Fly Me to the Moon!


July 9, 2010 by torqdog

NASA has been going through some changes. Gone are the lofty goals of boldly going where no man had gone before as set forth by John F Kennedy. The Space Shuttle program is winding down with the final flights scheduled in the next year or so. Obama has even instructed NASA to focus on gathering data to help bolster the fallacious Global Warming hoax (I think Michael Mann and Phil Jones could be of some help guys!) But now, NASA is about to embark on a new mission, to boldly go where they have no business going. Let’s watch as the NASA head describes this new goal;

Here, let me quote that in case ya missed it;

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden created a firestorm after telling Al Jazeera in June 2010 that President Obama told him before he took the job that he wanted him to do three things: 1 – Inspire children to learn math and science, 2 – Expand international relationships, and 3 – ‘Perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.’

So, let’s get this straight, the new “lofty” mission of NASA as laid forth by the Ass-Clown in Chief, Obama is to help bolster Muslim self esteem? You can’t make this stuff up people!!! Maybe someone should tell these jokers that the S in NASA stands for outer SPACE!!!, not the space between the ears.  I think it’s long overdue that we get some adult supervision in place to make these children behave as they are obviously out of control.

In typical fashion, the liberal elite faux intellectual folks in the MSM have paid no homage to this new groudbreaking revelation. Not one mention on any of the three (CBS, NBC, ABC) evening newscasts nor the New York Times. These folks are so obviously in bed with this administration that it’s no longer even questionable as to their motives. It’s pretty bad when the likes of talk radio, Fox News and the internet become the only sources capable of reporting two sides to a story…… or in this case, just the story itself.


21 thoughts on “Fly Me to the Moon!

  1. Beaver Cleaver says:

    President Obama says his bold plan to land men on the moon won’t be as dangerous as it sounds – the trip will be made AT NIGHT. Deets are at:

    Peace! :-)

  2. esarsea says:

    I did some poking around on that website. Pretty funny stuff. Rather onion-esque!

  3. Bill says:

    I will not engage you unless you start acknowledging the sources of your information, Randy.

    You have done this before and it’s not only illegal, it’s unethical to use copyrighted data and information and not identify the source in your posts. It’s one thing to say,”I fucking hate Barack Obama and everything that dipshit stands for,” and quite another to quote NASA adminstrators without saying where the quotes came from. They came from somewhere, and unless you interviewed him yourself, you lifted them without permission.

    “Ground breaking revelation?” Hardly. The fact that a Saudi Prince who donates to Al Qaeda and owns a huge share of Fox News and no one picked up on it except Glenn Beck is a ground-breaking revelation. If you’d like a link, ask for it.

    • torqdog says:

      Lighten up Francis! This was a clip from an interview given on Al Jazeera tv. The quotes were his as were the follow-ups from the white house confirming what he said which I didn’t include and which they are also now backpeddling away from as of today (surprise, surprise!). I thought it was pretty clear as to where this came from as evidenced by the Al Jazeera logo on the you tube clip and knowing you and how informed you are, I also know that you’ve heard and seen this elsewhere so please stop feigning outrage. Or have you not seen or heard about this yet in which case, here ya go.

      As we approach the November bloodbath, should I expect to see more of this “unhinged” behavior from you?

      Thanks! Now we’re off and rolling! ;-)

    • torqdog says:

      Oh, and another thing, rather than bring up another item for discussion that could easily have it’s own thread, why don’t you try to make sense of this bullshiat!

      Good luck! ;-)

    • torqdog says:

      Nah, I don’t need a link……. you’ve already beaten that to death on facebook. More of the good old “if ya can’t beat ’em, destroy ’em” routine I’ve been witnessing allot of lately from the left. You guys are really seeming “jumpy” these days.

  4. Bill says:

    Sure we’re jumpy on “the left.” (Why is everyonme who doesn’t hold a gun to their neighbors head over the sprinklers getting your driveway wet, a “lefty?”)

    We’re jumpy because 4% of the total population of the country is following Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin straight the hell. And they co-opt word like “patriot” and “real Americans” and moan about lost freedoms and tyranny and other totally outrageous bullshit to get themselves all worked up over the same shit that they sat on their hands watching for 8 years of Boosh/Chainee.

    That’s why “we” are jumpy.

    • torqdog says:

      So just 4% gets y’all worked up to a feverish pitch eh? Whadda ya gonna do about the other 56% that isn’t following those two but want to see Obama’s socialist Democrat agenda stopped and are REAL excited about November?

      And BTW; the neighbors here don’t have front lawns with overshooting sprinklers……. it’s a stinking desert. ;-) But we are all well armed.

  5. esarsea says:

    I’ve got to agree with Randy on the source question. If I posted a youtube clip and then quoted its content in my post, I’d think it was pretty clear that the youtube video was my source :-)

    I would be interested in the link about the Saudi Prince who donates to Al Qaeda and owns a huge share of Fox News though.

    • Bill says:

      Well, I’m fairly observant and I didn’t get the obvious nature of the linkage to Al Jazeera. In the video, there’s a little, gold-flame looking logo in the left-hand corner that creeps out of frame as soon as the cameraman starts pushing in (zoom-in) at the beginning of the interview.

      Again, this story seems nutty, but it’s just not a big deal unless you’re pretending to live in outraged fear all the time. Maybe if Obama had said that he wanted the NASA dude to carry a loaded weapon at all times, including in church, this would have passed with the hair-on-fire, neo-con crowd.

      Seriously, what is the trespass here? Obama said,”Hey, play nice with the Muslims, compliment them on their scientific contributions, etc.”
      Considering a Saudi Prince owns the second-largest share of FOX/News Corp next to the Murdock Family itself, seems like a prudent move in today’s media.

  6. torqdog says:

    “Ground breaking revelation?” Hardly. The fact that a Saudi Prince who donates to Al Qaeda and owns a huge share of Fox News and no one picked up on it except Glenn Beck is a ground-breaking revelation. If you’d like a link, ask for it.”

    I just re-read that. So you’re saying that Glen Beck is the only one who reported this? Holy Cow Batman! What’s next, Glen Beck for President? (major sarcasm) ;-)

  7. billie789 says:

    No, it was reported as more of a curiosity that Beck wandered right into that mess, instead of O’Reilly or Hannity or Wallace or those childish idiots in the mornings who claim to be “fair and balanced.”

    Stu, here:

    This is from Debbie Schlussel, a very conservative, Republican blogger. This is the most partisan-free article on the linkage, but all you have to do is Google Saudi Prince.Fox News and the links pour out.

    What I saw in getting this link is that the Glenn Beck story is available when you scroll down on her post. This was from last fall.

    This is the same conservative blogger that broke the Sean Hannity-Ollie North / Military Charity scam this spring. It had such weight, that several non-partisan, national charity rating and ethics organizations filed complaints and the IRS is now investigating Hannity-North and the concert promoter who does the so-called “charity concerts.”

    • Stu says:

      Thanks for the link Bill. I’m not sure that holding a 5% interest in News Corp, the parent company of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal constitutes, “…owning a huge share of Fox News.”

      It’s certainly a bunch of money though. Even at 5.46%, at the current price of $13 and change per share (stock symbol NWSA) and 2.68 billon shares outstanding, that’s a cool 1.9 billon dollar investment.

      However, I doubt I’d have much influence over Bill Gates if I owned 5% of Microsoft, regardless of what kind of number that 5% represented?

      Interesting reading. I see that News Corp also holds a 39% interrest in British Sky Broadcasting, a U.K. pay-for-television operator who is currently in talks with an Abu Dahbi private investor about setting up a 24 hour Arabic language satellite channel.

      I don’t know what it all means, but I’m skeptical of the notion that this Saudi Prince has purchased an ability to affect what and how Fox News reports. There very well may be other dynamics at work here…profit-motivated decisions that impact programming, etc but it’s a stretch to say that Fox News is in bed with this Al Qaeda supporter because be bought publicly traded shares of the parent company.

      • Bill says:

        Well, I blinked and he now owns a full 7% share. He also owns 6% of Citicorp. Don’t kid yourself, those seemingly small ownership numbers are substantial.

        There are stories online about his phone calls to the Fox network news room protesting the use of the term “Islamofascist” and how Fox had changed their description of a European riot thusly, in his words: “”I picked up the phone and called Murdoch (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.” -courtesy of Newshounds

  8. torqdog says:

    Well that kinda falls right in line with this administration and the changes made to certain labels used to describe events, ie;

    Terrorism = Man Made disaster (was it Big Sis or Obama that came up with that disaster?)

    Except of course little old ladies wearing hats laced with tea bags, then it’s right wing geritolater hater terrorism. ;-)

  9. Bill says:

    Administations throughout history have “owned” vocabulary (The New Deal, The Great Society, Morning in America) and terms for PR purposes.

    When a supposed news reporting organization, one that prides itself on going after all things Muslim and radical, cow-tows down to a single influence, that’s different. But thanks for working your obsessive hatred of the Obama Administration into a story about an extremist Saudi Prince influencing news covergage at Fox. Stay vigilant!

    • torqdog says:

      Ah Billy……. this thread was originally about the NASA thing. Me thinks it was YOU who worked your Fox obssession into this thread but that’s OK, we all do it from time to time.

  10. torqdog says:

    Billy. Billy, Billy…… how many times have we had this conversation about “hatred”? I’ll say it one more time so listen up or follow the bouncing ball or whatever you need to do to gain full comprehension this time. Here we go, AGAIN!……. I DO NOT HATE PRESIDENT OBAMA, DON’T KNOW THE MAN, SEEMS LIKE A NICE ENOUGH GUY, SHOWS ALLOTA LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY AND YES, I’D LOVE TO HAVE A BEER OR TWO WITH HIM.
    OK, now here comes the other part;

    Hate is a VERY strong word that I personally try to reserve for really repulsive situations.

    OK, in my best Richard Milhouse Nixon imitation…… “Have I made myself perfectly clear?!!!”

    Are we having fun yet? :-)

  11. Bill says:

    Oh, no, I get it, I understand…when you say,”the Ass-Clown in Chief,” you mean you just really, really like him, would have a beer with him and you just don’t like his policies, so that when you insult him personally, it really means that you like him personally, but personally, don’t care for his policies.

    Uh, huh…makes perfect sense. You should be a conservative from Nevada.

    And I’m obsessed with Fox News like I’m obsessed about HIV. I don’t go there. I practice safe news listening.

    • torqdog says:

      Boy, you sure have a way of distorting what was said but that’s cool……. it’s your schtick.

      I know you practice “safe news listening” Safe within the circle of your own comfort and bias. Never mind the rest of the stories, probably just rightwing redneck contrived crap from talk radio or some other faction of ill begotten loathing of all things democrat, right? Never mind and get rid of those you tube clips showing your folks saying things they shouldn’t be saying giving validity to all those right wing “Hate” stories. So when are you gonna start calling for censoring news so that you don’t have to be troubled with things that hit too close to home? Or do you think that your continued demonizing and villifying in the attempt to diminish any and all things your side disagrees with will suffice? For how long? Seems more and more Rats are jumping ship everyday. You’re slowly but surely losing control over the masses even with your recent ramping up the “process” against “those” voices. Good luck with that.

  12. Bill says:

    “My folks” are dead, Randy. Try as you may, I don’t fit your cubby holes or partisan labels. They aren’t my folks or my side or my news sources. The only thing you just said that makes any sense is that we all seek comfort zones for our information. My comfort zone is rught down the middle, sometime a hint to the left of middle only because there’s no breathing room to the right of middle for people who try to think their way through life rather than feel their way through.

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