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October 14, 2010 by esarsea

Grooveyard Records, purveyors of some the of the best guitar-based rock, blues and blues-rock records around, has launched their own online radio station, “Grooveyard Radio.” I’ve added them to our list of links located on the right side of the page.

I used to visit the Grooveyard Records website from time to time just to listen to the samples from the records they had on sale. I discovered some great stuff there over the years. Now I can sit back and just listen to the radio station. The artist and album info is updated with each song played (and if for some reason it does not, just refresh ther page to update).

Trust me, you’re going to hear something you like! Check ’em out here!

7 thoughts on “Grooveyard Radio

  1. Bill says:

    I’ll give it a shot later at home. I’m getting kind of tired of internet radio station’s inconsistency. Once you finally get logged-in and past the ads and the music starts flowing, it’ll work for two or three tunes, then either cut out or stop and remind you that it’s a VIP station requiring money, etc.

    • Stu says:

      Such is not the case with Grooveyard radio. The only marketing aspect is that they feature artists on the Groveyard Records label. There’s no interruptions or subscription requests like you might get on Pandora.

      Similarly, Planet Rock doesn’t pander for contributions or cut out either. It’s just like listening to a regular broadcast radio station, only online.

      I can’t speak to your ISP though. Probably something that works best with broadband, but I can listen to Grooveyard or Planet Rock all day long at work with out any problems.

      • Bill says:

        Naw, I have a great ISP (Qwest) and a smokin’ connection, runs like a T-1 line for a consumer broadband. I was trying to listen to several free blues rock stations and had a lot of trouble last week. Radio 365, I believe.

      • Stu says:

        365 is terrible for dropping off and interruptions, and last time I listened the sound quality wasn’t all that good either…but it’s been a few years There’s a smokin’ little blues ditty churning on Grooveyard as we speak, streaming at 128 kbps :-)

  2. Stu says:

    I sent a short note to Grooveyard Radio and received this response:

    Hey Stu,

    Thanks so much for the kind word and encouragement! Glad that you are finding some music you like and especially appreciate your supporting these guys.

    Grooveyard is really a very small operation. The label is ours of upstate New York and is pretty much a one man business. This is Don here and I do lots of the mixing and mastering for Grooveyard from my studio in Texas. The radio thing was my idea and it has been a blast to do it so far. Certainly just a labor of love not for profit. I wish I had more time to hop on there and DJ live. It is so cool to see listeners across the globe tuning in!

    Thanks for being there and thanks for the blog mention!

    Keep on swinging that axe,


  3. Bill says:

    Love it! Absolutely smokes most of the time. An occasional infusion of jazz fusion, I don’t care for so much, but overall, it’s a kick-ass bluesrock blowtorch!

  4. LUCENABLUES says:

    THE BEST!!!

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