So Much For The “Liberal Media” Theory…


July 3, 2009 by esarsea

Is the Honeymoon over?


7 thoughts on “So Much For The “Liberal Media” Theory…

  1. conservative09 says:


    But it’s coming…

  2. torqdog says:

    Man-o-man. This guy, who was touted by some in the MSM as THE most intelligent press secretary EVER, sure looks like the bumbling village idiot. Sure makes me long for the days of Tony Snow.

    Helen Thomas is looking oh so cute these days.

    Hmmmmm, Rahm Emanuel stacking the deck and filtering questions so the Pres doesn’t “get off message”…… say it ain’t so. Is there anything this guy (Obama) does that ISN’T staged?

    Looks like the honeymoon may certainly be waning but I wouldn’t say it’s over. How much ya wanna bet that guy doesn’t get called upon again for quite awhile.

  3. bill says:

    The honeymoon needs to be over. There’s too much serious work that needs to be done and it’s obvious Republicans don’t have any answers or ideas, so the dude’s on his own.

    I, too, long for the days of Tony Snow. At least then you knew you couldn’t believe a fucking word coming out of his mouth rather than making fun of Gibbs for stumbling.

  4. esarsea says:

    I actually thought he handled himself quite well as his feet were being held to the fire, all things considered. I was more fascinated by how he was pressured by Helen Thomas – who has been quoted as calling G.W. “The worst President in American History” and who also said she’d kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for President because, “…all we need is another liar.”

  5. bill says:

    I tried to like Tony Snow. I used to tune his radio show before he became press secretary, but he became such an apologist for Bush’s mess that it became increasingly diffcult to take him seriously. I emailed him once on his radio show about some partisan comments he made that day and I got a very thoughtful personal reply from Snow telling me that I had a good point and inviting me to call him on his show the following week to discuss my beef. The next week, he announced his move to the White House.

    Once in the White House, his job was to annouce for and protect the President’s image. Things got kinda stupid from there on out.

  6. bill says:

    Just a final thought from me on this post.

    Back when modern Republicans really pushed the term “liberal media,” Larry King chimed in to say that there is no “liberal” media. The media, said the Suspendered One, is Carnivorous and will eat their own for a story.

  7. Jane says:

    yeah this town meeting set up is bs
    another way to exclude single payer as an option and to attempt to keep the facts from the public

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