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June 22, 2009 by esarsea

Our latest installment from the WFT desk deals with PETA. You’ve heard of them before; Peoplewhohavecompletelylosttheirfuckingminds.

MSNBC is reporting that PETA has taken exception to President Obama’s swatting of a fly. Yes, you read that right. Swatting a fly.

Evidently, President Obama swatted and killed a fly during a recent TV interview with CNBC at the White House.

“We support compassion for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals” PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said in response to the incident. “We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals.”

PETA is sending President Obama humane bug catcher that allows users to trap flies and release them outside. Un-fucking-believable.

This from Ohio State University:

“Domestic flies, often called “Filth Flies,” are not only a nuisance by their presence, but are important from a human and animal health standpoint. House flies may spread diseases such as conjunctivitis, poliomyelitis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, anthrax, leprosy, cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. They may serve as intermediate hosts for parasitic tapeworms on poultry or parasitic roundworms on horses. Certain larvae of blow flies, bottle flies, screwworm flies and flesh flies may feed on dead as well as living tissue of mammals, causing blood poisoning and even death, especially in sheep. Stable flies bite painfully, sucking blood from humans and animals. False stable flies do not bite, but spread certain diseases, whereas the little house fly hovers in mid air in the middle of rooms.”

2 thoughts on “From The WTF Desk…

  1. bill says:

    In Utah, we have Deer Flies in the mountains, amongst other filthy, domestic varieties and they inflict a bite that’s akin to a bee sting. Little Pricks! Try putting a worm on a hook to catch a fish (two animals being abused, PETA!) while a couple of Deer Flies try to make a meal out of the back of your neck …hey! Wait a minute! Why is it ok for the fly to bite me but I can’t “bite” back?

    PETA needs to go away now.

    We were watching this story unfold last week on the news and about the time Janet let out a loud “WTF?”, I explained that PETA is a media whore and will use any opportunity to put their name out there.

    So, I guess mosquitoes, Hell, all forms of pests, are to be respected and caught-and-released…so they can come back into your house!

    This will back-fire. When you’re willing to mortgage your name and reputation for ratings or p.r., you’re already screwed.

  2. Da Goddess says:

    PETA lost all semblance of common sense or rational thinking about 20 years ago.

    Guess it’s okay for mosquitoes to give us West Nile Virus, liver flukes to destroy us from the inside out, for all sort of pathogens to run amok because they have “feelings”. And don’t forget, PETA would also stop testing to find a cure for cancer — even if cancers that mostly strike children. Because humans suck and animals rule.

    Another prime example of their idiocy: when 11 elephants were brought from Swaziland to the U.S. (4 to a Florida zoo and 7 to the Wild Animal Park here in San Diego County), PETA protested by dumping manure repeatedly at the entrance to the SD Zoo. They said the elephants should have stayed in Africa even though no animal sanctuaries had room for them and for them to stay in the wild meant certain death. That makes sense how?

    Excuse me, I think it’s time to get the Clue Club™ out again.

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