It’s Thursday. Where are the jobs? – Week One


November 4, 2010 by billie789

It’s been nearly 48 hours since the Republicans took the House of Representatives and I still don’t have a decent job with benefits.

Where are the jobs you promised?!? You’ve had time to recover from a crushing hangover that made you cry the next day. You claim the American people have spoken, and yet, you sit there, grid-locked and worn-out.

You claim this was a grassroots effort to get rid of Washington insiders and most of the new Republican senators are just walking across the hall from the House side, where some have been perched for up to 14 years. Grassroots my ass.

So, it’s been 15 minutes since I started this post and I still haven’t seen any jobs created, just like the jobs that weren’t created in 2001 and 2003 when Bush rewarded “his base,” America’s wealthiest citizens, with tax cuts. And the Repubs want to keep those tax cuts permanently because “they create jobs.” Sometime after the next Ice Age. . .maybe.

18 thoughts on “It’s Thursday. Where are the jobs? – Week One

  1. Stu says:

    Left to Right: Year, Annual Unemployment Rate, Presidental Party, Controlling Party House, Controlling Party Senate.

    1948 3.8 D R R
    1949 5.9 D D D
    1950 5.3 D D D
    1951 3.3 D D D
    1952 3.0 D D D
    1953 2.9 R R D
    1954 5.5 R R D
    1955 4.4 R D D
    1956 4.1 R D D
    1957 4.3 R D D
    1958 6.8 R D D
    1959 5.5 R D D
    1960 5.5 R D D
    1961 6.7 D D D
    1962 5.5 D D D
    1963 5.7 D D D
    1964 5.2 D D D
    1965 4.5 D D D
    1966 3.8 D D D
    1967 3.8 D D D
    1968 3.6 D D D
    1969 3.5 R D D
    1970 4.9 R D D
    1971 5.9 R D D
    1972 5.6 R D D
    1973 4.9 R D D
    1974 5.6 R D D
    1975 8.5 R D D
    1976 7.7 R D D
    1977 7.1 D D D
    1978 6.1 D D D
    1979 5.8 D D D
    1980 7.1 D D D
    1981 7.6 R R D
    1982 9.7 R R D
    1983 9.6 R R D
    1984 7.5 R R D
    1985 7.2 R R D
    1986 7.0 R R D
    1987 6.2 R D D
    1988 5.5 R D D
    1989 5.3 R D D
    1990 5.6 R D D
    1991 6.8 R D D
    1992 7.5 R D D
    1993 6.9 D D D
    1994 6.1 D D D
    1995 5.6 D R R
    1996 5.4 D R R
    1997 4.9 D R R
    1998 4.5 D R R
    1999 4.2 D R R
    2000 4.0 D R R
    2001 4.7 R D R
    2002 5.8 R R R
    2003 6.0 R R R
    2004 5.5 R R R
    2005 5.1 R R R
    2006 4.6 R R R
    2007 4.6 R D D
    2008 5.8 R D D
    2009 9.3 D D D
    2010 9.2 D D D (Unemployment Rate as of Sept 2010)

    Interesting to note that from 1948 through 2008:

    Average Annual Unemployment DDD years: 5.3% (18 years)
    Average Annual Unemployment RRR years: 5.4% (5 years)
    Average Annual Unemployment Split Control: 5.75% (38 years)

    What’s it all mean? It illustrates to me that there’s little historical correlation between the controlling political party and unemployment numbers prior to 2009.

    Unemployment rates provided by US Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics website at

  2. Bill says:

    I’ll bet if you looked at the voting records on policy that would help unemployment over the ages, you’d see a patternn of obstruction from whatever party was out of presidential power, causing little to be done about the really critical policymaking that needs bi-partisan cooperation to come out even slightly resembling what was originally presented.

    I saw a flow chart in the documents display in the Capitol Building Sunday showing how a bill is born and how it moves through committees to House chamber votes back to committees and then to the Senate for a vote. And, then, the President can simply veto the whole thing and it’s gone.

    Standing there staring at that godam flow chart, I was struck with how it’s absolutely amazing anything gets done, even by a majority. At each step I just described, there’s an opportunity to add, subtract, edit, glue some local pork barrel spending to it, gut it and make a totally different animal based on partisan horseshit, not good governance.

  3. Stu says:

    That might be why the split-control numbers are 3/10th’s of a percentage point higher, but that’s still not much of a difference…and we don’t see a substantial improvement in the numbers when either party has control, and that obstruction dynamic is removed. It’s interesting, and I was a little surprised when I compiled that info.

    How do you feel about presidential line-item veto power, which Reagan repeatedly asked congress for, after seeing that flow chart?

    • torqdog says:

      How do you feel about presidential line-item veto power, which Reagan repeatedly asked congress for, after seeing that flow chart?

      I was for it before I was against it. ;-)

      Actually, I have mixed feelings. During the Reagan years, I was definitely more attuned to giving the POTUS the option as there are many pieces of legislation “tacked on” to a bill that has absolutely nothing to do with the main piece of legislation. In fact, it has been a tactic used to try and score political points by putting in a piece of legislation that is so ridiculous that it would never fly on it’s own and when the POTUS vetoes the bill, he is then called out for not supporting the main piece of legislation. An example of this might be putting in an ammendment saying that all ammunition must be registered on a bill extending unemployment benifits. The POTUS vetoes the bill due to the ammendment and is then called heartless because he or she doesn’t care about the down on their luck unemployed. The true reason for the veto is never revealed in the press and past presidents haven’t done much to toot the horn as to why they vetoed the bill.

      OTOH, it awards more power to the executive branch than what was maybe envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

      Like I said, I can see both sides on this one.

  4. torqdog says:

    Let’s see here……… for the last 20 months we’ve heard nothing but the mantra of “it’s gonna take more time to fix the mess created after 8 years of Bush”. Well, I could throw that same line of B.S. right back atcha but there is no need. The Repubs don’t take control of the House until January.

    I will say this……. the uncertainty that many economists feel has prolonged this recession should soon be coming to an end. Business not knowing what their tax burden was going to be due to the potential increases if the Bush tax cuts were revoked, whether Cap and Tax was gonna pass, the whole health care thing and the increases put upon business has sort of stifled their ability to look forward with any kind of optimism. As Business goes, so goes the economy. When Business does well, jobs are usually a plenty.

    For some strange reason, I’m getting the feeling that this thread was started as a tongue in cheek, dripping with sarcasm kind of thing.

    A sidenote to this election;
    not only did the Repubs score historical gains in the House, but more importantly, ten Governorships and 19 State houses switched sides with well over 600 state reps changing over to Repubs. That looms large as this is a year when redistricting takes place. AND, California which is still the bluest of blue states just passed an initiative that takes redistricting out of the hands of the politicians and instead gives the power to a 14 member bi-partisan commitee.

    There’s gonna be some interesting months and years ahead politically speaking. Hold on to your seats!

  5. Stu says:

    I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for the other shoe to fall all at the same time, but I must say you two have been playing together rather nicely this time. I’m proud of you both :-) and very pleased that this political exchange hasn’t decomposed into another angry thread!

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Bill says:

    Why, Stu! What on Earth are you talking about? My colleague from the dry, conservative environs of Northern Nevada has some very good ideas for getting this country back on track and, now, it’s his and “their” turn to show us what they’ve been trying to make us hear for 20 months in the worst economic challenge this country’s had since the Depression.

    They literally have the floor now and I’m all ears!

    I’m sure the Waaaambulance taunting was just some post-election giddiness and now we’re all ready to get down to the business of taking our back our country from Americans and giving it to Americans, so Americans can prosper.

    Ok, I’m all strapped in, buckled up and ready to go. . .and ready to go. . . .ok, now, seriously, my patience is wearing thin, let’s go now (rocking back and forth like an autistic child) . . .c’mon, giddy-up. . . .are we there yet?

    • Stu says:

      Glad to see you’ve got your seatbelt buckled! But you might as well turn off the car, come back in the house and unpack your bags for now…we’re not leaving until after the holiday season.

  7. Bill says:

    What?!?! I thought the coming Obamacalypse was so threatening that we needed to kick it in gear immediately! What the hell, we took back our country in a bravely fought revolution, wrested copntrol of the House from the Commie Marxist Socialists and now we’re just going to back off, relax, go on tv shows gloating needlessly, taking vacations, etc? Why, just last week, a Repub rep said Obama was more dangerous to the US than Al Qeada! Course that was before the election.

    Now, they can sit back, have another drink, laugh at how silly and over the top election season is and get down to doing the people’s real business under Repubs = Investigations, endless hearings, is Obama getting bj’s in the Oval Office? Let’s see that dress one more time! We squandered $20 million under Ken Starr trying to investigate Bill Clinton for a bj. Michelle Bachmann says they’ll spend billions going after Un-Americans in Congress. Ok, maybe not billions; she exaggerates everything in front of her because she’s bat-shit crazy. I don’t need to be rude and nasty, the whole world is watching what Repubs do time. Darrell Issa was on Maher last night and he said that if Repubs blow it again, this will be the last time.

    • Stu says:

      It’s all relative I guess. It is estimated we have squandered $55 million of the taxpayer’s dollars in the BALCO investigation and trying to determine if Barry Bonds took steroids and lied to congress. In comparison, spending $20 million to determine if our President was lying about repeatedly filling an intern’s mouth with presidential goo is a bargain!

    • torqdog says:

      Issa is right! This election wasn’t any kind of desire to bring Repubs back into the mix as witnessed by those popularity polls which seem to still show them as even less favorable than the Dems. It was more a repudiation of the failed policies and the fact that unemployment hasn’t shown much movement. I know, I know……. in my best Wicked Witch of the West voice, “we just need a little more time, get your hands off those Ruby Slippers fool”. Why do I say “failed policies”? Because, as I described in a past post, Keynesian economics where the Govt. injects buttloads of cash into the economy tends to have immediate results. So far, the results are in and again, it points to the fact that it just doesn’t work in reality like it does on paper. And when the money runs out, and it ALWAYS does, the jobs go away and the economy is really no better off than before. It’s a short sighted, quick fix with no legs.

      This IS their “last chance” though using words like “last” and “never” always seem to backfire in the long run. If the Repubs screw up, I will be one of the first to come forth and admit it just like the last time when they started spending like drunken Democrats. ;-) And if they do, what then? Are we gonna play see-saw and invite the Dems back in for another round? Of course we will!!!

      In the end and speaking realistically with no bias or malice…… WE’RE SCREWED!

  8. Bill says:

    Can you say changing horses in the middle of the stream? Maher went off on Independents for being fickle as little school girls and swinging back and forth and not having any long-term commitment to one direction or another. We jsut want fixes now, from whoever is offering the best package. Jesus!

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