NPR fires news analyst after remarks about Muslims


October 21, 2010 by esarsea

Juan Williams

This from Brett Zongker, Associated Press – via news:


WASHINGTON — NPR has fired longtime news analyst Juan Williams, also a commentator on the Fox News Channel, after he told Bill O’Reilly that he gets nervous on an airplane when he sees people in Muslim dress.

Full Text here

Thankfully, I have a job that won’t fire me for sharing the fact that I have experienced similar emotions. I’d like to think I’m not a bigot, but I must admit sharing a plane with Middle-Eastern folks post-9/11 has made me nervous on occasion — and they weren’t even wearing Muslim dress.

What is Muslim dress, anyway?

5 thoughts on “NPR fires news analyst after remarks about Muslims

  1. torqdog says:

    Looks as though McCarthyism is alive and well at NPR. Mara Liasson had better curtail those cameos on Fox if she knows what’s good for her or she’ll be next.

    It’s interesting that back in 1995, NPR’s Nina Totenberg in as much said that it would be a rightful payback if the good lord found Jesse Helms catching AIDS from a blood transfusion or his grandkids caught it to which other NPR commentators on with Nina chuckled in agreement. Now I guess the political correctness doors only swing one way and if you’re in any way affiliated with the hated Fox News, beware! So much for tolerance!

    What’s funny is that if we ever get to that “utopian Socialist society” the leftist media seem to want so badly, the first to go will be the press. Happens every time! :-(

  2. Bill says:

    “That’s it! I have had it with these motherf#%king Muslims on this motherf*&king plane!” – Samuel Jackson, ak.a. Juan Williams

    Like you guys won’t know what the word is anyway. . .

  3. torqdog says:

    Hmmmmmm, isn’t George Soros involved with NPR……… to the tune of like 1,800,000.00? That ‘splains allot! His money laundering Tides Foundation also has PBS in his pocket. Media Matters and Huffpo are also receipients of Soros money with Media Matters having just received their own cool 1,000,000.00 dollars. I don’t think Soros has investment in mind……. nope, old George seems to be influence peddling. Gotta watch out for that foreign money trying to influence our media and Govt. officials. Why, I would even wager that old Georgy porgy had his mits on Juan’s firing.

    NPR sure showed their stripes with this one! I think they need to change the names of some of their programs.
    How about;
    All Things Considered Progressive
    Fresh Air, Stale Content
    On The Media, Off The Wall
    Censored Talk of the Nation
    Tell me more, I’m Hearing Less

  4. billie789 says:

    Well, Soros is a rank amatuer compared to Murdock and Newscorp. Seems every week, he gives money, quite proudly, to Republican causes (Republican governors conference $1,000,000; U.S. Chamber of Sleazebags, a million bucks) while he politely puts on his toga and sandals and attends high-minded, quasi-intellectual summits and media seminars and proclaims that he doesn’t think Fox News should back any party or candidate. O-o-o-o-kay. . . . Does he watch his own network?!? The one where Tea Party people go to get softball treatment for their insane bullshit rather than the nets? Katie Couric is lurking out there, TPer’s, withthose darned “gotcha” questions like what newspapers do you read and what color is the floor in your kitchen?

    God almighty, I hope Palin runs in 2012!

    At least Soros comes out and says,”I’m going to donate $1 million to Media Matters to counter what Murdock is doing at Fox.” It’ll take more than $1 million to drain that infested-swamp, George.

    “Gotta watch out for that foreign money trying to influence our media and Govt. officials. Why, I would even wager that old Georgy porgy had his mits on Juan’s firing.”

    It take it you mean like Fox correspondant Karl Rove has done in putting together millions of foreign dollars, laundered through the U.S. Chamber of Sleazebags and used for attack ads against Democrats? The foreign donors are Indian and Pakistani call center moguls (Muslims?) who want to be sure that off-shoring our jobs to them is still a Republican plank in their platform, as it was for years under George “Wha?” Bush.

    Why do people insist on voting against their own best interests and the best interests of their families to make a political point that will only hurt them and everyone else later?

    • torqdog says:

      Yep, there’s two sides to every sleazy contribution. Just thought I’d point out that the left is just, if not more capable of sleazy, “behind the veil” politics. Let’s start with SEIU and AFSCME. I heard this a.m. that AFSCME is the king in donations this silly season and I would wager that little to NONE has gone to any Repubs or conservative PACs. Yet, they are publically funded, no? Something just don’t seem right with that.

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