November 27, 2009 by esarsea

I was listening to the Bob Rivers radio program on the way to work this morning, and heard a singer/songwriter by the name of Meiko. She was a guest on Bob’s show, and performed a few songs live in-studio.

I love female vocalists as you know. I’ve had links to two of my favorites, Duffy Bishop and Cindy Alexander, right here on the BS BLOG for some time.

I’ve just added a third.

I was quite taken by what I heard on the radio, and went to the Bob Rivers Show website as soon as I got to my desk. I was thrilled to find 4 videos of her in-studio performance already uploaded there. Check them out:

Meiko Video #1

Meiko Video #2

Meiko Video #3

Meiko Video #4

Here’s what wiki has on Meiko. You can also see more videos on her myspace page.

I’m interested to learn what you think!

2 thoughts on “Meiko!

  1. Cindy Schmidt says:

    OMG – I absolutely LOVE Meiko – I saw her when she played at the Snoqualmie Casino a few months back and had her autograph a CD for me after the show. She’s AMAZING!! You can get her album on iTunes or Amazon – I think they sell it at best Buy too.

  2. Bill says:

    She has an interesting and endearing lilt to her voice and sounds perfect with her lyrics.

    Does she do anything a little more uptempo, as they say? You know I loves me a female singer who can belt it out as well as lay it on with a silk brush.

    Very nice.

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