Rocktober! A Special Wednesday Edition Of Turn It Up Tuesday!


October 6, 2010 by esarsea

I’ve tried to stay away from Metal on my Turn It Up Tuesday posts but it’s ROCKTOBER, bitches! This may be a little too heavy for some of you, but I  love these guys. If nothing else, give a listen to their remake of the Bad Company hit by the same name. Even though it’s a Wednesday, turn it up!

Ladies and germs, I present FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH

17 thoughts on “Rocktober! A Special Wednesday Edition Of Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. torqdog says:

    Why would you “try to stay away from Metal on my Turn It Up Tuesday posts”? I mean, after all……. it’s “Turn it up Tuesday” and that means that you should be trying for more raucus, turn it up genre of music. Some of the stuff you’ve posted in this section would be better served on a “Mello Monday” type of thread, IMHO. ;-)

    Now, all that aside, the more I hear from these guys, the more I’m liking them. Have you got a favorite CD that would be a good place to start?

    • esarsea says:

      I just backed away from it after the mostly negative comments about the last metal “Turn It Up Tuesday” that featured Pantera and Black Label Society – but maybe I’ll start cycling a few through from time to time. I also like to keep it varied.

      I think FFDP has only released 2 albums so far, “The Way Of The Fist” and “War Is The Answer.” I have them both, and they are both great…but for someone easing their way into the metal world I’d probably recommend starting with “War Is The Answer” as it’s a little less intense, and has more mainstream rock leanings (but it’s still intense, and very much metal).

      Be sure to order or download the explicit versions. The very few curse words and/or F-bombs are not overused, and provide just the right emphasis in the right places in the songs they do appear in.

      • torqdog says:

        I don’t think I’d be “easing my way into the metal world” as I do own some myself. Symphony X is one of my favs.

        I’ll prolly just order both. That way, I can qualify for free shipping at Amazon. ;-)

      • esarsea says:

        Cool deal. I think Symphony X is more along the lines of Dream Theater’s heavier stuff? A kind of hardcore prog-rock band as compared to what I consider metal is? But anyway, hope you like it.

  2. Bill says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post these clips, seriously. And please don’t take offense about any metal comments that aren’t positive. And I like a lot of things about this band’s sound.

    I began steering away from this kind of simplistic metal in the 70’s. It just all sounds basically the same to my ears as it did then. Angry, chaotic, hectic, dark, Halloweenie, did I mention angry?, violent, depressed, anxious, suicidal (sounds like contraindications on an anti-depressent).

    What was the name of that band in the 70’s who did a tune about dying in an airplane crash? “We were flying oh-so high, and hit something near the ground…” Ambulance sirens in the background, etc.?

    There are certain chord patterns you can play that will get to the listeners spine every time. Example: An A minor root, then drop to an F maj then climb to a G maj and and back to A and you have a basic rock and roll emotion-generator. Stairway to Heaven’s big break-away crescendo at the end is this pattern, the tune with Imogene Heap on Beck’s Ronnie Scott dvd uses the same pattern. It sounds cool and it’s manipulative as hell. Death metal is always looking for that chord pattern emotion-hook, as well.

    Most of it sounds like a caricature of heavy metal rock to me any more. Metalcalypse (Death Klok) Of course, we just had Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper in town for a show this week, so the heavy metal spoof-satire string got plucked and resonates.

  3. Bill says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Jesus! I just clicked on the YouTube link for “The Bleeding” and you have to sit through a 30 sec. spot for Dr. Scholl’s “Petites” shoe inserts for Valley Girls who are all dressed up and dancing at a disco in little, delicate looking slip-ons.

    Then, your video begins.

  4. Stu says:

    Here’s another little nugget, this one from the metal band “Down.” It’s probably the least metal of all their songs, and has a decidedly Skynyrd influence or flavor…but it’s great. Down features former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo. This is from their 1995 debut album NOLA (which stands for New Orleans, Louisiana).

  5. Jane says:

    i’ve heard the cover of bad company before. at first I was a little bothered because it sort of seemed like sacriligeous for some reason to cover that song but i do admit it was not a bad cover.
    thanks for the vids i will check them out when i get a chance.

  6. Bill says:

    Update: The band was Bloodrock and the album was “D.O.A.” and the line was, “We were flying low and hit something in the air,” not even close to my memory’s error. Something about the sirens coming, they’re pulling a sheet over my body, etc.

    Yep, that did it for me. I went with Led Zep and Deep Purple for my metal needs.

    Speaking of caricatures, I actually listened to “Smoke On The Water” last night and although it’s been almost lampooned as a rock standard, it’s still raw and very heavy.

    I keep losing concentration. Steve Vai is playing on PalladiaHD and I cannot stand the guy! He’s playing these goddam novelty guitars with luggage handles cut into the body with more noise generators, filters, pedals and racks of compressors, FX boxes than a music store in a small town. And it sounds like a 12 year old trying to make Frankenstein movie sound tracks with a penny flute. Ugh! The screeching, the wailing, the out-of-key roars, the humanity…the humanity. And it’s boring as hell. I just saw Vai trying to do a Hendrix-at-Monterey Jazz Festival move, but he gently laid his axe down and, while it was feeding back, stood there waving his arms, like he just realized that he had no lighter fluid!

    • torqdog says:

      Was that the Vai show where he had a cute gal playing violin named Ann Marie Calhoun? If so, I have that blu-ray (Where the Wild Things Are) and find it quite enjoyable. Yeah, Steve’s a total “showboat” (he lives in LA, go figure) but I personally like most of his stuff. His “Fire Garden” and “Passion and Warfare” CDs have seen allot of time in my player. He’s one guy I always catch when he comes around.

      Funny, I saw the same thing as you did with the guitar and him waving his hands around as it was feeding back and never once even thought about Hendrix. It’s part of his “drama” schtick theatrics and you kind of have to be in the mood to appreciate it. Definitely not first thing in the morning. I guess the “art is in the eye of the beholder” or “different strokes” cliches apply here….. big time.

      What I don’t understand is, if you “cannot stand the guy”, why didn’t you simply change the channel?

      • Bill says:

        Ok, then you can tell me what the hell was that noise maker on the edge of the top of his guitar that screeched when he blew on it? Man, that just sounded dopey and he looked even dopier blowing onto the edge of his axe and making a slide whistle sound. I’m all for feedback and roaring bottom strings being bent and mangled, but this, I don’t get.

        And, yeah, I’ve seen clips of His Dramatic Majesty in a long, sparkly, Technicolor Dreamcoat with his locks flowing in the air from the fan he has at his feet. He looks like a cross between a guitar player and a Vegas club magician. I was waiting for a white dove to pop out of his ass or for a bandmember to walk over and start pulling a string of multi-colored hankerchiefs out of his nose. Then, 15 bandmembers dressed as clowns got out of a VW bug on stage…

  7. Stu says:

    Wiki has a great and very comprehensive page on metal music, and all metal’s sub-genres. One of the better wiki pages I’ve seen.

  8. Jane says:

    liked hard to see, down was ok, haven’t watched the other yet.
    anyway i was checking the rockline archive to see if the Kenny Wayne Shepherd bit was up yet and see that there is a FFDP one up. not sure how long it will be there

  9. Jane says:

    there is also a finger eleven one. i am listening to FFDP right now. it is the replay thing in the middle of the home page not archive as i said previously

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