Mama Mia, whereza my holiday?


April 17, 2009 by billie789

Brown University, that bastion of liberal thought in Rhode Island, has decided to rename Columbus Day because a small group of students felt that name was insulting to certain members of our society.


Columbus sailed for King and Queen of Spain. On his first trip, Columbus led an expedition with three ships, the Niña , the Pinta  and the Santa Maria (captained by Columbus), and about 90 crew members. They set sail on Aug. 3, 1492 from Palos, Spain, and on October 11, 1492, spotted the Caribbean islands off southeastern North America. They landed on an island they called Guanahani, but Columbus later renamed it San Salvador (why?). They were met by the local Indians, many of whom were captured by Columbus’ men and later sold into slavery (!?!?). Columbus thought he had made it to Asia and called this area the Indies, and called its inhabitants Indians.

On a second, larger expedition (Sept. 25, 1493-June 11, 1496), sailed with 17 ships and 1,200 to 1,500 men to find gold and capture Indians as slaves in the Indies (!?!?). 


No, dammit, not those kind of slaves!


Ok, that’s better…

Beginning this fall, rather than Columbus Day, Brown University will celebrate Fall Week-End!


Sheesh! Seems Italian-Americans can’t get a break? First, it’s the Mafia, ad nauseum, and now this?!?

American Indians, or, Native Americans, as they prefer to be called this decade, have long been opposed to Columbus Day and it’s evident why.






They were minding their own business, making really sexy clothes from buffalo hide, fishing and gathering their nuts and had already named everything just fine, thank you. And wanted nothing to do with this guy who shows up in a boat looking for something called gold. Must’ve really pissed them off when he planted a flag and claimed their land for the King and Queen of someplace called Spain.

I get the part about “discovering” America. From the Italian Stallion’s point of view, he put together this fanatastic adventure, was warned by every religious nut bag in town that he and his ships would fall off the edge of the earth and thought he found Asia, when, in fact, he found the Personal Watercraft concession shack on the beach of Guanahani which he promptly renamed San Salvador.

Our Indians see him as a European conqueror and slave trader who stumbled across “their” land, claimed it for an invisible country and started carting off the population as slaves. 

It’s an old story between those two factions.

Personally, I cringe when political correctness takes on a new life somewhere. And I hate the fact that the Bill O’Reillys and Fox Noises of the world will have new material for their nightly comedy routine over this Brown University move. I can hear it now, “The lefty loons at Brown University have launched an attack on America and its founders! We’re going to send a camera crew to stalk and confront the President of Brown University and try to find out how this could happen in America! Later, I’ll tell you what it’s like to sexually harass my assistant and get sued…in America!”


Actually, since Columbus was European, they should celebrate Columbus Day in Spain and Italy, etc. and not here.

Our native population didn’t need “discovering.”


9 thoughts on “Mama Mia, whereza my holiday?

  1. Randy Spiker says:

    Very interesting subject Bill. Not sure how I come down on the re-naming a holiday I grew up with but agree injustices were definitely perpetrated. I’ve never heard the idea of giving Columbus day to Italy and Spain……. interesting.

    I guess if we can now call terrorism a “Manmade natural disaster” to avoid upsetting some Islamic beheaders, then why not.

  2. Randy Spiker says:

    Uh….. make that “Manmade Disaster” No “natural” needed.

  3. rsr348 says:

    Most all holidays are celebrated without an understanding of the whole truth behind them, and within the bias of European Christian tradition. The celebration of Columbus Day has always bothered me, but so does the extent of political correctness. Maybe we should just admit everyone needs a three day weekend once a month, and call it vacation. I don’t even have Columbus Day off, dammit!

  4. esarsea says:

    I wonder how my Grandfather would feel about this! He attended Brown University (where he was a varsity wrestler) before leaving school to enter WWI. I don’t know how liberal Brown was back in 1917 and 1918 though. Probably not very, I’m guessing.

  5. Da Goddess says:

    all the indians I know prefer to be called indians. They hate the term Native American. They also don’t have a problem with sports teams being called the Redskins, the Browns, the Indians, Warriors, Chieftains, etc. It’s the PC patrol that made this shit up and they didn’t do anyone but themselves any favors.

    As for Columbus day, sheesh. I say let’s get rid of the PC bullshit altogether and just go back to being polite to one another.

  6. bill says:

    That depends on the day and state. The University of Utah just banished the “Ute” indian as mascot and are using “Swoop,” an American eagle mascot. We’re still calling them the Utah Utes, as a team, but the idea of a mascot was the tipping point. Turns out indians don’t care to be “honored” with a mascot that basically denigrates and makes fun of a people who never had a sporting team, never had cheerleading mascots in their cultures and didn’t like Eupropean Invader-ancestors coming up with this shit.

    On the other hand, a lot of the political correctness coming out of colleges is just, plain silly. A lot of action out of history professors. I had one in college for an Amercian Indian history course. He called Mormon pioneers “the greediest bunch of sunzabitches who ever climbed all over themselves to displace and steal that which didn’t belong to them.”

    And a lot of student organizations take up the cause of PC. The Brown University-Columbus Day thing was voted on by the student body and passed by a huge landslide.

  7. Stu says:

    How does/did a mascot and team name denigrate and make fun of the Utes? Collegiate athletics…sports teams whose successes are depenant on teamwork, working together for common goals, sportsmanship, character building, etc. I don’t get it.

    I admit I’m not a descendant of the indigenous population, so maybe I’m not qualified to comment. But unless your school there had the mascot acting like the San Diego Chicken, I see no disrespect. Schools and sporting teams tend to identify themselves with symbols of pride and/or historical figures of significance.

  8. bill says:

    Well, your last paragraph may be the DaVinci Code. Can you imagine a school that has, let’s say, Abe Lincoln as a mascot? And he gets into a faux wrestling match with the San Diego Chicken during half-time at a game. And the Chicken kicks his ass!?!?

    I’m a 1/4 blood indian on my dad’s side. His father was adopted from the Zuni Indian Reservation in New Mexico around 1900. It’s why I took the Indian History classes. The professor I took it from was an honorary member of the Zuni and Navajo tribes for his work in their history and culture.

    And, frankly, I don’t get it either. Perhaps the sheer buffoonery involved in mascot behavior upsets some. You know, running across a basketball court at half time in a costume, jumping onto a trampoline, flying through the air and dunking a basket just before you crash to the floor pads would do it ;-)

  9. bill says:

    Randy, here’s your follow up to the Man Made Disaster idea.

    From Think Progress today: “This change, however, was also adopted during the Bush administration. Last year, the Department of Homeland Security under Secretary Michael Chertoff released a report saying that phrases such as “Islamic terrorist” may actually be hurting counterterrorism efforts.

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