Pointless Post


October 14, 2009 by esarsea

Dr Phil

I really don’t have anything to bring to the table. No axe to grind, and no funny ancedotes to share. No injustices, perceived or real, to bring to light by shining the dim bulb of the BS BLOG upon them.

The above photo and caption did tickle me though, so I thought I’d share it. I love those funny, “Motivational Posters” that make the rounds via email from time to time. The Dr. Phil one above is a classic example of them.

If you’ve not seen them before, do yourself a favor and search the internet for “Funny Motivational Posters.” It makes for a nice mental health break.

Here’s one link to get you started: Funny Motivational Posters

4 thoughts on “Pointless Post

  1. Very funny. You could put the text on the pic itself and blow it up to poster size. That would sell.

  2. Stu says:

    Actually the text is part of the photo/poster – it’s just got a black frame border so it doesn’t show up against the black background. But you’re right, I’d buy it!

  3. Jane says:

    nice made my day thnx

  4. Bill says:

    Hey! I’m actually getting help!

    And since everything going on in our country sickens me at this juncture, it’s nice just to have a chuckle with no strings attached, thanks.

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