Frank Marino, Blistering Blues from a Bye Gone Era


April 6, 2010 by torqdog

Many that visit this Blog and occasionally post as well are fans of Joe Bonamassa. In fact, Bill, Stu and myself all became aquainted with each other on the old Bonamassa forum back in 2002 or 2003. Many threads were talking then about the unbridled energy and spontaneity Joe brought to the scene with his raw, improvisational guitar work. Some even mentioned and compared that energy to Frank Marino.

The other night while perousing the web, I found these two gems from 1979. I pretty much have seen Frank perform everytime he has come around starting back in 1975. One thing that sets Frank apart from the other heavyweights in the guitarslinger world is that Frank always plays for three or more hours and it’s mostly this high intensity psychadelia Blues stuff. Some of his jams will go on for close to a half hour. Frank ALWAYS guarantees a good show. I’ve witnessed him get three oncores with the third one unscheduled and you always leave his show wanting more. At the California Jam concert back in 1978, he was scheduled to play before headliner Aerosmith but Aerosmith refused to go on after Frank due to Frank’s ability to “wipe out” a crowd.  His guitar playing is beyond words. In fact, why don’t I just shut up and let you see for yourselves. You may need to turn it up as the volume on these two recordings is rather low. Keep in mind that at this point, Frank is 24 and had only been playing for eight or nine years depending on which magazine you source.

The line-up for this show was Frank Marino; Gibson SG, Jim Ayoub; Drums, Paul Harwood; Bass and Vince Marino (Frank’s brother); Guitar

This first cut is a monster version of King Bee.

This second cut is a jam sort of centered on the old Quicksilver Messenger Service tune (or at least they made it famous), Who Do You Love. It really shows his explosive jamming abilities.


7 thoughts on “Frank Marino, Blistering Blues from a Bye Gone Era

  1. esarsea says:

    Big, longtime fan of Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush! Thanks for posting this. Good stuff.

  2. Bill says:

    How come these posts aren’t displaying the author? Same with the Whoopi post.

  3. Bill says:

    When we were on JB’s forum years back, I made mention of Marino and someone sent me a handful of CD’s that contained about 4 albums-worth of material. It was amazing! The style, the sound, the raw energy, the power trio. He had a drug-related nervous break-down in the 70’s and has had trouble living down the rumor that he thought he was Jimi Hendrix reincarnated. About a year ago, for giggles, I went to his forum and there he was, blogging “live” right back to his fans. He didn’t have an intermediary or a volunteer mediator, just Frank tapping on the keys real-time. And he is so-o-o-o kind and nice to everyone, it’s just refreshing for a guy of his stature to take that kind of time to reach his fans personally.

  4. Stu says:

    I was just re-reading your post. Funny that you mention Aeorsmith not wanting to go on after Frank.

    The first time I saw Mahogany Rush was in Seattle when they opened for…you guessed it, Aeorsmith. From my understanding, it was the same tour that they recorded “Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Live” on.

    And that’s EXACTLY what happened. They absolutely took the place apart. Probably the single most amazing rock performance I have attended in my life, and I’ve seen some good ones (including Led Zeppelin – twice).

    The crowd was leaving in droves while Aerosmith was playing. To say they were anticlimactic would be an understatement. It was amazing…

  5. Adam says:

    I saw this and got a good laugh. Around 3.20 on the video I think its Poncho who gets into a short guitar solo thats not too bad. The song is just hilarious tho. Id say its worth the 4 minuites of your life

  6. esarsea says:

    These guys are great! Aside from the song being funny, they are genuinly talented…nice guitar work, and outstanding harmony vocals. Thanks!!!

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