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November 17, 2009 by esarsea




I’ve posted a few times about my limited investment in a Sports Beverage called Rudy, named after Daniel “Rudy” Ruettinger of Notre Dame fame. For a quick review, here are my previous posts:

Post #1 (8-30-2008)

Post #2 (11-19-2008)

Post #3 (1-26-2009)

Recently I have tried to go to the Bad Rudy Website mentioned in my #3 post above, only to find it no longer exists. Gone, with out a word.

I have tried searching for Bad Rudy with no luck. I can’t seem to find any discussions, bulletin boards or stock-talk type forums with anyone asking questions. In fact, a Google search for Bad Rudy brings up my Post #3 linked above in the #2 position. Enviable results, if I was into online marketing!

I did a Whois search for in hopes of emailing the registrant to find out what was going on, and found equally troubling results:

Domain ID:
Domain Name:
Created On: 17-Nov-2008 00:00:00
Expiration Date: 17-Nov-2009 00:00:00
Sponsoring Registrar: ‘Check Whois’ (GODADDY) (GODADDY)
Status: client_delete_prohibited, client_renew_prohibited, client_transfer_prohibited, client_update_prohibited
Name Server:
Name Server:
Registrant ID: Unknown
Registrant Name: Unknown
Registrant Organization: Unknown
Registrant Street1: Unknown
Registrant Street2: Unknown
Registrant Street3: Unknown
Registrant City: Unknown
Registrant State/Province: Unknown
Registrant Postal Code: Unknown
Registrant Country: Unknown
Registrant Phone: Unknown
Registrant Fax: Unknown
Registrant Email: Unknown
Admin ID: Unknown
Admin Name: Unknown
Admin Organization: Unknown
Admin Street1: Unknown
Admin Street2: Unknown
Admin Street3: Unknown
Admin City: Unknown
Admin State: Unknown
Admin Postal Code: Unknown
Admin Country: Unknown
Admin Phone: Unknown
Admin Fax: Unknown
Admin Email: Unknown

The Bad Rudy website contained lots of information about legal actions, judgements, updates, copies of emails received from duped investors, paperwork trails, etc. I find it odd that not only was it pulled down, but that I can’t find anyone else talking about it…and the domain info shows that the unknown registrant is prohibited from renewing, transfering or updating the domain.

Behind my wry smile I’m humming that Warren Zevon classic, “…Send lawyers, guns and money ’cause shit has hit the fan…”

I’m sooooo glad I didn’t invest as much as I wanted (and hoped) to.

7 thoughts on “Bad Rudy Website Removed

  1. Randy Spiker says:

    That sucks! Many years ago I got caught up in the “penny stock” craze. Had one company that I must have bought 10,000 shares of for 2 cents a share. It actually went to 1.35 a share and I sold at .45 so I did make a little on that one. But it didn’t make up for the losses I incurred with the other spec stocks I had.

    I hate gambling cuz I always lose. Venture investing is much akin to gambling.

  2. Bill says:

    I mostly hate gambling because of the kind of people you have to rub elbows with, including me.

    Perhaps, Stu, there was some sort of settlement that included taking down the site, although I can’t imagine why went down because of anything Rudy The Drink did or had to do. Are they in trouble legally over stock offerings or anything like that? Maybe they threatened to sue for slander or whatever.

    • Stu says:

      That’s my only guess…that legal action was taken or threatened. I think (hope) I would be notified if some sort of settlement was reached, as I was an investor.

  3. […] getting burned by Rudy (and taking an extended break), I decided to once again roll the dice on a penny […]

  4. […] getting burned by Rudy (and taking an extended break), I decided to once again roll the dice on a penny […]

  5. Marty says:

    There was a stock site called Ihub I think. The character that started this went by the name of Cpt.Joe I beleive and can be found hanging about ihub. I also invested in this scam and am wondering what direction this could go, maybe getting my money back. Seems so unreal. They steall over 11 million and he payes 380 thousand in fines. If we did that we would be in prison forever, but instead he skates with over 7 million in stolen money.

  6. esarsea says:

    Thanks Marty. Capt Joe replied to a post I made on the Investors Hub forum. Here’s a copy paste of our exchange…


    ‘Bad Rudy’ website – sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know why it was taken down?


    Yep ! the site was up for one year. The creator of the site found that towards the end of that period the yield did not justify its exsistance.

    Time donated to maintain and monitor the site coupled with cost and aggrevation came into play when the above was considered.

    *** Little side note however. Somebody bought up the name the minute in closed down. Hmmmmmmmmm ?


    I saw that…when it went away I checked WHOIS and noticed it said “Client renew prohibited, client transfer prohibited, client update prohibited.” Had thought perhaps the original webmaster had been compensated to go away…but your observations make sense. I ran a website gratis for 5 years once to help promote a performing artist a few years back, so I understand the kind of time and dedication it takes.

    Bad Rudy was a great resource for us at the time though. My thanks and appreciation to whoever it was…

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