Too Damn Cold


December 8, 2009 by esarsea

It was 8 degrees when I got to work this morning.

8 degrees? Are you kidding me? It could warm up another 20 degrees and still be below freezing. Bullshit! If I wanted to live in North Dakota, or the Yukon for that matter, I’d move there.

Enough already. It’s not even Winter yet. Fuck!!!

12 thoughts on “Too Damn Cold

  1. Bill says:

    “Summit on Global Warming Almost Cancelled Due to Record Snowstorm!” I just made up a Drudge-headline for you to go with your Al Gore pic from

    Hey, in Utah right now, your condition is called Tuesday or Sunday or Friday afternoon. Just came home from an interview and on the freeway, the traffic salt spray on the windshield was more like a coating of tan paint. When I hit the squirters, the 100% anti-freeze solution shot out, formed a sheet of ice on the glass, both sides.

    And for you and Matty Drudge, remember, it’s about global climate change. Might even explain why you’re in 8-degree Hell right now.

    It’s just not a Change You Can Believe In. ;-)

  2. Stu says:

    NeoConnNews? Not familiar with it. I just did a google image search for “Freezing” looking for a photo to use, and that one caught my eye (and sort of tied into the Lewis Black bit) so I grabbed it. No political statement intended :-)

  3. billie789 says:

    Totally teasing you. None taken.

    Janet and I were talking last night about warming vs. change and how the public’s perception of the actual knowledge behind climate science is being batted around for political and business reasons. And there are deniers and overzealous backers and nuts on both sides who are adding to the confusion.

    My reasons for wanting the greenhouse gas phenomenon thoroughly researched and addressed and regulated are very selfish.

    We have what’s called temperature inversions in the Salt Lake Valley once or twice a year and they can last 2 days or 20 days. Usually hits hard in January. The inversion occurs when a cold-air, high-pressure weather system enters the region and internal downdrafts actually cause the air to heat up to the point of being warmer than the air sitting in the valley in winter. Since cold air is heavier, it stays put and quickly stagnates with every form of fossil fuel exhaust and other man-made emissions from our industrial areas. Car exhaust, bus and truck exhaust, power plant emissions in the valley, Kenncott Copper emissions in the valley, woodburning stoves, snowblower exhaust, on and on.

    The big stuff is regulated now, but they still kick out a level of pollution into the air.

    A thick, pinkish-gray blanket forms after a day or so. You can dive up to a ski resort nearby and look down on the top of the soup. It’s like looking at a big, fuzzy chunk of insolation laying on top of the valley.

    It smells, it makes your eyes burn and your throat tickle. Dry coughing after a few days. Allergic symptoms in most of our population, according to the news.

    So, if someone like Al Gore wants to bring attention, both good and not so good, to a subject that is not going to go away, I say good for him.

  4. Stu says:

    Yeah, we get inversions up here from time to time. Stagnant air, no burning of wood stoves allowed unless it’s one’s only source of heat or certified something-or-other. We’ve got a pellet stove in the basement and fired it off for the 1st time last night.

    I’m all for protecting the environment and determining just what the truth is behind the whole greenhouse gas thing. I am also troubled by the continuing loss of the Amazon rain forests. They say we’re breathing the same air the dinosaurs did, and it’s the trees of the world that clean the air for us, taking in carbon dioxide and creating oxygen, etc.

    I don’t have all the numbers in my head about what how much we supposedly depend on the rain forests for air, etc…but I understand it’s a big issue that’s near and dear to the hearts of environmentalists, yet still largely ignored in most political arenas.

  5. Stu says:

    Good news, it’s warming up. It was 8.6 this morning.

  6. Bill says:

    Burning rain forests is a huge deal. For a lot of reasons. And they’re burning our earthly air filters to open up land for cattle…that fart and burp methane. Then, when the rains come, we get mudslides because of deforestation and rivers and streams carry off the topsoil mud, causing impact on the waterways through silting, causing problems for the natural ecology of the waterway.

    It’s a huge deal.

  7. Bill says:

    We are 20 degrees below normal this week. It may “warm-up” a couple of degrees this week end…when it snows!

    • Randy Spiker says:

      What does 20 degrees below normal this week equate to temperature wise? You already are aware of the deep freeze we’re experiencing here in Carson.

  8. Bill says:

    Well, it’s 19 degrees right now at 4:23 pm, normal daytime average is 39 degrees. It was 2 degrees this morning. I had to stick the portable heater in the outhouse just to warm my hands enough to read the newspaper ;-/

    • Randy Spiker says:

      Wow! That is pretty cold for you folks.

      Our normal daytime temp is 47 degrees and with our high reaching 15 today, we’re 32 degrees shy of “normal”. Right now at 4:36 pm it’s 4.9 here in Carson. Looks like we’re goin in for another sub zero night. The snow isn’t even melting on most of the side streets and the main thoroughfares having been plowed down to the asphalt are dry as a bone so it makes you constantly shift in and out of 4 wheel drive as conditions require.

      It has been rather humorous to see all the 2 wheelers drive like they’re in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and slide off the highway, stuck in a ditch. Monday morning I saw a gal on the side of hwy 395 in high-heels with snow up to her knees. I guess she didn’t look outside before getting dressed. I bet the tow truck drivers have some good stories.

  9. Randy Spiker says:

    Stu……. speaking of North Dakota, I believe it’s not uncommon for them to have 30 to 40 below temps and 60 mph winds making wind chills of 80 degrees or more below zero. Enjoy your balmy weather.

    I have often wondered how and have total respect for the Sioux Indians that lived on the Plains. No heaters, no stove or oven and just animal skins and Tee-Pee’s for shelter. Talk about Survivorman!!!

  10. Da Goddess says:

    We’re getting a little snow here in Vegas, if that means anything. And I slipped on the ice taking trash out the other night. Weatherman displayed temps for this week compared to what they were for the same dates the last two years and it’s been at least 15 degrees cooler.

    Ah, cold. I’ve missed it. Kind of.

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