Hold On To Your Tin Foil Hats, Folks!


November 11, 2009 by esarsea

Tin Foil Hat

I found this little gem on youtube this morning. Care to discuss, argue, deny, discredit, bemoan, object or agree – in whole or in part?

As a follow-up piece…

And lastly…

Aaron Russo, Article 1

Aaron Russo, Article 2

Aaron Russo, Article 3

7 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Tin Foil Hats, Folks!

  1. torqdog says:

    No comment other than to say that the first vid seems dated. I guess we were all supposed to get federal ID cards sometime in 2008. The federal I.D. card thing was a hot topic back in the early part of this decade but the ferver has since died off. I also don’t subscribe to the premise in the beginning that stipulates all forms of entertainment (football, pop-culture mags etc.) are plotted diversions to keep us ignorant of these conspiracies.
    However, I do agree with the premise that GWB did do allot to erode our sovereignity and it continues with the BHO administration.
    Wassup wid dat anyway? Why do folks from both sides want to give up the store?

  2. Stu says:

    The videos are a bit dated, but that alone may not render them completely void of any legitimate informtion. I suspect there’s some nuggets of truth mixed in.

    Interesting to note that where I live in Washington State there is a new, “Enhanced” driver’s license that’s good for crossing into Canada and Mexico by land or sea in lieu of a passport. We’re the 1st state in the country to have it, and they do have RFID chips in them. Right now they are optional; one can choose a regular or enhanced drivers license. Whether or not they stay optional remains to be seen.

    Like everything else, it all starts somewhere…

    • torqdog says:

      Stu, your driver’s license tracking chip does sound a little eery……. even if as you say, it’s “only” for passport purposes. These things do seem to eventually find their way into the rest of the population provided there isn’t much uproar.

      That is the unknown factor yet to be seen.

      The constant, yet subtle erosion of our liberties and freedom doesn’t raise the concern of the populace near as much as if it were all thrust upon us at once. It’s kinda like the Frog and the pot of boiling water scenario.

  3. Bill says:

    When you swipe a credit card, someone, somewhere instantly knows right where you are, what you bought, how much it cost, what time of day you bought it, etc.

    As far as I know, that ability is only used when tracking a runaway wife or a kidnapping victim who’s being hauled around to ATM’s at gunpoint.

    When I was in and out of hospitals for a few months, I got very used to someone scanning my wrist bracelet and knowing everything about me, how much I peed an hour ago, how many cc’s of some drug had been administered, how much lunch I ate, all my vital signs and symptoms.

    It doesn’t get much more invasive and intimate than that as far as personal data collection, storage and management. It didn’t bother me one iota.

    On the chip implant on your driver’s license, we all talk about wanting tighter restrictions on illegal immigration, but some of the actual smart-steps technology make some feel uncomfortable.

    And, fuck, at some point you have to get over the idea that Uncle Sam is constantly plotting on how best to round us all up and onto a giant, remote piece of electric-fenced land in the middle of nowhere and treat us like giant turkeys in a pen. (sigh…ok, I’ll play…how will “they” choose who gets rounded up?)Go rent “Wild In The Streets” and feast your mind on a 1969 version of Animal Farm with a rock n’ roll ‘tude! that should satiate your deep fantasies about being herded into a fenced compound. That’ll tide you over until Obama starts with the fucking secret Death Camps or Panels or some shit. ;-)

    • Stu says:

      I am not troubled by any of the examples you offered. In each instance one is giving their consent to be tracked/monitored at that moment. We live with it every day on the streets too. There are a mind-numbing number of traffic cameras out there capable of tracking our movements. Not only does the bank know when I swipe my card at the grocery store, the department of transportation can watch me on the way to the store and back.

      Thanks to Google Earth, anyone can look at street-level photos of my house and cars. Google also keeps track of what I search for on the internet. Tracking my search habits is fine, because I know about it…so I consent to being tracked when I am online. I didn’t consent to having anyone with a computer being able to look at my private residence and into my back yard.

      My original post was little tongue-in-cheek. I don’t obsess about this stuff really, but I do think it’s a topic that warrants at least our measured attention. At this point in time I am not 100% comfortable with the idea of being a walking RFID chip. Maybe that’s silly, but that’s my opinion :-)

  4. Bill says:

    Google tracks where I go?!?!? Shit! Look, those sites all have a disclaimer stating that the girls are all OVER 18 years old! You have to be a little cautious with the Russian stuff, but…

    I’m totally teasing. No, I’m not…yes I am! About everything.

  5. Johnny West says:

    I don’t think the information is “dated”, it’s just a few years old. And what do we have in retrospect? That Federal ID card is still being mentioned, ironically during a time when the Federal Government is fighting the rigths of Arizona to secure it’s borders from Illegal Immigration!

    We must ask, why did the Federal Government remove “us” from the analog frequency grid and demand an all digital format.

    It is a well known fact that an Electro Magnetic Pulse would disable all this equipment we rely upon for communication, transportation and life saving equipment. It would shut us down, quick! And we would have no viable source of equipment to reach out, unless you have an old HAM Radio outfit that still had tubes.

    “They” needed the analog signals, after all, there only so many working frequencies to work. (30khz-300Ghz)

    What does the “chip” work on? Analog Radio Frequencies. They needed the analog airways cleared for the many RFID chips to funciton.

    Lets just hope they don’t figure out that each individual has an aura, which is unique as your fingerprints, and is measured in the UV range of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. If they ever figure out the technology to identify us that way, we are “screwed, blued and tatoo’d”, as my dad would say.

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