Classic KISS Performance


November 13, 2009 by esarsea

You wanted the best, you got the best — KISS!

12 thoughts on “Classic KISS Performance

  1. billie789 says:

    I actually dislike KISS so much that I could only get through about half of this…and it’s making fun of them! This proves what people who have taste and manners say about KISS.

    “With KISS, the music was secondary.”

  2. torqdog says:

    Bill, when it comes to KISS, I have no manners so this is MY reply…..

    STU!!!! WTF!!!! Are you effen serious?!!!

    Then again I’m one to talk after posting that ABBA crappa thread a few weeks ago. :-)

    Man-o-man…… am I ever glad I didn’t have kids that got into the KISS thing!

    ….. and btw Bill, I actually beat you and was able to force-feed myself through the whole vid though I’m feeling like the porcelain goddess is calling me right now. Ugh!

    Sorry Stu if I hurt your feelings but this just plain sucks Dude, though Simmons was the only light in that dark, dark tunnel.

    Here’s how I spell relief;

  3. Stu says:

    It was supposed to be a joke…someone dubbed other music over the video, and I thought it was funny. Oh well. But for the record, even though I wasn’t in to them during their peak popularity, I have come to appreciate a lot of their material. They actually wrote and recorded some very good music IMO.

  4. Stu says:

    No worries! Not offended at all. Paul Stanley’s androgynous appearance and stage persona can be off putting alone. I do kind of enjoy the whole over-the-top excesses though, with the lights, fire, explosions, spitting blood, costumes etc. They took a concept and ran with it, and made millions in the process. More power to ’em.

    • torqdog says:

      A question……. who came first, KISS or the Tubes? They both had a flair for the theatrical with the Tubes taking it further down that road with the costume changes for each song.

      One of the best shows I ever attended was the Tube’s New Years eve show at Winterland right at the peak of their success.
      Fee Waybill as Quaalude in the classic White Punks On Dope will be a sight and sound that stays with me till the day I die.

      • Stu says:

        Pretty close. The Tubes debut album was released in 1975, KISS’s debut album came out in 1974.

        Sales, well that’s not so close. According to Wiki, KISS has 24 gold albums and worldwide sales of over 80 million albums (as of 2004). They just released a new record last month, and it went to #1 on Billboard. Not sure where it ranks now. I haven’t heard it or read any reviews yet.

  5. Bill says:

    Loved The Tubes.

    Stu, KISS’s show was ground-breaking and unique theater in the 70’s and they sold millions of records. I’ll give ’em that, they were/are sucessful. I liken them to the NASCAR of rock and roll.

    I could never handle Paul Stanley’s vocals; he sounded forced and slightly on the higher end of being out of range and wind, like someone had a pair of water pump pliers on his junk. Not like Steve Perry of Journey, but like Someone Standing On My Chest – sounding.

    The music, for me, was pop-rock and so predictable. You know a band’s music is uninspired when you can hum along hearing it for the first time.
    “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night” sounded like a TV commercial for jock straps, to me.

    Alas, I own none of their music, won’t support Gene Simmons’ extreme commercial experiment/exploitation of a brand based on Japanese Kabuki Theater fused to mainstream 70’s leather-pop-rock with a giant dose of in-your-face sexual predation and a side-order of Halloween at the Boys Ranch.

    But I could change my mind. What’s it been…35 years?

  6. Bill says:

    “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”

    The KISS strikes again.

  7. Bill says:

    I thought it was funny while I watching it, but at some point you go,”Shit! I’m watching something with KISS in it!”

    I did go back the other day. I needed a cheap laugh done well.

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