Question; How Low Can We Go?


July 1, 2009 by torqdog




Looks like the Senate has just received a new Clown. Stuart Smalley aka; Al Franken has been officially delivered to the Circus, courtesy of the Minnesota Supreme court. As was the headline of a previous thread sometime ago “Now It’s Gonna Get Stupid…. Er, More Stupid” seems to be a good description for this crazy Congress, er, Senate. Congress is already nuts.

from another forum;

A failed ultra-left talk show host and former second-rate professional clown, known for his extreme obnoxiousness, cheating on his taxes, and failing to take out worker’s comp for his employees has been installed in the position of United States Senator. 

I just felt compelled to start this thread, if only for the photo. What a classic!

Welcome our new Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. (duh…… Al, I think you may want to get a new wardrobe and leave the “Luvs” and the Bear behind. (pun intended)


16 thoughts on “Question; How Low Can We Go?

  1. Jane says:

    Well its the first I heard of the taxes thing but anyway this is good news IMO. I loved many of his books that I have read and I believe he loves America and her people and will do his best.

  2. billie789 says:

    Franken also graduated, cum laude, from Harvard with a degree in Political Science. He’s already head and shoulders above most of the skirt-chasing hacks that are waiting for him to arrive.

    I loved that bit he used to do on SNL with a satellite dish mounted on his helmet covering the news “live” on the run.

    He’ll make a good Senator. Educated, creative and funny. If you can follow a pig like Limbaugh, you can stomach Al Franken.

    And let me take care of the legal liability by giving source credits for the photo and captions from Moonbattery, a conservative humor web site.

  3. Jane says:

    BTW the photo is doctored
    a shame really those are some nice legs

    • torqdog says:

      Hmmmm, interesting. I guess it goes to show that we have creative folks on BOTH sides. remember all the doctored photos of Sarah that magically appeared within a week of McCain’s announcement of picking Palin for his Veep running mate. Some of them were quite distasteful.

      So Jane……. am I to understand that you don’t mind a Senator with a record of tax evasion and skipping on paying workers comp as long as he tows your party line? Hmmmmmm, VERY interesting!

  4. Stu says:

    Well, fair is fair. We (The BS BLOG) summarily dismissed a Senator and a Governor for preaching family values and then cheating on their wives. I think that whole, “…charged with the responsibility of running their states and the country, including passing legislation that affects so many citizens on so many levels, but…unable to maintain their own houses” thing that Bill mentioned previously should apply to Franken too.

    A man who cheats on his taxes and then is to be trusted passing legislation that impacts taxation? I guess it’s ok as long as he doesn’t posture publicly about the importance of paying your taxes, right?

  5. bill says:

    Actually, someone here raised the question about why Ensign and Sanford’s cheating was anyone’s business but theirs.

    Standards for a public servant should apply to Franken, too, just as soon as he’s a senator sworn in and charged with those responsibilites. Right now, he’s a private citizen, Senator-elect.

    And, after that, if he raises his voice about tax cheaters, you guys will have some Red Meat.

    I love that he’s driving so many Republicans to the brink of insanity.

  6. Jane says:

    sorry t-dog i didn’t mean that i meant i couldn’t speak to the issue because i hadn’t known that. its on my list of things to check out. the links in your post go to a place that i don’t have on my approved suppliers of info page. screwing up taxes and cheating intentionally are two different things also.
    but he is not in my party anyway…..but i am glad he beat Coleman and i do think he has very good intentions from reading and following him a bit.

    • esarsea says:

      They sure are different things! Infidelity is cheating on your wife. Cheating on your taxes is infidelity to your country. Society has determined one to be immoral and the other to be illegal.

      I’m not driven to the brink of insanity though. I’m just in the mood to have some fun with this :-)

    • torqdog says:

      “the links in your post go to a place that i don’t have on my approved suppliers of info page.”

      Puhleeze! Jane, do you realize how ridiculous that statement sounds? So because it’s not Media Matters or the Daily Kos or what ever other outlets fall into your list of “approved suppliers“, you simply write it off as an unacceptable source of information? Would you be accepting of the FACTS if I found the New York Times articles that detailed everything laid forth in those sources you list as unapproved suppliers? Trust me, the stories are REAL!!!
      Here…… from wiki;
      Tax issues
      During the 2008 election, New York state officials asserted that Al Franken Inc. had failed to carry required workers’ compensation insurance for employees who assisted him with his comedy and public speaking from 2002 to 2005. Franken paid the $25,000 fine to the state of New York upon being advised his corporation was out of compliance with the state’s workers’ compensation laws.[48][49]

      The California Franchise Tax Board reported that the same corporation owed more than $4,743.40 in taxes, fines, and associated penalties in the state of California for 2003 through 2007 because the corporation did not file tax returns in the state for those years.[50] A Franken representative said that it followed the advice of an accountant who believed when the corporation stopped doing business in California that no further filing was required.[48] However, Republicans say that Franken made 32 public appearances from 2003 to 2007, including two on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno taped in Burbank, California, for which Franken would have been paid the standard union fee as a member of the Screen Actors Guild.[50] On April 29, 2008, Franken released a statement noting that he will pay about $70,000 in back income taxes in 17 states dating to 2003. Most of the income at issue was from Franken’s speeches and other paid appearances. Franken said he got bad advice from his accountant, who had told him to pay income tax only in his state of residence. He added that he will seek retroactive credit from the states where he paid income tax that should have been paid in these 17 states.[51]

      “and i do think he has very good intentions from reading and following him a bit.”

      I’ve got news for you……… the road to hell was paved with “good intentions”. Actions speak louder than words and so far I see him as a VERY mean spirited grandstanding Punk that is a little too full of himself…….. he’ll probably fit right in with the rest of ’em. Move over Harry Reid, you’ve got competition!

      • Jane says:

        i was kidding about the approved supplier of info. a little tqm joke. anyway seriously try reading the rush limbaugh book, the lies book or the truth book, i predict you might also believe he has good intentions or perhpas you will have more info to chastize him on but i seriously do believe he has good intentions

  7. Stu says:

    I love it! If after he’s sworn in, he raises his voice about tax cheaters, then he’s fair game. That’s kind of what I (laughingly) asked! LOLOL

  8. bill says:

    Ok, Stu, it’s late in my afternoon. I’m apparently not sharp enough to keep up.

    Have a good week-end everyone-

  9. Stu says:

    You too. I’m FINALLY dragging the boat out this weekend, in search of salmon for the BBQ.

    • torqdog says:

      Mmmmmmm that sounds tasty. Salmon fry! Don’t forget to put some corn, husks and all on the barby as well.


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