Taking A Deep Breath…


August 12, 2010 by esarsea

When you operate a blog that features 3 authors — one from the left, one from the right, and one from the middle — it’s unavoidable that from time to time our passions will flare into near arguments. We’ve done it before, and it seems we may be doing it now. Truth to be told, we’ll probably do it again before it’s all over.

It’s something that happens within families, where people are comfortable enough with each other to, “Let it rip” from time to time…taking for granted that everyone will understand each other’s tone and intent without taking it personally. Maybe in a perfect world that would work. This isn’t a perfect world.

We are a family of sorts. We don’t have many people who post comments here (other than ourselves), but the stats show we do have visitors. Just today we passed 50,000 hits. Somebody’s reading us.

As we’ve done before, maybe it’s time we took a deep breath and backed off the political agendas for a while. Have some fun and lighten up.

When everyone’s bruises heal, we can have at it again. Oh, and yes…you guessed it…I’m the guy from the center aisle. 


One thought on “Taking A Deep Breath…

  1. Bill says:

    Why, Stu, that’s just plain lovely.

    Politics is a nasty business and if you can’t take it, don’t shovel it.

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