April 2, 2009 by esarsea

elephantdonkeyboxing I’ve received a few comments/emails from some of our “lurkers” who don’t post comments here, but who visit on a regular basis. It seems we’re making them a little nervous, as our spirited debates border on becoming personal. They don’t want to see us lose that sense of camaraderie we have between us, in fear of it ultimately placing a damper on our blog.

I’d hate to see that too.

Political discussions between people who are passionate about their perspectives can become emotionally charged at times. I’m not asking that we steer away from such issues. I’d just like to ask that we take a deep breath, and remember to focus our debates on the merits of the opinions shared – as opposed to the persons holding the opinions.



9 thoughts on “Ok…

  1. Randy Spiker says:

    Perfect timing Stu! I was just about to reach out to Bill with an Olive branch as I saw our debate spiraling ever deeper into the abyss.
    And besides, I’m sure the bystanders needed a potty break and a refill of their popcorn. ;-)

  2. Randy Spiker says:

    There is some unfinished business from the debate Bill and I were having that I couldn’t cover in my first response;

    “And as far as the military goes, I played along, myself, and my kid is joining the Marines later this year, with my encouragement. My niece is in Naval Flight School landing F-18’s on aircraft carriers and my father and 6 uncles all had very proud service records in WWII and Korea. Two first cousins graduated from Annapolis. Not at the bottom of their classes, either. I’m as proud of my family’s military history as I can be.”

    Bill, I wanted to apologize for personally involving you in my original statement regarding the military. I’m aware of your military service and am now aware of how far and deep your families commitment is. There is no greater calling in a free country than to serve. So if I made you feel as though I was attacking you personally, that was not the intent…… I guess I got caught up in the heat of the exchange.

    After posting this a.m. I started thinking as I was out in the field working about how we’ve spiraled down this crapper together. Where-as I do love the exchanges, some don’t and I know as well as you know that neither of us are gonna change until something drastic outside of our control makes us re-evaluate our positions. Surely neither of us is gonna change the other’s mind. So in the spirit of THIS thread, I offer you an Olive branch, a truce, an understanding that there ARE more important things in life and on this blog than reading what two stubborn old Goats have to say.

    That’s all I have to say….. I’m out!

  3. bill says:

    No worries, seriously, Randy. These things will be debated for years to come.

    There’s so much anger in the world and we really have tried to create a safe place for ideas and opinions here. Personally, I’m dealing with things in life that are more important than the on going political debate this country finds itself embroiled in to this day.

    Hug your kids.

  4. Jane says:

    I thought there was gonna to be an Eric Czar interview soon

  5. Stu says:

    I’ve taked to Eric about it several times but he keeps putting it off. It seems he wants to have something of substance to say before consenting. I’ve tried to convince him that people would be interested just to hear what he’s been up to and what’s on the horizon, but for whatever reason he’s not entirely comfortable with that.

    I will share with you that Eric’s music is now featured on the Conklin Guitars website http://conklinguitars.com/ and that another custom bass manufacturer is currently working with Eric to develop an Eric Czar signature model bass! Pretty cool stuff.

  6. Jane says:

    cool thanks. i didn’t think you were slacking but had been anticipating

  7. Randy Spiker says:

    Wow Stu! I mean like WOW!!! This is the first I’ve seen of Eric since his departure with JB and I must say, he’s either improved greatly or was never allowed to really “let go” wih Joe.

    Nice Basses too!

  8. Stu says:

    Check Eric’s stuff on http://www.youtube.com just search for Eric Czar. There are some unreal videos of his new stuff on there, playing 7 string basses

  9. rsr348 says:

    A lurker I am not, but I too was feeling the loss of love here, man. I know it’s a place meant for debate, but as Stu and Bill said, the political disagreements will go on for eternity in our nation. Plus, I didn’t have the time to do my research and sound smart and all, and get everyone’s point of view to give my honest opinion. I do hug my kids every night and pray they’ll grow up in a better world.

    Peace and happy weekend!

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