It’s Hammer Time!


June 6, 2009 by torqdog


Nope, this ain’t the M.C. variety…….. no-no-no, THIS is the real deal! This is where Man meets Desert, meets Rocks and quite often meets destruction, carnage and the accompaning failure to achieve. This is THE race that ties it all together….. flat playa, washboard and most challenging, THE ROCKS!

I had a 1971 Jeep CJ5 rock crawler that had all the goodies….. to the tune of 30k. I remember when the “Sledgehammer” trail first came on the scene back around 1995. I remember really wanting to go and take the challenge. I now see that my Jeep was not worthy…….. by a long shot.

This sport, which is growing exponentially, requires allot of dinero. Most teams are well equipt with chase trucks and a few even have their own Helicopters. A far cry from my simple, 30k Jeep.

Adam, this one’s for you! And Bill…… this is the “playa party” that I prefer…… not that I would ever turn down a Burning Man trip if presented (hint-hint-hint!) ;-)

And be sure to watch the video. It gives you a true understanding of the grueling nature of this Race/Crawl. Just click on play when the home screen opens. This is some Rock-n-Rolla like you’ve never seen! I was especially intriqued by the broken 1/2 transfer case shell sitting on the rock. Talk about carnage! 

A little tip I learned this evening (dopey me/never too old) Down in the lower right corner where it says 100%. Change it to 200% and watch this video. It’s awesome!


3 thoughts on “It’s Hammer Time!

  1. bill says:

    What do you mean (hint, hint)? You want me to invite you to The Burning Man Festival?

    Ok, you’re invited.

    Now, start training by gulping small doses of psychadelics in your morning coffee (you probably already have that covered, no?) and see if your naked skin is tolerant (test a small area not visible on your body…;-) to the high-alkaline desert mud you’ll need to cover yourself with and experiment with driving a parade float…with your bare feet. That’s about all you need to get started! Repeat each day for a month and you should be good to go.

    Oh, yeah, you’ll need lots of sunscreen. And life insurance. And a really good medical plan. And a good lawyer.

  2. Stu says:

    On of my favorite off road vids – awesome hill climb.

  3. Adam says:

    I wish I would of seen this a while back. I had been up to speed with this due to several members of the offroad fourm I frequent went to the KOH event.

    One of the members was off cruzing around when he heard over the CB a guy was traped upsidedown in his rig and it was on fire. People started spouting off how close they were and he realized he was the closest. He got there and it was just about totally engulfed. There was a leatherman taped to the roll cage and he used that to cut his belt and saved his life.

    There is a video trailer of the event. If your into offroading I sugest you youtube the KOH trailer.

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