Turn It Up Tuesday!


August 3, 2010 by esarsea

Ok metal heads, it’s time to rock…TURN IT UP!

One from Pantera:

…and one from Black Label Society

Any questions? LOL


11 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. Bill says:

    Black Label…Electronic Viking Funeral.

    I love the banks and banks of Marshalls. Reminds me of Kurt Cobain’s rig, a red Marshall stack that wan’t even plugged in. He used a Fender Showman or Bassman or some damn thing and the Marshall never barked a word.

    So, what do you like about these guys, Stu? Is it the power, the raw edge, the violence of their sound, the look and feel of their metal manliness?

    I was watching a clip of Slipknot over the week-end and was fascinated by two things: That they managed to do ANYTHING in those god-awful masks and mechanic’s overalls AND they were all groovin’ on music that had almost zero musicality. It just didn’t sound all that fun. Then I gazed at the crowd of pre-pubescent males and realized they don’t care about the lyricism or musical talent or quality, they just wanted loud fucking noise and plenty of it. Explosions, bang-bang-bang (one costumed dude’s sole contribution was walking over and smakcing a beer keg with an aluminum basball bat every six or eight beats).

    Funny death metal story:
    One of my best friends and old rock n roll singers has a 16 year old kid who’s as talented as his old man, plays guitar and sings a little. Recentlly, he made the curious conversion from blues rock to death-speed-metal, with the growling and the freight train-bass and explosions and the bang-bang-bang. When he played a cut he mixed on Pro Tools for me, I asked him what the growling was all about and he sheepishly said,”It’s supposed to be the voice of Satan!”

    And I thought, “How cute!”

    Now, the kid is in a Christian rock band touring the Rockies. They are playing death metal, with the growling and the explosions and the bang-bang-bang. I have to beleive that the lyrics, if I could understand them, are about redemption and salvation and resurrection…maybe.

    • torqdog says:

      …… “AND they were all groovin’ on music that had almost zero musicality. It just didn’t sound all that fun. Then I gazed at the crowd of pre-pubescent males and realized they don’t care about the lyricism or musical talent or quality, they just wanted loud fucking noise and plenty of it.”

      I kinda felt the same way when I attended my first “Metal” concert. About the same time the band started up, mosh pits broke out everywhere. A couple three songs into the gig and the carnage started to appear. Many serious cuts and bruises as well as a broken arm or two. I retreated to the back of the lawn and watched in amazement or better yet, bewilderment. Were they really listening or was it an excuse to do some legitimate brawling? It gave me a whole new perspective on where music and it’s fans had gone to and I didn’t like it. All I know is I swore never again.

  2. esarsea says:

    I’m not a big fan of BLS really. If you’ve heard one of their records you’ve pretty much heard them all – and their schtick gets old in a hurry. I am entertained by this performance, mainly by the ongoing feud between Zach Wylde (the singer and guitar player of BLS) and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Seeing and hearing Wylde call out Durst in the manner he does just tickles me for some reason…and that’s why I chose it.

    I am a fan of Pantera though. It’s like anything else, I’ve gotta be in the mood for them. But when I am in the mood, they rock my world.

    • torqdog says:

      OK Stu, I finally had a chance to listen and have a question;
      why doesn’t Zakk just go and finish it all by kicking Fred Durst’s ass. Or is Fred a bigger dick than Zakk? I just don’t get off on the publicly on stage, calling out of another musician for whatever reason. I remember going to see Stu Hamm shortly after being dismissed from Joe Satriani’s band back in the late 80s or early 90s. He had found a new speed metal guitarist who’s name escapes me but the most memorable part of the show was when Stu announced to the crowd how much better than Joe this “new guy” was and he kept repeating it through the night. Considering that probably 98% of the crowd was there because of seeing Stu play in Joe’s band and liking what they saw and heard, it put a real chill throughout and the show kind of sucked from that point on. The kid was good but nowhere near the level as Joe Satriani. Very unfortunate.

      As far as the music goes in these two vids…… I’m with Bill, doesn’t light my fire in the least. But if you enjoy them that is what is most important and should matter most to you, not what others think. Hell, Viv still gives me shit about liking ABBA or worse yet, Ozric Tentacles.

      • Stu says:

        I don’t know, and I don’t know anything about their issues either. I’m sure it’s out there on the internet but I just don’t care enough about it to go search. I do know that I’ve never liked Limp Bizkit, and for whatever reason I’m entertained by a rough and tough looking biker band calling him out :-) At 54 I still have a little adolescent head-banger in me.

      • Bill says:

        I had a similar esxperience with Mountain back in the mid-70’s. Jack Bruce took to the mic and said that Leslie West was “the best f*cking guitarist I’ve ever played with!”

        Now, marketing b.s. aside, that set a tone against Jack Bruce the rest of the night in my mind. It seemed petty and only made me think that Bruce was upset that he wasn’t included in Blind Faith when Cream broke apart.

        Who gets onstage and says that Leslie West is the best guitarist you’ve ever played with after spending years with Eric Clapton?

      • Stu says:

        You sure it was Jack Bruce? Felix Pappalardi was the bassist for Mountain. Oh wait…probably was “West, Bruce and Laing” that formed after Mountian broke up. That was Jack Bruce with Mountain’s guitarist and drummer. I remember their album “Why Dontcha” which was pretty good. But you’re right, seems an odd statement.

      • Bill says:

        Oh, yeah, it was West, Bruce and Laing, not Mountain, per se. It was 2/3 Mtn, one part Cream and a liter of whine. And with the giant tablecloth Leslie West appeared to be wearing, it was a Picnic!

      • torqdog says:

        I remember seeing Mountain the first time they came around. I believe it was 1970 or ’71 cuz I was still in high school. They opened for Ten Years After at the Oakland Coliseum. I remember distinctly the awesome wall of sound West put out and how he almost looked comical with his massive girth dwarfing the 3/4 neck Les Paul he was playing at the time.

        Ten Years After was in their prime and they totally tore the house down. Good memories and times.

  3. BIll says:

    And I have become quite fond of a now-sober Dave Mustaine. Love his interviews and his passion for playing with Megadeth. “If you guys are going to be throwing beer bottles at us, at least make sure they’re full.”

  4. Jane says:

    RIP Dime

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