Remembering (The Sensational) Alex Harvey


January 19, 2010 by esarsea

Alex Harvey 2/5/35 – 2/4/82

One of my favorite bands from the 70’s was “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.” They were not very well known in the US, but quite popular in the UK.

I happened to catch them once on TV and was blown away – and became an instant fan. Part of my attraction was that Alex and the band were from Scotland. As many of you know, I am of Scottish heritage. My paternal grandfather was born in Scotland, and emigrated to the US when he was in his early 20’s. I have fond memories from my childhood, sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders as he marched around the livingroom with the bagpipes blaring loudly on the stereo. But I digress…

A friend who I met through the Joe Bonamassa website forum recently sent me a paperback book, The Sensational Alex Harvey. It was a biography, although it primarily spoke to his musical career and less to his personal life. I found it to be a compelling read, and highly recommend it for any fan of rock music in general.

I wanted to post this small tribute as we approach the 28th anniversary of Alex’s death. To Alex, his fans, friends and family…VAMBO STILL ROOLS OK.

The Official Sensational Alex Harvey Band Website 

Alex (and the SAHB) on Wiki

One thought on “Remembering (The Sensational) Alex Harvey

  1. Hi Stu. We missed you at the Vambo Rools: Tribute to Alex Harvey & SAHB concert. You are right about Cleveland loving Alex Harvey. There was great response to the show, and the performance was excellent.

    According to a radio DJ here in Cleveland, Alex sold over 50% of his American record sales here in Ohio.

    The Winchester
    Cleveland, Ohio

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