OK! I Admit it…… I’m a Closet ABBA Fan


October 25, 2009 by torqdog

WARNING!  This thread is a 180 degree departure from Stu’s “Guilty Pleasure” thread….


OK, I know you’re all wondering whether I’ve lost my mind and yes, that is possible. But even back before that happened I was a closet ABBA fan. Something about the innocence, the look, the “wall of sound” harmonies, the infectious music….. I don’t know but I do know that when I’m in the mood for some girly pop music, it hits the spot.

How and why-now for this thread? Viv and I were watching Mama Mia the other night and it brought back memories. So I went into the cave, armed with a couple of ABBA DVDs and that was it….. I was again hooked.

ABBA has allot of history behind them. Aside from all the platinum they’ve received, did you know that at one time they were the biggest commodity in Sweden, even outpacing Volvo. That’s pretty danged big.

Here’s a video…… I’m not sure how well it will be received but who cares, skip it if you must. Unfortunately embedding is not allowed so you’ll have to click on the link to watch. Do it, it’s good fun!


Or here is sweet Agnetha singing S.O.S.


OK, now that I’m on this subject I must also disclose that there ARE others.(But wait! There’s more)  Another of my favorite female singers is the lovely Terri Nunn and the band Berlin. Berlin was a band that was popular around the same time as Pat Benatar. You probably know them from the song “Take My Breath Away” from the movie Top Gun. By that time Berlin was becoming too commercial for me. They also did the lusty and X-rated “Sex (I’m a……)”. I personally preferred early Berlin as the music was a little more obscure and New Waveish.

Check out this video. The audio is not too good but if you turn it up it will suffice.

Here’s another that really shows Terri’s range


OK, ya still with me? I’ve got one more and as is usually the case, I’ve saved the best for last. Missing persons was a band made up of former Frank Zappa musicians. Drummer Terry Bozzio also went on to play with Jeff Beck on Guitar Shoppe, one of my all time favorite albums. That’s not how I discovered this band.

Back in the 80s, when MTV actually played videos, we were watching when on came this vid with what can only be described as Betty Boop meets Marilyn Monroe at a strip club, they take lots of LSD and morph into lead singer Dale Bozzio. (yes, she was married to Terry) I’m putting two vids up here……. the first one is the infamous first visual I had of this band. I read somewhere this vid was eventually banned from MTV……. too revealing for 80s TV I guess. Enjoy!…… and be sure to readjust the volume. This one is LOUD! You may have to open this link as once again, embedding was disabled. Do it, it’s worth it!


This one is live and it rocks, recorded at the US Festival in San Bernardino, California, May 30, 1983. “Walking in L.A.” is especially hot.

Well, that wasn’t so bad now was it?!!! LOL


7 thoughts on “OK! I Admit it…… I’m a Closet ABBA Fan

  1. esarsea says:

    I don’t know if that’s a closet I would have came out of….LOL!!!

    I guess ABBA had some great vocal harmonies and catchy tunes, and the girls in Berlin and Missing Persons were cute, but I pretty much disliked all the 80’s music of that ilk; Flock of Seagulls et al.

    “Back in the 80’s when MTV actually played videos”…ain’t that the truth! I was quite captivated by MTV in the early days. Too bad they changed it up.

  2. Bill says:

    “Viv and I were watching Mama Mia the other night…”

    Nuff said! I stand before you and say that I’ve never met a musical that I liked, other than maybe The Wall or Tommy. Musical theater gives me the same feeling I had when we were forced to stand on a stage in kindergarten and sing…or spell. Drives Janet crazy because she loves ABBA, has their CD’s and bought a dvd of Mama Mia and went to the live traveling Mama Mia show with her friends when it hit town.

    Ok, we all have guilty pleasures: Missing Persons, the Playboy bunny-wife of Terry Bozio, the little up-squeek noise she made when she sang, those military-boudoir-outfits, the hair, that body…Life Is So Strange (Destination Unknown). Pop poop!

    On a serious note from the 80’s, I was always blown away by Annie Lennox. She could sing her grocery list and I would get faint. I wanted to have her children in the 80’s.

    • torqdog says:

      I’m with ya there Brotha. The ONLY musical (if could even be classified as one) that I truly enjoy is The Wall. I never could get behind Tommy. Mama Mia (the movie) was no different. Remember, I said we “watched” it……. doesn’t mean I suddenly have developed some new sense of fondness towards musicals.

      Many moons ago I went and saw Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. Other than having an appreciation for the production, it just didn’t do anything for me. I guess I just haven’t bridged the gap between Music and Motion. The only time I want motion with my music is when some kick-ass band is all over the stage. But to have everyone break out in song right in the middle of some dramatic part of a movie just seems foreign to me.

  3. Bill says:

    That’s my problem with it. The idea that important story points and events are presented in sudden and seemingly spontaneous song and dance is just, plain Pagan to me. I guess I was ok with Jesus Christ, Superstar, because it was risque’ and slightly irreverent and really hip at the time. But to see “Oklahoma” or “Cats” or “Brigadoon” more than once in a lifetime is too much for me.

  4. esarsea says:

    I’m somewhere between. I grew up as a kid with mom playing South Pacific and Oklahoma and all sorts of musicals on the stereo at home, and I have fond memories of Dad laughing outloud during the fight scene of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when it was on TV. It was part of the environment I grew up in, and I assimilated an appreciation for them.

    I guess for me, when I know going in that it’s a muscial, I’m not bothered by the storyline being punctuated by musical interludes. Not really that much different than a soundtrack when you think about it, it’s just the actors performing the vocals rather than background music being faded in.

    I’m not a big fan per se, but I don’t mind sitting down and watching an old classic musical on occasion.

  5. Becky says:

    ok. I am busy, but all these posts about music are drawing me back and away from the mounds of housework that beckon. I too, grew up with musicals as a child of the seventies. My parents were heavily involved in community theater and had every broadway musical on vinyl. I always wanted to be in the shows but was too shy to audition. I do find them somewhat dorky nowadays, although I have fond attachment to many show tunes. The rock operas are different. Progressive for their time, I guess. My brother was JC when the high school performed Superstar, and I recall it was a bit of a controversy in our conservative town.

    Don’t know much about ABBA , though I’m familiar with some songs. Never saw Mama Mia, so I can’t relate to all the rage. Some of the 80s pop bands though…hehe…..I was an 80s teen and did get into some of those, although I truly loved the bluesrock stuff that my brother was into.

    Thanks for coming out of the closet, torqdog, and bringing back some memories.

  6. […] had 3 “Followers” – 2 spam accounts and a ABBA Tribute Band that showed up after Randy came out of the ABBA closet. As of today I deactivated our Twitter account and removed the Twitter widget from our sidebar. […]

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