Has THE BS BLOG Gone Soft?


June 17, 2010 by esarsea

Seems to me that THE BS BLOG has lost its edge.

We (or perhaps more accurately, I) have been posting fluff pieces of late; youtube videos, holiday tributes, music this-and-that, theme changes, etc. A far cry from being, “…a depository of unrelated mental downloads, purges and rants” as stated on our “About” page.

I think we’ve made a concious attempt to steer away from political arguments and conspiracy theories to minimize our in-house bickering. Be that as it may, at least we had a little spice back then. We enjoyed more participation. It was more interesting.

Maybe it’s time we put some teeth back in this thing. I am confident we can agree to disagree when necessary, without it becoming personal. Let’s crank this place back up and have a little fun!

By the way, this theme is really growing on me. The only thing missing is that it doesn’t show which one of us authors a given post…

6 thoughts on “Has THE BS BLOG Gone Soft?

  1. torqdog says:

    Well I have a theory or two myself.

    1) Bill and I were really getting into it for awhile and we both knew neither of us were gonna budge, so we sort of quit with the political stuff. I mean looking back at some of our discussions, it was getting pretty “nasty” in here at times and would even cause me to lose sleep on occasion.

    2) Bill and I have been spending allot of time on facebook which of course, leaves less time for BS.

    As you know Stu from e-mails and stuff, my political interests come and go. I’ll get all riled up for awhile and post and send e-mails till the cows come home. Then I’ll find myself suddenly involved in a project or two and blogging/e-mail time takes a back seat……. sometimes for months. Also, there is sooooooooooooooo much crap on the landscape these days, it’s tough to keep up with it all.

    Bottom line if there has to be one is I think facebook is having an affect on all blogs, not just ours.

    BTW; nice photo there. I tried one o’dem softies and didn’t like the sweaty feeling I got upon departure. Viv hated it! (I know, I know…… TMI, TMI)

  2. Stu says:

    I guess I really don’t know Facebook. Thought it was just another type of Myspace. I have registered for Facebook but have never done anything with my page. What’s the main attraction, or what makes it different than Myspace?

    • torqdog says:

      I’m not at all familiar with myspace other than my Daughter was into it heavy for awhile before facebook took hold. Facebook connects you with people you know and are familiar with(friends). There are many applications and most all websites have a linking mechanism to facebook which is handy when you want to link to something interesting. Photos are far easier to load and you can pretty much construct your page however you like. At first, I was intimidated, not having a clue where I was or what to do but the user friendly apps make it very easy once you conquer your fears of the unknown.

      Your page accessability is limited to how many friends you have so there is a much bigger market to play with as a whole and in cyberspeak, that means exposure……. mainly with folks you know and are likely to share common interests.

  3. Da Goddess says:

    Your controls for how to display post author are going to be very likely found on the left side panel on your WP dashboard. If you need help, gimme a shout. I may not be up to WP 2.9 or whaatever on my personal blog, but every other blog I manage is and I’ve become the tracker of all things lost and fixable.

    As for content, you know what? Blog what you want. If it’s falling out of your brain, blog it. Don’t worry about appeasing readers. I’ve been at this thing for 8 years and interest waxes and wanes, as do readers. I used to be an A-List blogger. I was linked by all the big dogs. And now? I don’t give a shit. It’s my blog and I post what I want.

  4. Adam says:

    I thought this website was rather funny till it changed gears and got real.. Then I thought it was kinda on to something. Its crass comedy style ranting about just about everything.. Fair warning if your easily offended by foul language or poor English/grammar.

    This is a link to the first one I watched. Its about bird feeders…. After seeing that you’re under the impression things might be getting a little soft around here .. I present to you the exact opposite

  5. Bill says:

    I’m so done with Facebook. It’s like a chattering jungle full of animals and organisms screeching and bitching and killing one anbother, full blast, 24/7. And there is a palpable sense of hatred between different organizations and groups and I won’t participate as I have before. I’m going back to the ocassional post about a family member’s photo or comment about the weather.

    After 6 months of participating, I have nothing to show for it except a deepened sadness about America, our current situation and prospects for a happier future of working together to solve problems. Oh, and I discovered several of my close relatives from Southern Utah and California are angry, brooding rednecks, and that breaks my heart.

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