Defense Contractor Raytheon To Train Chrysler Sales And Service Reps


June 16, 2009 by esarsea

According to Wards Dealer Business Magazine, Defense contractor Raytheon will offer new web-based simulated training to Chrysler dealership sales and service employees. It’s the same training Raytheon has been providing General Motors for the past 10 years.

Raytheon is the world’s largest producer of guided missles with annual revenues of approximately $20,000,000,000. More than 90% of that $20 billion comes defense contracts – or in other words, from taxpayer funds.

So let me see if I understand this correctly. Taxpayer funded Raytheon has been training GM personnel for 10 years. We gave GM another $50 billion in bailout funds, and now they’re bankrupt. Now Raytheon is going to extend their training to Chrysler.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I’ve got a monster abcess tooth and my face is swollen to the point that I could play the part of Cher’s kid in the movie Mask. I’m half stoned on vocodin and waiting for the antibiotics to do thier job. As a result I can’t can’t seem to organize my thoughts and bring this post to some clever conclusion, but there’s irony here somewhere.

Maybe you guys (and gals) can take this ball and run with it in the comment section.  I can’t think straight…

5 thoughts on “Defense Contractor Raytheon To Train Chrysler Sales And Service Reps

  1. bill says:

    Welllllllll…I…think…yooooooooo….should….taaaaaake……more……V-I-C-O-D-I-N…and…think of something clever to say…like….”Hmmmmm, Ratheon makes Patriot missles and they came up with fuzzy kill rates of Scuds during Desert Storm that turned out to be highly unreliable and overinflated…like GM’s earnings forecast (budda boom).”

    I figured you were off your game because you keep insisting on spelling Chrylser with a “T.”

  2. torqdog says:

    Stu, 1st get yerself a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 and guzzle half of it. Then get yerself some very taught thin string and tie one end around your tooth and the other end around a door handle. The string should be about 10 feet long. NOW, kill off another 1/4th of that 750ml bottle wait 5 minutes and have a friend (soon not to be) slam the door.

    Tooth is gone and you still have 1/4th of the bottle left as an anesthetic.

    Sweet dreams! ;-)

  3. bill says:

    Okay, there…I took all the Lortabs I had in my desk from my last dentist’s visit…You’re just now coming into view…I see you! Man, that is a bad face-thingie you got goin’ on! Wow! You look like Limbaugh, all swollen up and drugged up.

    Ah, the warmth of the rush. Gotta hurry before nappy time kicks in…I’m still at the office…could be embarassing. Here’s my story about military contractors, blown budgets and taxpayer welfare for these guys:

    One of my 1st cousins on the Greek side attended Annapolis, graduated and went for his Master’s Degree at M.I.T. in mechanical engineering and graduated and then became a roving Naval inspector for ICBM missle sites in the 70’s (I know, I know…Navy and ICBM’s…WTF?) Anyway, we had this discussion one night over drinks because I was railing against wasteful govt spending and $300 toilet seats and $600 coffee makers in military vehicles and aircraft.

    Here’s what he said to me: Government military contracting is the biggest intentional welfare program the government has. We must pay exorbitant prices for items because many of them are custom-made pieces that can’t be store bought off the shelf. If we grind down the Ratheons and General Dynamics of the world in a bid-competitive environment, the lowest bidder probably won’t be able to sustain the supply chain necessary once the original item has been manufactured. They were the lowest bidder, right? How do they finance inventory of custom manufactured parts with no excess cash flow without receiving outrageous amounts of money for the simplest items?(think $800 hammers).

    So, we buy an F-16. Bunches of them. We will need replacement parts. They need to be “on-the-shelf” and ready to ship. Well, we want complete planes, but we need repair parts, so for each $5 plane, they charge $10 so they can make and inventory parts.

    We MUST pay these prices, according to Cuzzin Rusty, so that the manufacturers of our best, most high tech stuff don’t go out of business right when we need them (that’s the welfare part). And we pay these prices so that we can call them up and say things like,”Hey, I need a new starboard gun barrell for the 20 mm cannon on an F-16. And I need it tomorrow!”

    Now, when you have enough Lortab in your system, as I do right now, you can call them up and say that anyway, even though you don’t really have an F-16.

    • torqdog says:

      Geez Bill….. did you have to make so much sense out of those $800 dollar hammers and toilet seats? All this time I thought it was going to Area 51, just like they portrayed in the movie Independence Day.

      Talk about a let down! :-)

  4. Stu says:

    I’m going to fix my Chrysler spelling today – thanks for the heads up Bill. That would be funny if it wasn’t so embarrassing!

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