I Need New Music


July 1, 2010 by esarsea

I need some new music, and I’m not sure what. I mean I know what I want but I don’t know what artist or band fits the bill. Here’s the parameters:

  1. Outstanding production value, but not over-produced. Excellent clairity, individual instrument definition, and crankability. For comparison, think of the Doobie Bros The Captain and Me, Heart’s Dog and Butterfly, or the Outlaws classic self-titled debut album.
  2. A great bass player and rhythm section. I tend to listen to music bass first, or bass-forward if you will. For comparison here think early Grand Funk and early Led Zeppelin, Allen Woody’s work with early Gov’t Mule, and Eric Czar’s work with early Joe Bonamassa. As mentioned in #1 however, the bass needs to be clearly defined (and somewhat forward) in the mix, but without overpowering it.
  3. Horns? Maybe, maybe not. If it’s a horn-based band like Tower of Power, bring ’em on! If the horns are an add-on, like on the Door’s Soft Parade or the Stones’ Sticky Fingers, no thanks. Those horns are as out of place as a turd on a wedding cake.
  4. Keyboards? Again, maybe and maybe not. I loves me a little old school Hammond B3 played through a Leslie as long as it doesn’t overpower the music. But for now I’ll pass on a band or music that’s centered around the keyboards.
  5. I like the drums to be at least on equal footing with the rest of the band, and not pushed back in the mix. They don’t have to be as prominent as they are in Metallica’s S/T Black Album, but they should be close. And no electronic drums, please.
  6. Guitars can be varied depending on genre and format. One guitar in a power-trio is fine, as is 2 (or more) in a bigger band. Gibsons and Fenders are ok either way. Of course I’m specifying a particular brand. I use Gibson and Fender only as broad examples of thick vs. thin sounding guitar tones. I also want music/songs that have lead breaks.
  7. Genre? That’s fairly open. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues…provided it fits the overall guidelines above. Item #1 is probably the single most important factor.
  8. Vibe: Whatever the mood, I’d like it to be emotive. If it’s a sad song I want it to make me feel sad. If it’s an up-tempo rocker I want it to feel invigorated. If it’s the blues I want to feel empathy for the composer and performer.
  9. As far as vocals, that (like everything else) just sort of depends. I’d prefer any Jazz be instrumental only. Everything else is open. I tend to favor female vocalists in general, except for testosterone-fueled metal and/or hard rock. But male or female is fine as long as they are talented. I perfer a vocalist to a singer, if that makes sense.

If truth be told, I think I’m looking for a little escapism – and a $10 download from iTunes just might do the trick. So bring on the recommendations! Please! (and thank you).

10 thoughts on “I Need New Music

  1. Da Goddess says:

    Check your email, Stu

  2. esarsea says:

    Funny how sometimes a search for new music brings one full circle. I was flipping through the iPod and landed on Joni Mitchell’s Miles of Aisles, a double live album from 1974. It’s an old favorite that was released the year I graduated from high school. It’s one of those recordings that I get absolutely lost in, every time I play it. Stunning…simply stunning.

    Anyway, the search continues. Thanks also to Da Goddess for the email!

  3. hugh craig says:

    Saving Abel-
    album: Miss America released 2010
    my take: Morning music!! All around great album

    album: Anomosity
    my take: This album goes in a ying-yang way awesome vocals one of my personal fav’s

    Sick Puppies-
    my take: Chick basses how hot right? Yep a good combo of edgy lryics and smooth breakdown!! They’ve been around for a while but I never heard of them till 6mo’s ago or so.

  4. Bill says:

    Funny story about New Music.

    I was driving and listening to local community radio a couple of weeks ago and one of the most beautiful, hauntingly-deep pieces came on and I was absolutely blown away! It’s more of a repetitive spiritual chant, with rich back up chorus and seagulls squaking in the background and goes on for what seems forever. And I hated for it to end when it finally did.

    I have to say, it’s the first piece of music that I’ve heard in a long, long time that I thought,”Hmmmm…if they chanted and played music like that in a church, I would go join.” For me, it was that invasive, soothing and pleasant.

    And it was a spiritual, I-Love-My-God-piece, rasta-style. It was Peter Tosh’s “Creation.” I had to pull over, call the station and ask the DJ what I was listening to. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anything like it before.

    • esarsea says:

      I’ll have to check that out, thanks! Peter Tosh was a driving force behind a lot of Bob Marley’s stuff, some of which I really like. I can’t take a steady diet of it, but I do enjoy a little rastafarian refrain from time to time.

  5. Stu says:

    Found it on youtube…

    • Bill says:

      Yeah, Mon!

      Dat be what I talkin’ bout.

      I’m with you, I can’t much of the extreme echo-plex, guitar plunking-thing or much pure Reggae, but this was just different and very pleasant and soothing to me. Thanks.

  6. torqdog says:

    I don’t have anything to recommend because much of what I listen to is what you listen to. What I will point out is that many of the discoveries I’ve made in the past ten or so years have come about by clicking on some of the artists listed in “people who bought this also like……” category on Amazon and others. I found both Dream Theater and Joe Bonamassa this way as well as many others. It’s a VERY useful tool.

  7. dagoddess says:

    Doug and the Slugs.

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