Turn It Up Tuesday!


September 7, 2010 by esarsea

2 live videos, and 2 studio tracks from the incomparable War. Their 1972 album, The World Is a Ghetto is an absolute classic in my opinion, and remains in regular rotation on my stereo to this day.

If you liked War as much as I did (and do), be sure to check out Lowrider Band featuring several former members of War. Good stuff!

3 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. ayinsea says:

    I usually do’nt have the time to listen to a whole song much less a few of them. Odd to think, I listen to music all day and like most depending on my mood the music changes. There are those outstanding times where you’re in search of a change to a place you’ve been before. With time past knowledge and experience was gained. Returning to that place your mind once was in its adolescence of life you seek understanding on a whole but to be able to see things again but from a diferent place well…that’s the beauty of music.

    I listened to the first two songs and they didn’t do anything for me but I Really enjoyed the latter two World is a Ghetto and Four Cornered Room. I was listening to “Four Cornered Room” enjoying the mellow yet their continuing rhythm and it reminded me of a band called Outcast. The album was Aqumiani I believe, came out in the earily 90s. After the music tapered down and the song ended I realized this had to be their main source and inspiration of that funky mellow beat that catapulted their listener base. Not to many songs out there that can roll a sound that slow and still have it sound good.

    I must admit for never hearing these songs to my knowledge. It sure brought back some good ole memories.. Im a make a few more to the Funky mellow rhythm and percussion of War.

    • esarsea says:

      I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me playing them at some point over the years? After you’ve listened to the 2 songs you liked a few times, go back and revisit the 1st two – they may grow on you. You’re right, War is like anything else…you’ve got to be in that kind of mood. Glad you liked them!

  2. Da Goddess says:

    Good choices this week, Stu.

    And that reminds me…I gotta go listen to “Hollywood Swingin'” by Kool & the Gang. I’m in that frame of mind now.

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