Whoopi Defends Whoopee


April 6, 2010 by esarsea

I’m not much for the whole pop culture-hollywood gossip-tabloid scene. I tend to leave that to, well…the people who enjoy it. I guess there’s no harm in celebrity idol, as long as it’s not taken to extemes (think Mark David Chapman).

However something caught my eye today that sent me running here.

The “Hollywood” marriage of actress Sandra Bullock and biker Jesse James has been in the news lately, after allegations surfaced that Jesse had gone, Tiger on Sandra. It’s been on the cover of every magazine at the grocery store checkstand for a while now.

It’s become such an item of public interest that it was a recent topic of discussion among the hosts of ABC’s The View –  a program that targets the daytime TV and soap opera demographic.

While discussing the alleged affairs, Whoppi Goldberg (a hostess on the show) made the following statements on national TV:

“It’s nobody’s fault. Maybe he was looking for something different…Hey, listen. I did it five or six times. Yes I screwed around. Yes, while I was married. Yeah, it happens sometimes…maybe he wanted something wonderful in his life…”

At the risk of sounding like an out-of-touch grumpy old prude, Whoopi is a poster-child for the moral decay of our country. Her cavalier comments, dismissing marital infidelity as if it was equivalent to leaving the toilet seat up, stunned me. If I was a member of the gay community (for whom Whoopi has championed equal rights), I’d be less than happy. I wouldn’t want a spokesperson with Whoopi’s apparent value system speaking for my cause, when I was fighting for acceptance in society and trying to overcome the fears and objections of mainstream America.

Whoopi, put the seat down – and close the hole.

7 thoughts on “Whoopi Defends Whoopee

  1. Joanie says:

    I’m not surprised by these comments. Frankly, after her sticking up for Roman Polanski, I’m not surprised by anything falling out of her mouth.

  2. Bill says:

    What are you doing watching “The View” or did something “catch your eye” blaring out at you from WordlNetDaily or Newsmaxx?

    Not long ago, I mentioned to a friend who happens to be a Marine vet of the original production called The Gulf War, and a liberal Democrat, that I found Sean Hannity’s tv show be to one of the most dishonest, manipulative and destructive voices on the national scene. I was outraged that this piece of shit could be on television with his money-making, treasonous, lying bullshit.

    Larry looked at me and quietly asked,”Why do you watch him then?”

    Ahahahahahahaha! Got me!

    • Stu says:

      No, I don’t have any interest in watching that program. I get my home internet service through Comcast, and comcast.net is my home page when I get on the net. There was a link to the story on their page yesterday that read, “Whoopi defends Jesse James” and I was curious enough to click through and read about it…

  3. Bill says:

    Honestly, I personally can’t stand her. Don’t care for her humor or movies and never understood how she got famous and very wealthy from it.

    Wanda Sykes, now there’s a different vibration! If I want my anger-humor black and hot, I go for Wanda…and she’s a lesbian. Oooooops! There go the family values viewers.

  4. hugh craig says:

    LOOK…its frickin Jesse!!! Why doesn’t everyone take a step back a look again. Is their any thing about his persona that says “Hey I’m a nice guy take me home to meet your parents?” No it doesn’t. Another thing take a look at Sandra. It seems that we as a people still go snoopin’ in other people’s outhouses and guess what, what do you expect to find? It’s their shit let them deal with it. I don’t hate the people that snoop and dig but i don’t care for them either. Dad!!! What the hell are you reading about Whoopi for. She has her goals in life. Money and respect, I guess, is one of them. She is airing out her secrets to get publicty!!! Oh and Wanda Sykes is funny as hell !!!

    • esarsea says:

      Well, like I mentioned above, I just noticed the article on my Comcast home page and read it. It’s more about Whoppi’s comments for me. She seemingly defends Jesse’s extramarital affairs, or at the very least excused them – citing her own dalliances as evidence that it was no big deal.

      I agree, Jesse and Sandra’s marriage is none of my business. But when a nationally syndicated TV program host (or hostess) went on the record as saying that cheating on your spouse was nothing to worry about, I disagreed.

      And I know you disagree with her comments too :-)

  5. hugh craig says:

    You know as best as I. I fully disagree with her. To make it easer on Sandra everyone should shut their yapper. I know where Sandra sits from my own life travels. I was refering to Whoopie. She is a fu**ing hypocrite. I don’t think that I have ever seen any of her shows or movies. So this only adds to the list of ppl that I think that should NOT be allowed to reproduce or have the abilty thereof.

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