White House Lies and Videotape/Inconvenient Truths Revealed


August 4, 2009 by torqdog

ohcOfficial Obamacare emblem 

Monday, August 03, 2009, the White House health reform info-gal Linda Douglass put out a video trying to thwart some of the “misperceptions” they have been dealing with on this health care thing. In the video, she tries to prove and enforce the farce that Obama’s plan won’t eliminate private insurers. She uses video clips of Obama at recent  functions such as the town hall he had with AARP members. One problem there sweet Linda, candidate Obama’s REAL intentions were recorded and are unfortunately available everywhere and your feeble attempts to brainwash the public with your White House “spin” ain’t workin babe! She even tries to assert that these videos were taken out of context, a tactic politicians commonly use to try and wiggle out of the obvious hoof in mouth disease they suffer from. Obama is no exception. The AFL-CIO video is a non-stop, 54 second clip of Obama speaking from the heart, hardly the edited video Linda described. Notice however now that attention is being paid to what has been said and folks are starting to question whether private insurers will be a target of Health Reform, Obama has been singing a different tune.

Before we go to the videos, I want to share a new wrinkle in this attempt by the Obama administration to “twist our arms” into enthusiastically endorsing this mess. I can’t believe that they would even go this far.

Direct from the whitehouse.gov website on 08/04/2009 and yes, I did a cut and paste BEFORE they go and change or eliminate the wording as I’m sure they will when the light begins shining too brightly and the ugly truth of their arrogance is revealed;


There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

So if we see or hear something that goes counter to the White House propaganda, we’re supposed to report it ……… RIGHT?!!! Is this for real? We’re supposed to tattle like little German “Brown Shirts”. So you report an e-mail and then what? I just can’t believe this is happening in the USA!

On to the videos ……..  here’s lovely Linda and her White House lies;

 Inconvenient truth revelation #1, Obama speaking to a friendly audience of AFL-CIO members;

 Inconvenient truth revelation #2, Obama and Dems talk single payer when speaking to friendly audiences;

OK, You decide who’s telling the truth …….  is it Obama # 1, Obama and Dems # 2 or Linda Douglass, the White House spin doctor.

Hmmmmmmmmm …… tough call!


24 thoughts on “White House Lies and Videotape/Inconvenient Truths Revealed

  1. bill says:

    “I just can’t believe this is happening in the USA!” Glenn, Glenn, is that you?

    What, were you asleep the past 9 years?

    As a candidate, Obama set up a web site to deal with smears and misinformation. He has a track record of wanting fight the smear machine.

    What’s wrong with the White House wanting to know what kind of jibber-jabber is coming out of the right and health care industry to make sure you keep paying higher and higher premiums each year so that the CEO of ABC Healthcorp can buy another Italian Villa while they tell you they won’t cover a pre-existing condition? They are spending millions a DAY, your premiums and mine, to put out propaganda against healthcare reform. Email referrals beat the shit out of actually listening to your phone calls, comrade, and raping the Constitution with a pineapple named Cheney. But that’s “old news,” isn’t it? I need to move on.

    Obama had a town hall-er a week or so ago and he stood at the podium and fielded questions. He was particularly interested in hearing any scare stories the audience had heard and he took them one at a time. And some of the bullshit being generated by healthcare industry lobbyists and bribery suspects was outrageous.

    Frankly, I don’t see the difference between White House spin and what you’ve posted here except they don’t name-call.

    Why don’t you just admit it. You hate Barack Obama, you will always hate Barack Obama and nothing he does is going to make you feel any differently. Once you let that out, you can go on with your life.

    And as a final take, please tell me that you would have been placated and happier with John McCain and that loser from Alaska running the show. And then ask what would happen to us if McCain didn’t survive the first year.

    That’s what you voted for.

    “I just can’t believe this is happening in the USA!”

  2. torqdog says:

    OK Bill, I see you like my thread! I’m only going to respond to three items here as the rest pretty much speaks for itself and your apparent love of all things Obama.

    #1) What, were you asleep the past 9 years?
    If I’m interpreting this correctly are you insinuating that the Bush administration was guilty of something similar to the Obama adminstration asking people to “report” to a white house website under the guise of clearing up smears? In my best Dr McCoy voice, “MY GOD JIM!!!!!! In the past “8” years, Bush was probably smeared and demeaned and ridiculed more than even Richard Nixon, yet NEVER asked the people to tattle on each other in relation to those smears. But let’s move beyond all of that. I’ve seen some of your posts as they relate to Bush and I know you absolutely had total contempt for his Patriot Act. If Bush had posted on the white house website, a plea for people to report any kind of mis-information being circulated in regards to the Patriot Act, you would have gone totally ballistic and you know it! But instead, because it’s Obama, it’s ok! Sorry, but that is totally inconsistent there buddy!

    #2) What’s wrong with the White House wanting to know what kind of jibber-jabber is coming out of the right
    What’s wrong?!!!!! Did you drink the whole friggen 55 gallon drum of Kool-aid? As I said above, if this were Bush, you’d be all over it! But instead, it’s justified.

    #3) Why don’t you just admit it. You hate Barack Obama, you will always hate Barack Obama and nothing he does is going to make you feel any differently.
    You threw this at me a few months back. I explained it once and I guess I’ll ‘splain it again for ya. I don’t “hate” Obama. I don’t know Obama so how could I hate him. He actually seems like a nice guy…… has a lovely family that he shows dedication to, not a very common trait in today’s world. What I don’t like are his policies. I don’t like the way they (Obama and the Dems) roll. I don’t like the way that they demonize just about every successful enterprize in this country, yet embrace failure and yes that is a generality but it’s how they seem to operate. This new tactic Obama and the Dems have started by vilifying the private health insurance industry is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Healthcare plans in peril…… no problem! We have a new villain to demonize that EVERYONE can get in and join the hate train, Private Health Insurers. This kind of Alinsky crap does the country no service as we never get to truly debate the topic but rather we discuss ad-nauseum the new villain artificially created to score points. Then people wonder why we get the crappy legislation that passes for “change”.

    Since you brought up the subject of hate……. let’s just take a look at some of the things, groups and people the Democrats have demonized, vilified, impuned and yes, hate!

    Big Tobacco
    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Big Pharmeceutical
    Glen Beck
    Fox news
    Talk Radio
    Big Oil
    Big Coal
    Sarah Palin
    George Bush
    Dick Cheny
    Big Insurers
    Big Auto (until they took it over)
    Lending Institutions
    Big Money (Banks)
    Rich People
    SUVs (though they wouldn’t mind having one of their own)
    Bill O’Reilly
    Town Hallers
    Tea Baggers

    The list could go on for days but I think you catch my drift. These things I’ve listed have ALL at one time or another, been impuned, ridiculed, demonized, vilified and yes, hated by folks on the left.

    And Republicans are the hatemongers? Maybe to a small degree they have their dislikes but Dems own the concept. Meanspirited, hatemongering and intolerant!

  3. bill says:

    Yesterday, after Clinton brought back two Amercian citizens who were prisoners in No. Korea, Limbaugh wondered on the air if Clinton hit on the women on the way back. That sound like someone you want to defend, someone who’s truly only interested in what’s good for the country?

    George Bush got shit for being a terrible leader, an embarassingly poor communicator, a misfit in a suit and for intitiating some of the worst economic and security blunders in our history. And guess what? I don’t hate him. And I wish him no harm.

    Do you realize that death threats against Barack Obama are 400% higher than any president in history? Half the people on your list are fanning those flames daily. Sound like patriots to you?

    • torqdog says:

      Yesterday, after Clinton brought back two Amercian citizens who were prisoners in No. Korea, Limbaugh wondered on the air if Clinton hit on the women on the way back.
      Bill…… I’m starting to worry that you are a closet fan of Rush and listen to him regularly.

      Is it true? ;-)

  4. bill says:

    Yeah, I know, but they don’t spend the entire show trying to overthrow the US Government because…(shhhhhh……) there’s a Black Man in the White House!
    Oh-My-God-We’re-All-Gonna-Die! Must-get-to-a-protest…any-protest…

  5. Stu says:

    I don’t believe Limbaugh’s ever seriously tried to overthrow the government nor encouraged others to do so. A lot of his schtick is very much tongue-in-cheek. If one was to read his words in print, out of context and without the benefit of voice inflection, etc. his words could easily be misinterpreted. And no need to go grab a handful of quotes for me, I’ve read ’em.

    I really think that folks who disagree with his views enjoy picking out isolated statements and presenting them as if he’s serious. I’m not a “Ditto head” and can only take him in measured doses…the “all politics all the time” type radio shows grind me down after a while, no matter who the host is. But I do appreciate his rather light-hearted delivery of subject matter and his ability to laugh at the issues while still presenting his views.

    He’s no tougher on Obama than he was on Clinton – in fact I think we was much more critical of Clinton back in the day…and Clinton was a white guy. I don’t believe for a minute that Limbaugh’s criticisms of Obama have anything to do with him being 1/2 black. Do you really think so?

  6. bill says:

    If you consider his comments like Obama is like a rebel African Colonel. Today, Obama is like Hilter.

    Sounds tongue in cheek, huh?

    It wouldn’t go beyond his being an “entertainer” if he wasn’t considered a leader of the GOP by Republicans and Democrats alike. Any Republican politician who crosses him has to call into his show and apologize. Republican leaders routinely say that he’s an important voice in the GOP.

    What I gather from that is that he will say the kind of school yard bully bullshit that they all wish they could, but won’t for appearances. White, middle-class, and up, people find a voice in his overt race-baiting and cynicism. The things people find “funny,” it seems are usually tinged with race, anger, mysoginy and a fear that Liberals aren’t just political opponents, but evil, ugly sinister inhumans who want to empty your bank account and throw it out the window.

    A small percentage of what he says is factual and logical. The rest is like a script from a comedy about white teenaged boys flipping over outhouses at midnight.

    • torqdog says:

      If you consider his comments like Obama is like a rebel African Colonel. Today, Obama is like Hilter.
      So bill……. did you actually hear those comments or read them?

  7. bill says:

    There’s a little web site called Media Matters for America and one of its stars is El Rushbo.

    They post the actual radio show clips so no one can say they were “taken out of context” which people like Rushbo and O’Reilly say anyway even with the actual show clip sitting right there in front of the whole world.

    When they started doing this, O’Reilly got his looofah in a pinch and called MMFA a “far-left smear site” because they kept nailing him with what he said rather than what he claimed he said.

    Yes, it’s a conservative misinforamtion fact-checker site and the clips are pure fact. Check it out, drink it in, be entertained.


  8. torqdog says:

    Fair enough. I WAS entertained by that clip involving Hitler’s 1st law being that on how to cook Lobsters humanely. Funny stuff there.

    Getting back to the issue of Rush liking Obama to Hitler……. yeah, and your point is? For 7 and 1/2 years we heard a constant chourus of folks on the left accussing George Bush of being…….. like……… Hitler. A couple of days ago, Nancy Pelosi was recorded saying that some of the Townhall-ers were “wearing swastikas and similar stuff, insinuating that they had roots in Nazi-isms. We had Dick Durbin calling the folks in thye military at I believe abu-grab, akin to folks like Stalin, Hitler and even Pol-Pot.

    So when you start showing disgust for some RADIO TALK SHOW HOST throwing the “H” word around, at least show the same disgust for your elected politicians using the same kind of language aimed at fellow Americans. It’s that darned consistency thing again!

  9. bill says:

    The Pelosi comment, I believe, had to do with Town Hollers and Hog Wallers waving signs and homemade (duh!) posters featuring swastikas and pictures of Obama.

    Why do they hate America so much?

    And, Randy, your comments about Goerge Bush are Old News, dontcha know? You need to move and get over it. ;-)

    You quote separate, scattered incidents, like something stupid Dick Durbin said once. I’m referring to a guy who’s at it for 4 hours every day, 5 days a week, week-end re-runs, just pouring out his drug-damaged bile. If you followed that link, click on The Limbaugh Wire. It’s a library of his clips spanning forever and it’s all angry, hateful shit, every day, every day, every day.

    He obviously has an eager audience for it, which is even sadder commentary.

  10. torqdog says:

    Yeah but Bill, do understand that all you’re gonna get from media matters are just the “hateful, angry” as you put it, clips that have been specifically chosen for their content. I don’t think M.M is interested it producing ANYTHING Limbaugh or any other right winger says that is positive. They are a left wing media outlet and if THAT is your source for all things Rush……. it definitely explains why you might feel the way you do.

    You can do this “pick and choose” with just about anyone who has an opinion. Why don’t we try finding a similar pick and choose site that specializes in all things Olberman. I’m sure we could fill volumes with his hate and anger “every day, every day, every day”.

    Selective outrage? You betcha!

  11. torqdog says:

    I also want to point out Bill that you seem to have a penchant for throwing that “hate” word around quite a bit. You accuse Rush of propagating “hate” just as you accused me of hating Obama. I explained that I do NOT hate Obama and neither does Rush. What I think you’re viewing as hate is more akin to passionate disagreement with the affairs at hand. Think back a year or so ago when you and folks on the left were still fermenting all the hateful rhetoric about George Bush. You’ve recently posted that you don’t “hate” him and don’t wish him or his family any harm but listening to what y’all were saying, it would be hard to say that it didn’t sound VERY hateful indeed. But advance to the present……. tides have shifted and it’s the “right” now spewing all that venom that just a year ago was heard from the “left”. Is it really “hate? Was yours? Do you understand what I’m trying to relay?

    I sometimes think people with passions such as yours and mine can get all riled up with the state of affairs and sometimes forget that we all have something in common……… a love of country and above all else, a love of the ability and freedom to express our opinions. I know it sounds “sappy” but when you get right down to it……… ya wanna jam, Bro?!!! Seriously! And never mind the fact that you’re wrong! (just kidding, I just couldn’t resist) :-)

  12. billie789 says:

    There’s “hate” in any extreme corner of any fringe. And love of country is a common thread. It’s also an excuse for bad behavior, and a rallying cry for finger pointing. Remember Sean Hannity wanting people tried for treason for opposing the Iraq war and a wartime president? Why isn’t he backing this wartime president? I just don’t understand it ;-)

    When you can actually list anything positive Rush Limbaugh has said, ever, I’d love to hear about it. Perhaps I’ve been too harsh on him. Go ahead. Make my day. Surely, out of the 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 20 years of broadcasting, you can come up with something…oh, and it can’t be about a Republican.

    People don’t listen to him because he delivers uplifting daily messages about hope and prosperity and peace. They listen to him because he’s mean, he’s cynical, he gives a voice and speaks to all the pissed-off, frustrated white people in America who share his race-based views that minorities are lazy, unlawful, entitled people who want to suck off the rest of us and it will eventually result in the downfall of decent, hardworking society.

    Kind of along the lines of your post of the guy with a carboard “Fuck You” sign.

    • torqdog says:

      Let’s at least try to get it right…….. the cardboard sign says “bullshitten you”, his finger says “fuck you”.

      This is what you call “accuracy in media”! ;-)

  13. bill says:

    Same same. Now, how about the list?

  14. torqdog says:

    “Now, how about the list”?

    Good morning Bill.
    The list I assume you’re refering to is all the talk show folks and I’ll get to it in a minute but first, I find it appaling that the death threats are up 400%. That kind of stuff sucks and I commend the Secret Service for continuing the incredible protection they provide. They have kept POTUS’s safe since Reagan was shot, regardless of how they feel about the office holder. I wonder, stats being what they are, how much did Bush 43’s numbers increase over Clinton and how much did Clinton’s increase over Bush 41. Those stats would help to put in perspective that ominous increase for Obama. I’m not trying to diminish the stat, just think it would be interesting to see from a “past presidents” perspective.

    Talk radio does as much to “fan the flames” as things like the Daily Kos, Huffington post, MSNBC and other organizations did during Bush 43. You have countless books on assasinating him and there was even a grossly despicable movie depicting GWB getting assasinated. Surely you remember the Minute-Men protest at a University where they were shouted down and not allowed to speak? Or how about another incident where Ann Coulter was nearly taken out with a Pie thrown by an angry protestor. Then you had the Code Pink loon who crashed the RNC convention and had to be escorted out. I wasn’t conversing with you at the time but my bets are that you didn’t express any outrage back then. I would argue that talk radio may rile up the masses, but I have never heard any comment in the slightest suggesting assasination from either host or caller. The 1st ammendment is a double edged sword kind of concept. You surely don’t mind it when it’s favorable to your side of thinking but when the other side starts to gain some sort of perceived traction, then it becomes something that is less like a friend. We conservatives have been putting up with the suppposedly objective media having a very discernable bias for decades. Would you have this country go the way of Cuba or Venezuela to satisfy your dislike of hearing venues like talk radio stirring the pot? No, I’m sure you wouldn’t. Bottom line is that it cuts both ways when it comes to your notion of “fanning the flames”.

    As far as something positive from ole Rushbo……. nope, nothing comes to mind much in the same way that for eight years, never was a kind word regarding George Bush heard from the folks at MSNBC. In fact, much of it was quite hateful. Where was your outrage then? I think you said it best with this statement….. “There’s “hate” in any extreme corner of any fringe”. Now, this past Sunday, one of the “hate and demonize favorites” of the left, namely Bill O’Reilly did just come out with an article in Parade magazine that was very complimentary towards Obama. It’s called “What President Obama Can Teach America’s Kids”. If you haven’t seen it, read it here;
    See, they’re not all bad!

    Those “factchecker” sites are kind of interesting in this aspect……. talk radio success was a reaction to the daily influx of liberal news content coming from the MSM as people were yearning for a conservative alternative. At the time, they (the MSM) had a monopoly on what was seen or heard and there wasn’t much conservative speak to counter it at the mainstream level. So talk radio came along as a sort of “fact check” for all things MSM and then sites like media matters and others then came along to “fact check” talk radio. And now you have organizations like factcheck.org or Snopes fact checking everything. Do you see any humor in that? I do.

    What I have heard lately is a call to arms from the White House regarding the town hall meetings. Last Wednesday, Organizing for America, the official White House community organizing outfit sent out over 13 million e-mails calling on supporters to of course, send in money donations (always campaigning) but more importantly, Obama urged everyone to attend at least one town hall meeting this month. But that wasn’t enough. Wednesday evening, Axlerod or Emanuel called on members attending these functions to “push back twice as hard” What in the hell does that mean? Union thugs know exactly what that means and on Thursday we had our first casualties from Union thugs busting town hall protester heads at the request of the White House. What the Fuck!!! WHO is the “unruly mob”? Who sent out 13 million e-mails “ORGANIZING” counter demonstrations.

    On Friday, Obama was doing a town hall where he said something to the effect of “they left us quite a mess that I’m havin to clean up. We don’t need to hear no talkin from the ones that left the mess.” That is just utter crap. Where’s the bi-partisan debate Obama “claimed” he needed to hear? Oh, that’s right….. I forgot…… “bi-partisan” means the Repubs agree with the Dems. Then you have Pelosi inferring that they’re Nazis and then Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Reid call them unamerican. All for speaking out against the legislation. Some country when we have politicians urging thuggery and calling Americans excersizing their 1st ammendment rights, Nazis and unamerican.

    Where is that spirit of post partisanship Obama was supposed to usher in. He has been doing everything in his power to amplify the partisan rhetoric.

    And you wonder why old folks that usually can’t be pulled away from their Bingo games are suddenly showing up in droves?!!! It ain’t because they’re some “unruly mob” organized by Insurers as some Dems have suggested, but it’s because they’re pissed. They’re pissed at what’s in the bill (many have nothing better to do than READ it) and they’re pissed at the lies coming from supporters of this monumental legislation that has been rushed along so-as it might get passed before anyone notices what’s in it. And many that are showing up at these town hall meetings are Dems, Independents and members of the left leaning AARP.

    Democrats would do themselves a big favor to cut the arrogant demeaning and start realizing just how pissed Granny and Gramps really are. Or do they not care because they know ACORN will be there to “fix” the next election?!!! :-(

  15. bill says:

    (snort!) Wait! What?!? How long have I been asleep?!?!? ;-)

    “Where is that spirit of post partisanship Obama was supposed to usher in. He has been doing everything in his power to amplify the partisan rhetoric.”

    Huh? Republicans have rejected nearly everything that’s come out of his mouth for 6 months now. Republicans think he was born somewhere other than the USA at a rate of about 38% in a recent poll. Palin says he going to have “Death Panels” to decide who lives and who dies if his healthcare plan passes. Any wonder old, feeble folks are upset and shouting at Town Hall meetings? They’ve been fed a steady diet of the Evil Socialist Hitler Monster is going to sneak into their bedrooms at night and steal their pills. And, of course, Acorn stole the election, much the way Bush did in 2000, right?

    This sound like constructive, bi-partisan First Amendement exercises? Not to me, either.

    I dunno where this is going to end, but I got laid off last night and I’m done with politics for a while, Randy. No fun.

    • torqdog says:

      Wow! Are you serious?!!! That TOTALLY sucks dude! I’m truly sorry to hear that. :-( :-( :-(


      Please keep us posted as to how things are going. Do you have any plans as to what you’re gonna do?

    • Stu says:

      Shit. Say it isn’t so…you’ve poured youserlf into that job and that company. Very sorry to hear it. I have no doubt you’ll land on your feet; you’ve done it before – but that really blows none the less.

  16. billie789 says:

    Well, I don’t need to air this out here. Didn’t mean to anyway. I have been wanting to get out of there for a while now and now I am! See how life works? Again, since about a year ago when the economy began seriously tanking, it has been lots of No Fun!

    I have a week of work that they would like me to finish, so I took a couple of days off and I’m working from home on a resume’ and I’m finishing a Work Comp audit for the company. Seems he wanted my job, but not all the headaches. And offering me an independent, sub-contracting, entry-level position in the sales department I helped create isn’t really an option I’m entertaining.

    Thanks, guys. It will work out. I’m dumb enough to believe that I still got game. And I have to say that having a supportng partner is akin to having a good nurse in the hospital.

    Running a gas station in Montana is looking better and better.

  17. torqdog says:

    Bill, here’s a little something that should help give you encouragement. A local Bay Area talk show had a gal on about ten or twelve years ago who was a “head-hunter” for some big corporation whose name escapes me. In the course of conversation a caller asked about what happens to people who get layed off or fired. Her answer was kind of interesting in that she said statistically, 90% go on to bigger and better things.

    Keep the faith Bro……. sometimes things happen for a reason. The world can sometimes work in mysterious ways.

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