For The Love of God


July 17, 2009 by torqdog

Beautiful ballad by Steve Vai. One of my favorites.

 This tune comes from the “Passion and Warfare” cd.

 from wiki;      Passion and Warfare is a 1990 instrumental album from guitarist Steve Vai. It has been certified 2 times Platinum. It was written based on a series of dream sequences that Vai had when he was younger, and in the guitar music book of the album, Vai sums it up as ‘Jimi Hendrix meets Jesus Christ at a party that Ben Hur threw for Mel Blanc‘.

 Yeah, that little Stevie Vai is some character.


4 thoughts on “For The Love of God

  1. bill says:

    …and Buddha was floating on a pillow serving Mint Juleps and Adolph Hitler was doing card tricks on a unicycle…

    Guy’s so talented for that style of playing that he’s in a class of his own like Eric Johnson.

  2. Stu says:

    Nice. His playing is exceptional. I can’t quite align myself with his tone though, a little too clear and pretty for me. I’d like to hear it a touch more dirty with a little crunch. Reminds me of Andy Timmons who I really like.

  3. torqdog says:

    Yeah Stu, I forgot how nicely Andy does ballads…… that one is excellent.

    So ya want it dirty eh? Here’s a little “Bad Horsie” from the “Alien Love Secrets” CD

  4. Stu says:

    That’s pretty good, but I’m still not captivated. The face paint is a nice touch though.

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