabilities.

no-mcdonaldsHOWEVER, McDonalds needs to stand behind Nigel Haskett. The only way I can support McDonalds position in regards to denying worker’s compensation benefits is if they intend to pay for Nigel’s medical bills themselves. Until I learn that McDonalds has done right by Nigel Haskett, I’ll not purchase another french fry from them. There are many other fast food options available to me when I’m in the mood to eat irresponsibly.

If you agree with me, let McDonalds know…and share this information with your friends and family. Ask them to write to McDonalds, and to join our grass-roots campaign by taking a stand against McDonalds.

America needs more Nigel Hasketts!










Nigel Haskett

19 thoughts on “Take A Stand Against McDonalds

  1. rsr348 says:

    Will do! I try to avoid them anyhow, based on my environmental concerns about mega meat-producing farms. Now another good reason to boycott a billionare chain restaurant.

  2. Randy Spiker says:

    McDonalds is only visited when I am feeling like I need a “gut-bomb” burger which only happens when I get to feeling suicidal (never). (:-()

  3. Randy Spiker says:

    I can see both sides to this. Having owned and managed a small business for 25 years I can relate to McDonalds claim that the instant he involved himself in the dispute, he was sort of on his own. BUT, the humanitarian side of me says good job mr. Haskett. If we had more folks like you the world might be just a bit more peaceful.
    This type of incident is VERY rare to say the least and I think McDonalds can afford to pay for this guy’s bravery. He may have prevented a much worse incident that could have garnered McDonalds some unwanted national media attention.
    Sometimes I wish that these powers that be would just think outside the box once in a while.

  4. Stu says:

    Sent yesterday via the link contained in my post:

    “I will not patronize any McDonalds for any reason until such time that I learn that McDonalds has done right by Nigel Haskett. I am encouraging my friends, family and co-workers to follow my lead. Thank you.”

    Autoresponder message received shortly afterwards:

    “Thank you for visiting McDonald’s website. Below is your email which has been submitted to McDonald’s Customer Response Center. While replies to this e-mail cannot be received, should you need to contact us again, please feel free to contact us through mcdonalds.com. Thank you.”

    And received this morning:

    “Hello Stu:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s to let us know your thoughts on this unfortunate incident.

    Because this restaurant is an independently owned McDonald’s and a claim is still pending, it is not appropriate for us to comment. The owner of this restaurant hopes this claim will come to a quick resolution and the right thing will be done.

    Again, thank you for contacting McDonald’s.

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center


    While this McDonalds may be a franchise restaurant rather than under corporate ownership, it is well within the power and ability of McDonalds to both help – and bring pressure to bear on – the fanchisee. McDonalds has a vested interest in the outcome of this situation. I again urge you all to write to McDonalds. As evidenced by their response to me, they are listening.

  5. http://apps.mcdonalds.com/contactus/navigate.do?link=mcbiz

    Here is what I wrote to McDonald’s via the Contact-Us link provided above.
    (So far I have only received the same canned reply as Stu, but not a personalized one yet).

    Dear McDonald’s,

    I really think you should change your staunched position of not helping your Little Rock, AR, employee, Nigel Haskett. You should by all means, pay for the medical costs he incurred while on the job. By not doing so, it really makes you look really bad.

    On one hand you could contend that your ole faithful employee, do gooder and now hero, Nigel, instigated his own gunshot wounds by intervening in a domestic dispute, that would have been better handled by local law enforcement. (But they weren’t there, now were they?)

    I suppose he could have cowered behind the counter, called 911, and hoped that everyone else in harms way was able to acquire adequate cover? While the insane gun toting maniac beat his female accompaniment to a bloody pulp! (Who is to say that she wasn’t a hostage?)

    Do you have any policy and training for your employees in the event of such adverse and insane situations?

    Maybe Mr. Haskett should have walked up with a couple of free Big Mac meals, as an offering to calm the enraged beast? Of course with those fries of yours, that will keep, seemingly forever. Their consumption may have preserved the madness of the madman indefinitely, which would have gave the police ample time to arrive! But what could have happened in the meantime? (Sometimes soothing music works in calming the ferocious beast!)

    Did you take into consideration that a fellow customer could have intervened in the altercation instead? And then had it escalate into a hostage situation? Or even worse, a mass murder? If my memory severs me correctly, you already have the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre that occurred on July 18, 1984, on your hands.

    It is my contention and suggestion, that you not only pay for your employee Nigel Haskett’s medical expenses. But that you should also have a ceremony for him, commemorating his bravery and heroism. As well as offering him a career advancement opportunity, by joining your management team. And maybe a little extra on the side, to help him get by, while he rehabilitates.

    Anything less is simply unacceptable. Personally I will be taking my fast food patronage elsewhere until I hear of an acceptable resolution. And I will suggest the same to my faithful congregation.

    Come on McDonald’s, do the right thing! You are a multi-conglomerate corporation with BILLIONS SERVED. What is less than a million, to aid a faithful and heroic employee who did the right thing? Not to mention how much further it will go with your PR and CR campaigns.

    In the long run I would venture to say it would cost you less, if you are looking to the bottom line and profit dollar.

    Give me a break. And moreover, give Nigel Haskell a break!

    Thank you for listening.
    Reverend Lonezo DaLoveuo

    AKA evilCozPoetry

  6. esarsea says:

    UPDATE: Bill just sent me this link to an updated article in the Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-weiner/mcdonalds-mcscrews-hero-o_b_169048.html

    Here’s a copy/paste of the article:


    UPDATE, 4pm EST, 2/25:

    A Huffington Post commenter has received the following email from McDonald’s:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s to let us know your thoughts on this unfortunate incident.

    This restaurant is an independently owned McDonald’s and an insurance claim is still pending. As such, it is not appropriate for us to comment on it, however, the owner/operator, Ray Nosler, has shared the following statement publicly about this case:

    February 24, 2009
    My highest priority is the safety and security of my customers and employees.

    I stand behind Nigel Haskett. I believe he acted as a Good Samaritan. Concerning the critical matter of his medical expenses, it is important to note that the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Commission ultimately decides the outcome of his claim. As part of this process, Nigel’s case will be presented to a Worker’s Compensation judge, who will review all of the facts and decide on the case’s merits.

    McDonald’s supports Nigel’s claim, and fully anticipates the judge in this process will find in Nigel’s favor. As a safeguard, if for some reason his claim is denied, and other insurance options are unavailable, I intend to cover the cost of his medical expenses.

    I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do for Nigel.

    Ray Nosler, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center



    This is a promising bit of information. I will continue to withhold my patronage until such time that I receive confirmation, but this is very good news indeed. Thanks to everyone who wrote to McDonalds!

  7. Da Goddess says:

    Good to know Ray Nosler will do what’s right even if Work Comp won’t. (Some of you know my feelings about that already, although California is a horse of a completely different color when it comes to WC)

    Thank God for Nigel Haskett. This is what we should all aspire to do, to be.

  8. V.E.G. says:

    Here are the ancestry of 21 victims:
    Neva Caine is a Ashkenazi Jewish woman, Blythe Regan Jones Herrera is a woman of Celtic origin, Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis came from Teutonics, Africans (from his 9th great-grandmother of slave Martha), Celts and such, and the rest came from Spanairds from Spain (some of the victims are part Basque) and American Aboriginals, the Aztecs via Siberia.

  9. esarsea says:

    V.E.G. that was the San Ysidro, CA McDonalds massacre back in 1984, different than this incident. But it does make one wonder…could this situation have escalated into a similar disaster as a result of Nigel’s actions? Could someone like Nigel have prevented what happened in San Ysidro? Both are good questions…

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  12. Jo-Jo Van says:

    i have a friend that started a club against McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i joined!!!!!) lol

  13. faithHill484 says:

    I love mcdonalds but i undestand what happened and they should pay for the medical bills for him anyways.

  14. Mike Mongo says:

    After googling Nigel Haskett McDonalds for an update on this story—because I wanted to eat at a McDonald’s this afternoon—I am reaffirming my commitment NOT to eat at McDonald’s until this is resolved and Nigel Haskett is well-tended: He is a heroic young man, and his actions have clearly merited praise.

    McDonald’s is exemplifying greed and careless at a corporate level.

    Enough already. Get with the program McDonalds or go away.

    Mike Mongo
    Key West

  15. Alice says:

    I can’t believe all their hoodle boodle!

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  17. Maplethorpe says:

    McDonalds sickens me. Fast food is one of the primary problems in our society. I hope someday I’ll be able to help people realize how horrible this companies really are.

  18. V.E.G. says:

    Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis is a direct descendant of William Grinstead and his half-black wife Elizabeth Key.

  19. esarsea says:

    VEG you still talking about San Ysidro? That was a completely different incident.

    This was in Arkansas in 2008. San Ysidro was in California in 1984.

    And what does the ethnicity of the shooting victims have to do with anything?

    What point are you trying to make?

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