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September 9, 2010 by billie789

I just read an updated list of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 guitarists and Joe Bonamassa isn’t on it. Joan Jett is on the list, but no Smokin’ Joe. Hendrix is still Number One, but no Joe in the other 99. The dude who played guitar in the MC5 back in the 70’s is on the list, but not JB. There are scads of dead people on then list, but not JB.

This fool is in Rolling Stone 24/7!

Now, I gotta ask: Why not? The guy gets all kinds of attention and ranking in so many guitar player publications and blues forums, but as of today, you can search his name in Rolling Stone’s database and all that comes up is a recent piece on Jason Bonham updates where the members of Black Country Communion are listed simply as band mates. There are a couple of choice paragraphs from Jason about how Robert Plant complimented him on his playing for a one-night Led Zep reunion gig, but told him that they weren’t interested in continuing with him as drummer because, afterall, “Led Zepplin was John (Bonham),” said Plant.

So much for the silly marketing ploy of saying that BCC is “an earth-shaking, AWESOME , head-on, train wreck of a magical gathering of the gods of LED ZEPPLIN, DEEP PURPLE (Roger Glover was Deep Purple’s bass player) DREAM THEATER and some guy named Joe Bonamassa!

Jason goes on to say that if Zep called, he would swim across the ocean to get there, if he had to. So much for the new band.

I mean, Jason Bonham farts and Rolling Stone does a feature article on him. Joe Bonamassa gains all kinds of good reviews and attention from the music industry, except for that one, stubborn publication that is the hallmark of rock and roll journalism and news.

And I want to know, beyond his die-hardest fans who say he’s never going to be “cool,” why that is. Why won’t Rolling Stone recognize this talented musician and all around good guy? How come all these industry guitar player forums and magazines wail about Joe Bonamassa this and Joe Bonamassa that and Rolling Stone doesn’t even acknowledge his existence.

Anyone? I mean, this is downright embarassing. Is Joe Bonamassa the new Rodney Dangerfield?

14 thoughts on “Joe Blow

  1. Stu says:

    That list is a joke. Joni Mitchell is on there with Joan Jett. I love Joni’s stuff but give me a break. I didn’t see Satriani or Di Meola on there. No mention of Andy Timmons either, but he’s lesser known. I could go on and on. One could make a list of the “Top 100 Guitarists Rolling Stone Missed.” Joe’s in good company to that end.

    But to your point, RS has consistently ignored JB through the years. So much so it makes one wonder if there is a rub there.

  2. Bill says:

    There are lists of people who should be on there who are left off, but none of them have the current attention and gravitas that Bonamassa is supposed to have. He hits Billboard charts hard when he releases, he has garnered praise from old-time music veterans, he get tons of coverage in the guitar geek magazines, blues review publications, etc., but is persona non grata in RS. Just makes me crazy for an intelligent answer.

  3. Da Goddess says:

    Lemme guess, Cobain made it on there again?

    The list is and always has been a joke. Wenner and his buddies get together one night for some beer and see which of the 53 names they always include get drawn out of a hat. Either that or they feed the names to a cat and see which 50 are pooped out first.

  4. BIll says:

    You might be thinking of how they actually decide on R & R Hall of Fame inductees. I’ve read before that it’s a cabal of professional music journalists, including Wenner, who decide. Based on factors like who hit the media hardest, who sold records, who had outrageous concert attendance, keeping a mindful eye on icons, like BB King or Jeff beck, who don’t sell mutli-millions in tickets or CD’s, but have affected the environment of music making to the extent that they can’t be left out.

    If lists are bullshit, what about the Best This and Number One That that JB gets now? Meaningless?

  5. Shawn says:

    I totally agree with this one – check out his track, “Blue and Evil.”

    • Stu says:

      Shawn, I listened to your music on your page…I liked it. A sort of cool, laid-back vibe. Will be interested to hear your studio album with some added production value. I am guessing the files on your page are self-recorded?

      I read your bio…a drummer who also works for an independent record label in S. Florida. Let me guess, J&R Adventures?

  6. Da Goddess says:

    Top 50 Guitarists and the RnR HoF…pretty much the same damn selection process. And I think that’s fairly accurate for almost anything Wenner has a hand in.

  7. Bill says:

    Well, my snarky comment about polls and lists was to say, if you disallow RS as meaningless, why do we pay attention to any of them? When Guitar Player magazine decides that Joe Bonamassa is the Numero Uno blues rock dude that year, how is that any different than the piddle RS puts out?

    Just curious. It seems that if the results are positive to our opinion, we go with it. If it’s negative, we say it doesn’t count.

    Yes, I have been critical of this musician and his entourage in the past (mostly his Stepford fans), but I genuinely feel that he’s getting no respect from some of the most high-profile media forces out there.

  8. Jane says:

    I think the answer is pretty much the fact that Joe has his own label and before that, a non major one. Haven’t you noticed? everything is owned and controlled by a few super mega corps who own many of the smaller mega corps and alll the major media.
    and now our glorious supreme court just gave the mega corps rights that should belong to people.
    expect it get worse unless people wise up and use the powers many have sacrified ultimately for us to have.
    the radio industry is all tied into it. if Joe was big on corp. radio he would be in RS. His label is not part of the mega corps that own the radio stations. the radio stations create stupid surveys ( to satisfy FCC regs on broadcasting what the people want.
    RS can probably get postal discounts for volume that smaller independent publications can’t.
    Sista Jane rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Milad says:

    Part of it might have to do with Joe’s fallout with the music industry in general! Joe was originally signed by Sony but then Sony was like hell naw man we aint giving you jack cuz you probably wont make it and the economy is bad! This is after Bloodline and somewhere in the beginning of joe’s solo work. After this incident Joe and his manager (with whom they formed J&R) adapted a more “screw the whole industry” attitude and did all by themselves! and as a result joe was playing bars only uup until 2005-6. (then K.Shirley moves into the picture and kinda takes Joe to the next level musically) But I guess that’s it. He’s not a corp/industry sweetheart like say, Mayer or Trucks/Tedeschi (with all due respect to both guitarists they’re fantastic both) Which is probably why he’s not noticed by the industry’s most powerful media, The Rolling Stones, or why the leading artist in blues charts for the last 4 years is yet to receive a mere Grammy nomination! It’s just not his game…
    A more unlikely conspiracy theory might have to do with another fallout this time with Fender (owned by CBS…!) It’s a massive long shot but hey! You never know what happens behind the curtains! Joe went to Fender with an idea for a signature Strat but fender was like “Joe Who?!” Apparently they were quite rude to him and that pissed him off and he sold his Strats in a couple of auctions and swore never to play a strat live again! Notice how he suddely turned to Les Pauls?! Though he has used a couple of vintage ones in his latest release, particularly a Tele which is more a tribute to his mentor Danny Gaton…yeah i know it’s unlikely but i figured while we’re talking about being underrated might as well mention this one too! You see Fender throwing away signature models at everybody but not Joe…makes you think you know! :D

    • Jane says:

      i never thought that it was Joe going to Fender to begin with but admittedly i do not know for sure. I alwasy had the impression they came to him but they really weren’t going to do anything for him other than offer him a discount at their store or something like that.

      yeah there is alot of corruption in the industry. i still think the radio is key and some of the mega corps control many aspects of the industry as you mention so i think you are trying to give an opposing opinion that isn’t really opposing? its payola in the end

      i get curious about the paths Joe chooses or is directed to but i know there is much i willnot know. I know I enjoy most of the music, to the point it has made me enjoy the day more than without it many times

      • esarsea says:

        The story is that Joe was always a Fender guy early on, with the exception of that red ’62 Gibson 335. If you watch the early video of the piece that Jane Pauley did on him in the ‘Smokin Joe’ days before Bloodline, he sitting in his room playing a Strat with 2 more Strats sitting on top of his bed. Then he played Strats in Bloodline, and was primarily a Strat player when ANDY came out, and on most of the ANDY Live CD and through much of SILT as well.

        Joe and his manager Roy approached Fender about doing a JB signature model and were told no, “…we only do that for ‘A List’ guitarists.” The real slap in the face came shortly after, when Fender turned around and released a special edition gold sparkle Strat that looked almost identical to JB’s ‘Goldie’ strat that had custom painted with automotive paint. It was after this that Joe swore off Fenders, stating that there would never be another Fender product on his stage.

        He has since softened on that stance somewhat.

        • torqdog says:

          I just went and looked at a photo I took of Joe’s guitar rack when he played here in Reno back in December, 2004. There were four strats in his stable back then. A grey one, black, gold metal-flake and one that is natural wood.

  10. torqdog says:

    WOW! I musta missed this post.

    My answer is that Rolling Stone has become the grown-up version of let’s say……. Teen Magazine. They lost my interest long ago. Just another commercial, pop oriented rag anymore not worthy of using in my birdcage as who knows what tweety will start singin. Justin Bieber tunes?!!! Yuck!

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