Is This for Real?!!!!!


June 18, 2009 by torqdog


OK, so some of you are still with the opinion that the MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC etc. etc.) are NOT slanted to the left in their daily reporting. Well, earlier this week it was announced that ABC was going to broadcast from the White House on June 24, 2009. This isn’t going to be some sort of “puff-piece” report on life behind the doors at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. No-no-no……. this is going to be a full fledged attempt to promote Pres. Obama’s health plan. There have been requests by Repubs and conservatives to be allowed some sort of equal time as is customary in these kind of things and thus far all attempts HAVE BEEN DENIED!!! I guess the Pres. just doesn’t want any differing opinions muddying the waters on “his” show and the clowns at ABC are all too willing to oblige. After all, Rahmbo has given them unprecedented access to the White house so they must follow the marching orders…….. happily!


First off, do any of you find this offensive, a major network taking, in all appearances, sides in an issue? I thought they were supposed to report and not make the news which obviously is what they are doing.


Second, do any of you find this a dangerous precedent? I know some have joked that the MSM are like a fourth branch of Govt. but this definitely lends credence to that idea.


Third, how can you with a straight face still say the MSM is unbiased? Did you know that at ABC, private donations from colleagues were 165,000 dollars to the Obama campaign and a measly 5,000 dollars to McCain of which to no surprise, Elizabeth Hasselbeck was one. Did you also know that Tom Brokaw has been given the duty of selecting white house interns. Maybe we need an amendment creating separation of Media and State in this country since we are obviously finding the two are becoming more joined at the hip every day. Can you say PRAVDA?!!!

From druge

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care — a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special — ‘Prescription for America’ — originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.

The Director of Communications at the White House Office of Health Reform is Linda Douglass, who worked as a reporter for ABC News from 1998-2006.


12 thoughts on “Is This for Real?!!!!!

  1. bill says:

    Ok, let’s get “Fair and Balanced,” shall we?

    This is from Media Matters for America:

    “Since news broke that ABC News plans to broadcast a June 24 prime-time special, “Questions for the President: Prescription for America,” from the White House, Fox News guests and hosts have repeatedly ignored Fox’s own history and blasted ABC News over its planned broadcast by claiming, among other things, that ABC News is excluding opposition voices both from appearing in and advertising during the special. Some Fox News hosts and guests have also suggested a “conflict of interest,” pointing to the fact that former ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass is now communications director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Health Reform. Fox News’ concern over the ABC News special is noteworthy given Fox’s history.

    As Media Matters for America noted, the network enjoyed “unprecedented access” during the Bush administration. But further reinforcing the hypocrisy of Fox’s reaction to the ABC News broadcast are two other facts: Fox News itself has refused to air advertisements critical of Bush administration policies and appointees, and in 2006, Tony Snow, then-Fox News anchor and radio host, left Fox to serve as President Bush’s White House press secretary.”

    Randy asks: “First off, do any of you find this offensive, a major network taking, in all appearances, sides in an issue? I thought they were supposed to report and not make the news which obviously is what they are doing.

    Second, do any of you find this a dangerous precedent? I know some have joked that the MSM are like a fourth branch of Govt. but this definitely lends credence to that idea.”

    The answer: Yes, it bothers me …about as much as it did when Fox News was doing it during the Bush years.

    “a major network taking, in all appearances, sides in an issue?”

    You’re not serious, are you?

    • torqdog says:

      Bill, you don’t see any difference from what FOX, NBC and I believe ABC was also given access to basically show puff-pieces on life in the White House where policy issues were NOT discussed and promoted and this blatant disregard for unbiased journalism.

      C’mon dude!

      If this was FOX and they were proposing doing a full night from the White House to promote the benefits of passing the Patriot act, would you be so accepting?


    • torqdog says:

      You also want to try and make this a FOX vs. the MSM kind of debate. This goes much deeper than some concerns you have about FOX news. FOX never had an infomercial type setting to their reports. The fact that ABC is doing this at all and excluding debate should be worrysome. This isn’t any different than what used to come out of the Soviet propagandist rag Pravda. Using media to promote policy is right out of that playbook……. kind of like a State run media.

      As the latest BS Blog mantra would suggest…… Be afraid, VERY afraid!

  2. bill says:

    Let’s see, we addressed access to the White House, conflict of interest in staffing and allowing, or not allowing, partisan rebuttals.

    What’s your point of confusion again?

    • torqdog says:

      Confusion? That’s a nice polite way to try and frame debate!

      Seriously, I’ll give you the staffer issue.
      Access to the WH? Yeah, Fox has been there, NBC has been there ABC etc. etc. There is a huge difference between a network having access to produce a “puff-piece” on the day and life of the president and being given access to promote a current issue on the front burner. You obviously don’t see it that way so I guess we will agree to disagree. I once again ask if you would have been so accepting if ANY network came in to promote the President’ position when the Patriot act was being discussed…….. WITH NO OPPOSING VIEWS ALLOWED?!!!

      “Partisan rebuttals”? is that what you are now calling debate? I thought I heard Obama say something to the effect of wanting to hear ALL sides to this issue. Was that “just words….. just speeches”?

  3. bill says:

    Here, since you seem to be such a glutton for punishment, drink up:

    “As Media Matters first noted, when Fox News’ Bret Baier was granted “unprecedented access” to the White House in Feb. 2008, the network billed it as a “documentary,” not an “infomercial.” Further, Fox was not only welcomed into the White House, but aboard Air Force One, to Bush’s ranch in Texas, and into the Oval Office. Baier introduced the “documentary” saying, “Fox News has been granted unprecedented access inside the President’s world. … It’s a President Bush you’ve never seen before.”

    Prior to airing the Bush special, Baier hosted a special on the famously-reclusive vice president entitled “Dick Cheney: No Retreat.” Fox billed it as “a rare glimpse into the life of the vice president” and aired the program Oct. 13, 2007. Similarly, on Oct. 30, 2007, Fox’s Greta Van Susteren was granted what she called “unprecedented access” to First Lady Laura Bush’s tour of the Middle East.

    In the period leading up to Fox gaining such access to the Bush White House, former Fox News Sunday host Tony Snow was serving as White House Press Secretary, leaving office just weeks before Bair’s first documentary aired. ” -Media Matters for America

    And, finally, here’s an obligatory link for you:

    I don’t know which is funnier, Fox’s and conservative’s manufactured hypocritical outrage or you looking at the facts and trying to persevere on a wing-nut course regardless. Mind the guardrail as you careen around that corner, brother!

    • torqdog says:

      “trying to persevere on a wing-nut course regardless. Mind the guardrail as you careen around that corner, brother!”

      Bill, I was really hoping that we could have a reasonable, respectful debate, void of the personal attacks but I guess that’s just not in your playbook today. Oh well, I will try and stay above the fray anyway.

      I am not denying that FOX had quite a bit of access to the President in his final days. As I mentioned, ABC, NBC to name a few were also given that access but to a lessor degree. What disturbs me is that there is a big difference between a network promoting the day and life of the president (puff, fluff, or enuff!!! for some) and a network having access to promote presidential policy issues with no debate whatsoever. Did FOX or any of the others go in with the expressed interest of trying to promote policy? If so, when and what issue as I surely don’t recall that ever happening. Presidential addresses to the nation don’t count.

      It’s that simple and as I said before, if you don’t see it that way then I guess we will, hopefully with respect, agree to disagree.

      It’s interesting how these issues always seem to come down to a let’s bash FOX debate. Bill, I’m not gonna join that party. If you want to continue in this line of discussion, it’s all yours.

  4. Stu says:

    Just to barge in for a quick sec, I didn’t see any personal attack. Just some good natured ribbing, but I’m not emotionally attached to this topic or exchange either. Carry on!

    • torqdog says:

      I wonder…….am I getting a little too sensitive in my old age? Heck, I don’t know. I just am trying to keep things debated without getting into comments like “wingnut, careening” on the “handrail” as I fall on my ass going ’round the corner. That was something I might have done 35 years ago with a Skateboard. :-)

  5. torqdog says:

    OK Bill…… so I watched your kooktv vid last night and am scratching my head trying to find the parrallel here. So the FOX wing at daily kooks puts out a distorted video making it seem like FOX was the ONLY net that had access to the white house promoting puff, fluff or enuff and we’re supposed to believe that this is on the same level as APC (American Pravda Channel) and their policy promoting night at the WH? That is a big big stretch there fella. Is that the best you can do?

    You still haven’t answered this question……. would you have been as accepting of a network going into the WH for a night promoting the Patriot Act when it was being debated? With no opposing debate?

    Please don’t let the crickets start chirping.

  6. bill says:

    It’s Friday and since no one at Fox or ABC is asking for my opinion today, I’m letting the crickets have this.

    And that’s “guardrail” and I didn’t say anything about you falling on your ass.

    On the subject of civility, when I talk about Fox News, you’ll notice I don’t use the hackneyed “Faux News” or Fox Noise.” I just say Fox News. Most everyone knows what the implications are without the silly names.

    • torqdog says:

      Yeah, the falling on my ass comment was mine and mine alone……. a lame attempt at humor. (skateboard, rails, 35 years ago etc.)

      Your also correct to point out my daily kook comment…… It’s just so hard to resist sometimes. It wasn’t intended as an attack on you personally and if you interpreted it as such…… sorry.

      Fox or ABC were not the ones requesting your opinion, I was. If crickets is your noise of choice….. so be it. I’ll be hearing plenty of them little critters this weekend anyway as Viv & I are headin for the countryside for a little R & R. Talk to ya next week.

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