American Conspiracies?


March 13, 2010 by esarsea

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7 thoughts on “American Conspiracies?

  1. Bill says:

    Have we commited crimes, as a country, and covered them up? Absolutley. Did the Bush Administration orchestrate the downing of the Twin Towers; absolutley, unequivacably…no.

    You’re talking about an administration, or “secret” parts of it, planning and executing the biggest terror attack on American soil. It would have taken hundreds, if not more, bureaucrats and spies to go in, plant a huge amount of explosives and cover it all up when the towers fell.

    And no one talked? No one sold their story to the National Enquirer? Stu, I want you to call the Enquirer this afternoon and tell them that you were part of the demolition team assigned to Tower #1. And you want to sell your story.

    Conservatives don’t think the government can run its own healthcare operation, but they can run a conspiracy on this order? We don’t trust a guy who claims his Prius took off wildly in California last week because the story just doesn’t add up but we think it’s possible that a cover-up to blow up the World Trade Center towers is plausible as an “inside job?”


    A college kid started this rumor. A college kid who put out distorted videos and published long screeds about why it happened, etc.
    Are you telling me that some college student launched this whole conspiracy industry about the Twin Towers, but a commission of professional investigators couldn’t see the links that this kid saw? Wowie!

    And if government intelligence agencies allegedly committed this horrific act, why haven’t they silenced this kid? One of the biggest conspiracies in the history of the world and they let this kid walk around revealing the conspiracy and crimes?

    That’s really how I know it’s bullshit. The kid is still alive.

    • torqdog says:

      I’m with Bill on this one especially considering the fact that folks like Jesse think Bush is some sort of moron. Morons don’t orchestrate plots of this magnitude.

  2. Stu says:

    I think I may be interested enough to give it a read, just out of curiousity. I too am very skeptical of the idea that we had any direct involvement in 9/11. Might it be possible that some people had prior knowledge of the impending attack? I don’t know. I have yet to 100%, absolutely, positively rule that one out in my head yet.

    But without regard to 9/11 the book supposedly addresses several different incidents. When it comes out in paperback I’ll likely order a copy.

  3. Bill says:

    Not even that Bush was a moron, but that the ability to cover up an operation of this size and no one talked, is nearly unthinkable.

    This is like The Matrix movies. Some lonesome dude falls off the grid and fights machines that no one else can see for the survival of mankind.

    The thing that pisses me off is a BYU engineering or physics professor gambled his credibility and job on going public with a casual observation that the planes, alone, could not have brought down those towers. That there needed to be well-placed explosives in the building beforehand and that the planes were just a diversion…no shit, I am not making this up. He didn’t care, nor did his worshippers, that the designers and engineers of the buildings stated very plainly that to cut costs during construction, they used the most material-saving design and lay-out of the structural components and THAT may have sealed the Towers’ fate in a high-temperature fire. Jet fuel burns at very high temps and it fed a fire, in both buildings, that weakened key support columns and structure to the point of simple failure. Both planes were full of fuel as they had just taken off. There was a lot of building above the floors on fire and the weight and weakened, “cheap” design, played out very naturally. There was no way to go but down. Floors pancaked down on top of each other and it was over.

    And, now that I think about it, why would Osama Bin Laden take the fall for the worst terror attack on U S soil in history? He’s taking credit because they did it and it apparently wasn’t all that difficult or high tech.

  4. Adam says:

    One question for the non believers of it cant be a giant conspiracy. Why does the amero have more hits then any other post? What or who would gain the most from this movement from the dollar to the amero? What or who would be Possibly bigger then our government?

    With this asked, Why would people stand up and fight the greatest threat to their existence? It would be like bitting the hand that you depend on for everything. The fact is it’s not just one person its a system. Now I’ll get all matrix on you but it really does come down to control.. and power. There is so much conspiracy out there you can’t know it all and there would be no way to not have an arguable point to grab a hold of and to try and keep your reality in tact. If you really believe in one conspiracy then it opens up the flood gates to a whole lot more possibilities. We as Americans have been brought up to believe everything were are fed and we constantly change the history we teach our kids. That alone is the first sign that we control knowledge and the truth is lost in the ages.

    One simple fact rules over all others: Ignorance is bliss. And to think it can’t happen or there’s just no way. Well, my eyes are open and I see things for what they are. I am NOT all knowing but I’ve seen enough through the years to see a greater picture. I stood on the back porch in Ellensburg with my dad and said look as a giant light went screaming to the ground not a half a mile away. It turned at almost “warp speed” and changed colors and went straight out in the sky as far as we could see in a second or two. Our government says UFOs don’t exist. Seven other countries have pressured our country to talk. Why would they not be honest?? I don’t want to open the flood gates but you might have to look at the facts. I’ve seen them I know they exist. Thats one off subject example but none the less a conspiracy.

  5. Bill says:

    Why did millions of people pay money to see Alien Vs. Predator. They know it’s bullshit, but they went anyway. Why? Because they like to be scared and entertained.

    That’s what conspiracy theorists say to me: I like being afraid and it’s entertaining. Think Michigan Militia. Why else are fat guys in camo gonna get together and shoot their guns? I guess they could form a bowling team, but that’s not as exciting as getting together and planning the violent overthrow of the government.

    The Amero thing has us all scratching our heads. Stu ran an origin trace once and it doesn’t make any sense. Hits are coming from all over the world, so that would mean, in Conspiracy-Speak, that thousands of people from all over the globe know about or are concerned about the Amero that is supposed to be happening right here in the US. And hardly anyone in this country knows about Ameros? Mainstream media cover-up? How come Fox hasn’t beaten this thing to death? Why did Glenn Beck drop it? Here’s some background and more entertainment.

    Can you think of any, ANY similar circumstance where something this radical or “secret” is going on in another country and thousands of Americans are just clamoring for information about it?

    This from Wiki:

    “Opposition to a North American currency union exists high up in the governments on both sides of the Canada–United States border. Herbert Grubel, the first proponent of the amero, admits that American officials show no interest in the topic.[1] He concedes that “there wouldn’t be very much benefit for the United States” in an amero.[1] Likewise, the Canadian Department of Finance strongly opposes the creation of a common currency with the United States, citing the loss of economic sovereignty. In briefing documents to Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, finance officials concluded:

    “A North American common currency would undoubtedly mean for Canada the adoption of the U.S. dollar and U.S. monetary policy. Canada would have to give up its control of domestic inflation and interest rates.”[12]

  6. Adam says:

    Honestly, I can’t think of any other similar story where We as Americans were “in the know” and everyone else was in the dark. Along with that we are the most oblivious people at times. We tend to believe what we want and overlook the facts or just believe what were told. The number one way to hide something is create 10 similar story’s and disprove most all them making the real one look as fake as the fake ones. “Disinformation”.

    Gleen becks Interview with Dr lynch was interesting to say the least. I had a little difficulty discerning between the old one from 2007 and the new one from 2009. Never the less it brings up some interesting facts that there people who “know” certain aspects in relation to the amero. They cant predict when or if for sure the switch will accrue. I relate it to trying to predict a volcano eruption, You can see and feel some of the signs that would lead you to believe it is going to happen but you will never be able to see in side the belly of the beast and know for sure.

    I found it interesting tho that investment marks of gold at $1000/oz and the stock market reaching 10,000, Were both reached. In Sep 09 for gold and Nov 09 for the market and haven’t fallen below thees marks since. Almost exactly one year after we had a Democratic present elected in to office. I bring that up due to I think there is a political party tie to the amero. It was perceived by me that it would benefit the Republicans party(big biz) more then the Democratic (big government). That along with Dr, lynch reference saying “ask McCain in 2010” And there being no McCain in the big office adds to my theory. He did mention a few names I read before that have ties to a bigger conspiracy of the NWO. The funny part is I think there is a power struggle among the conspire-rs to what form of leadership would be in place if there was in theory a NWO.

    One thing I do know is this time we live in and thees events will only grow stronger along with natural events till a final event and all this conspiracy is to set up who will be in power after the big event happens.
    We all are just a pawn with a perspective resource to a bigger game.

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