It’s been a week. Where are the jobs? – Week Two


November 10, 2010 by billie789

Ok, been a week and I still don’t have a job with benefits I can afford. The Republicans ran on “fixing” healthcare and creating  jobs, so, ball’s in their court. . .any time now. . .g’head, start making speeches and forming committees and making statements to the press.

Any time now, there will be a plethora of jobs and healthcare options available to all of us! And talking unicorns will fart rainbows and little children will float down streams of choclate syrup on giant marshmallows!

Sarah really raised the bar this year, gosh darn it. She made sure that her senate candidates that couldn’t get arrested in normal times, locked out traditional Republican candidates who could have soundly defeated their Demo counter parts and Repubs lost a chace at controlling both houses of Congress because “real” Americans decided that perhaps loony-brained extremists like Sharon Angle were a bit over the top. Yay, Sarah!

And the right-leaning Supremes allowed foreign and domestic corporate interests, with the help of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich to pour millions of dollars into races against Democrats ’cause “Corporations are people, too!”

Yup, I’m all ready. I have my Zoloft, my popcorn, my remote control, my cat. Go, Republicans! I know you fucked us before, but I accept your apologies and I actually understand what it’s like now to accept an abuser who has abused before, but says he’s learned his lesson and won’t do it again, honest, baby, I was drunk, let me prove to you how important you are and how this is my Last Chance!

And, to you conservative patriots who did the Republican Party’s bidding this past election: Tea Partier Rand Paul just announced that he’s not going to turn down earmarks for Kentucky. Geez, not even sworn in yet and he’s announcing a huge flip-flop on a plank he ran on to get elected. He laughed and said that he was against earmarks, but he wasn’t “crazy!” I guess that confirms that the people who voted for him were, actually, “crazy.”

23 thoughts on “It’s been a week. Where are the jobs? – Week Two

  1. torqdog says:

    Damned Republitard hypocrites! Love that Palin and SCOTUS photo.

    • Bill says:

      (Pssssst, Randy, let’s switch sides! I’ll be the Republican for the next year and you be the Demo dude. Waddya say? We could have a helluva lotta fun with it. I mean, Jesus, people think I’m actually serious about this stuff! I post something and I get pelted with links and stiffly worded rebukes. Fuck! It’s gettin’ kinda creepy! Anywho. . .let me know if you want to swap places. Think it over! Your pal, Bill)

  2. avymandias says:

    You’re so right! People with different opinions should be mocked for their beliefs! Anybody who voted against the Democrats should be the object of scorn because there are bad or stupid people who also have some of those beliefs. You’re in no way a hypocrite for showing photos of crazy haters on the right while posting a crazy hate-filled post from the left!

    • Bill says:

      Yee-haw! Yeah, baby!

      The sarcasm was so thick and drippy, from the first sentence, that it nearly blocked the lens through which your meaning is in focus.

      It’s just satire, avymandias. Nothing serious. Don’t get so defensive. I don’t care who you voted for. I’m after the CelebuRepubs who are going to “take back our country!”,that’s all. The ball is in their court and the whole world is watching.

      • avymandias says:

        I pretty much only blog at work, therefore everything is viewed through a Lens of Infinite Hatred (patent pending). Sorry about the intensity. Knee-jerk reaction.
        It’s a sad world, when discourse has become so degraded that satire is pretty much indistinguishable from “serious debate and news sources.”

  3. Stu says:

    I did a quick google image search and found plenty of equivalent, ignorant protest posters from the other side, like this one:

    Both sides have their angry fringe. The posters are funny but ultimately meaningless.

    Capitol Hill doesn’t change from DDD to DRD for a couple months yet. (For those new here, see for reference to DDD and DRD and their related numbers).

    We’ll see what happens to the numbers then. Until then, it’s still DDD. Best to ask the POTUS and lame-duck congress where the jobs are, if you’re looking for immediate answers.

    • torqdog says:

      C’mon Stu! You know what they were sayin before the election…….. mainly that the economy was going to improve immediately after the Repubs took over due to a renewed confidence…….. yeah right!

      Bill’s right, where are the stinkin jobs, man?!!!

  4. Bill says:

    There was a dude on the “Where are the Jobs?” Facebook page yesterday clainming that jobless claims were down a couple of percentage points this week and that proves that employers are hiring again because they are feeling better about things now that Repubs have taken Congress.

    It won’t be long now! I can feel it!

    • torqdog says:

      Don’t be fooled by that FB troll Bill. Everyone knows that this economy is finally turning around because of strong actions taken by the Dems and Fed as well. When Reagan took over in ’81, it wasn’t until ’83 that things started turning around, a full two plus years after he took office.

      Obama has been in office for__________ (fill in the blank)

  5. Becky says:

    I actually noticed more job openings in our area of the country after the stimulus package went into action. Don’t know if there was a correlation there, but that’s the way it appeared, other than the ridiculous crap that went down at Harley, which employs half our town.

    It will be funny to watch the Repubs fail and blame it on Obama.

    Bill and Torq, you’d be good at swapping roles. You can have your own sort of rally on the blog in Colbert style.

  6. Jane says:

    i hope that you find something soon bill. My personal health plan premiums have more than tripled in recent years to the tune of a hugmongous percentage of my salary and may soon be too far out of reach. fortunately my work pays for it 9for now anyway)and a personal policy is the only option for this very very small company. add some questionable diagnoses (which led to extreme amounts of testing etc that sure generated alot of bills but were perhaps very unecessary and quite possibly harmful themselves) it is doubtful that one could get a reasonable rate with a crappier company due to pre-existing ‘conditions’ but it sure helped pay for the new hospital wing and corp bonuses….
    i could go to a huge deductible and hsa but now the insurance giants are trying to make more of that cost go to me and be taxed than for employer to be able to pay because they know i’ll actually go to the doctor if there is less personal out of pocket. they would rather just get premium and not have to provide care.
    anyway the Physicians for National Health Plan have done good research. i just hope we all put effort into learning more about what actual costs are and ask for real experts not corporations to bring the public the real data so we all may choose the best thing.

    • torqdog says:

      Sorry to hear of your exorborant Health Care insurance increases, courtesy of those evil Insurance Corporate greedmongers. I mean, their profit margins must be going through the roof right now at OUR expense. How dare they try and muddy the waters of the new health care bill.

      Single payer Baby! It’s the ONLY way we’re gonna solve this crisis!

      • Jane says:

        well i wouldn’t say it is the only way but it is by far the best proposition i have seen evidence for, so i share a link.
        I am always looking for new or better ideas, keeping the big picture in mind, these issues are not isolated.
        so if you have better ways please pass it on.

  7. Jane says:

    and don’t look for the Korea trade agreement to bring jobs. please learn more and contact your congresspeople

    • Jane says:

      i didn’t mean to imply any particular person didn’t know about it i meant to say learn as much as you can from varied sources.

  8. torqdog says:

    Well Bill, looks like your worries are over…….. December’s unemployment numbers, the first full month since the election show that the jobless rate fell .4 points to 9.4%. So, to help put a smile on your face in celebration of this historic event, I give you the Democrat’s theme song from the ’30s;

    Now, if we could just dump that onerous Obamacare that’s costing business and employees alike billions and billions of dollars, we might actually see some real growth in both the economy and jobs as well.

    • Bill says:

      Gloat while you can. From what I’m seeing of this new hypocritical, lying mess in Washington, you are gonna have crawl under a rock for the next two years and hibernate like so many did during the Bush Decade Debacle.

      Janet and I were laughing this morning as I read the daily paper. On the upper left hand corner of the left page is an article echoing your comments today. On the upper right-hand corner of the oppostie page is the same-size story on just the opposite, about how claims are up. My assignment today is to take a photo of the lay-out and post it on FB.

      And by the way, I noticed that the non-partisan Congessional Budget Office, the organization conservatives like to quote when it agrees with them and shun when it doesn’t, announced yesterday that repealing your “Obamacare” will add $230 billion to the deficit over 10 years. And Randy, I carefully don’t refer to you as a “bagger;” you can call it the Affordable Health Care Act. It needs adjusting, not repealing.

      • torqdog says:

        Look forward to your FB assignment……. sounds “rich”.

        As far as the CBO numbers go, as they say, “garbage in/garbage out”. The numbers used were supplied by Democrats and are so efd up with accounting tricks and just plain cooked books it’s not even worth the time of day discussing that. I already know from experience that health care costs have shot up by enormous amounts in the last 8 months and I’ve described the massive increases both Viv & I have had to endure. Blue Shield of California has raised their rates something like 60% and are still slated to lose over 10 million. Blame it on new math or old math, the figures just don’t add up and costs that were promised to go down if this lunacy was passed have been heading the other way in hyperdrive. Of course, YMMV.

        And since you brought up the topic of hypocritical, let’s go back and revisit Obama’s remarks regarding raising the debt ceiling from 2006. I’m sure you’ve heard Bobby Gibbs laughable attempts to spin this when he was questioned at a presser recently. And while we’re at it, let’s go back and revisit Pelosi’s acceptance speach when she first got hold of the Gavel. Wasn’t she heard promising “no new deficet spending”? Yeah, right……… in her four years from the day of that speach, as speaker the national debt “only” went up 5.3 TRILLION dollars. And now, the Dems are sounding all fiscally conservative with new founded concerns for deficet spending. C’mon, even you wouldn’t fall for that kind of bogus BS hypocrisy, would you?

        Bill, I know you feel obligated to try and defend this BS but deep down, doesn’t it bother you……… just a little? I mean, I know that Repubs are perfectly capable of cooking their own goose but the Dems are on equal footing. It’s OK to come out into the light once in a while and show us a little inkling of that “Independent” mindset you proudly claim to be.

        As far as renaming Obamacare…… uh-uh. Sorry but that’s what everyone from both sides label it now. Just listen to your top of the hour radio broadcasts from any of the big three. Besides, it’s much easier and shorter to type. ;-)

      • torqdog says:

        And besides, if Obamacare is so good, like the Cat’s meow, the Bee’s knee’s etc. etc. I would think you’d be proud to have your favorite POTUS’s name on the label. Is there something amiss?

        Legislators get their names attached to their legislative efforts all the time. McCain/Feingold, etc. etc. so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want Obama’s name attached to his legislation. If it were’nt for him twisting elbows and constantly campaigning for it, would it have gone through?

  9. Bill says:

    Nice distraction. Attempted distraction. The term is only used, consistently, by the Right, as a disparaging, faux-nanny state attack on this administration. It’s used by these seething assholes like “Seward’s Folly” was used against him. And he only got Alaska from the Russians for a song after the Civil War. This from Wiki:

    “When it became clear that the Senate would not debate the treaty before its adjournment on March 30, Seward persuaded President Andrew Johnson to call the Senate back into special session the next day. Many Republicans scoffed at “Seward’s folly,” although their criticism appears to have been based less on the merits of the purchase than on their hostility to President Johnson and to Seward as Johnson’s political ally. Seward mounted a vigorous campaign, however, and with support from Charles Sumner, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, won approval of the treaty on April 9 by a vote of 37-2.”

    So, if you insist that you just don’t know why I would see the term as perjorative, then, truly, you are fucked to the back molars my friend! You fried something along the trip. Your driveway doesn’t reach the road any more. Your insulation is cracked and shorting-out. . .but, alas, I know you are just playing the Fox & Friend Bewilderment Game. Republicans just seem to historically behave like your older brother’s buddy who beats Hell out of you when no one’s looking. Angry, sarcastic, cynical, mean, who-me!?!?!, instigator-agent provocateurs.

    Nobody worth knowing likes you guys! You’ve been the assholes of American politcal theater since WWI. ,-)

    And. . .you know it. And the story about the CBO using Dem-supplied numbers was debunked this morning. Just say the words, Randy: Hypocrites and liars.

    Like I said, gloat while you can. There’s more to running a country than plugging its butt until it explodes and shuts down. You have to have a vision and right now, there are a lot of empty-brains entering Congress who think their mission is to make political points for their base in a time of continuing national crisis. Twelve of the Tighty Whitey Righties are planning on drafting legislation that Obama has to release his birth certificate!?! Really!?! There are two wars and historic unemployment, but you know, we have to do what we said we would do to get elected.

    Except for that $100 billion budget cut we promised. That was, uh. . .well, you know. . .campaign talk. And you fell for it.

    Look, the important thing is that Repubs have the House and nothing will get done until 2012 . That’s been the plan all along, to stop the “Obama Agenda!”

    They don’t have a new, workable policy or plan to save this country, but those retarded, hypocritical assholes have time to look for birth certificates, find out if Rep. Sestak got offered a job to not run, defunding National Public Radio, began gutting the EPA today and they all swear that they are going to spend more time and energy and MONEY voting to repeal “Obamacare” when they can’t get it out of the House. Dems in the Senate pulled a Bush and said,”Bring It On! It’s DOA.” And I don’t imagine Barack will be signing-off on a rebuke of “Obamacare” anytime soon.

    So, it would be nice if these silly, shallow assholes would get to work solving problems. Real problems. Like jobs and the economy.

  10. torqdog says:

    Message deleted (why bother!)

    • Bill says:

      It came through anyway and I read it. It’s cool.

      Your wish to keep “Nan” going so lefty loonies could see how destructive it will all be is comical coming from a conservative who watched Bush destroy the country. Tell me, kind sir, just when did you awaken to your glowing sense of dollar-wise conservatism? Certainly not while Bush was in office, twice. You and so many like you were apparently and utterly silent for nearly 10 years. And then a black Democrat, some Republicans’ WORST FEAR, takes office and the shit starts. Now, every fearful, toothless asshole in every trailer park and rest home in every dusty backwater in America have become experienced fiscal experts and suddenly financially responsible. And best of all, they know how to run a country! People who have no idea what the GDP is are now able to rattle off a list of conservative, anti-Obama talking points. They didn’t graduate from high school, but they know that “everything Obama has done has increased the deficit!” It’s like interviewing German teenagers before WWII. They didn’t know shit, but they DID know that all of Germany’s problems were because of the Jews. They couldn’t tell you why, they just knew Jews were scum and must be dealt with. Why did they think that? They were spoon-fed lies, during horrific economic times in Germany, from the Ministry of Propaganda. To me, that’s just Fox News.

      When we invaded Iraq FOR NO REA$ON, I’m just curious, did you say anything? Did you rant to your like-minded friends on line that it’s an economic disaster and we’ll all pay for generations to come or is that little horror movie,”Slaughter of the Grandkids,” reserved only for your “Obamacare?”

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