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December 21, 2010 by esarsea

This from http://yvonnekupka.com/

Los Angeles, California (Nov. 24, 2010). Yvonne Depatis-Kupka (pictured in a happier and more carefree moment) is a professional Hollywood hairdresser, with additional experience as a makeup artist and actress. Her work has appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows including Planet of the Apes, In Living Color, CSI Miami, In Treatment, True Blood, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and many more. Her husband is “Doc” Kupka, the legendary baritone saxophonist for Tower of Power.

Yvonne is on the California liver transplant list, seriously ill and urgently in need of this surgery. SHE IS CONFINED TO THE HOSPITAL UNTIL A DONOR LIVER BECOMES AVAILABLE, which is causing the bills to mount exponentially. Simply put, the cost for this care substantially exceeds her health insurance coverage and the family’s resources. Major surgery shouldn’t bankrupt a family or threaten to financially ruin their lives. So the Friends of Yvonne and Doc Kupka have organized this medical fund to help cover her catastrophic medical expenses. 

Please visit http://yvonnekupka.com/ if you are able donate to Yvonne’s medical fund. Every dollar counts; even $5 donations are appeciated! 

In 2008, Doc Kupka released Doc Goes Hollywood, a collection of ballads in a modern “Great American Songbook” style. Included on this CD is Track 5, Yvonne, a touching, moving tribute to the love of Doc’s life: Yvonne Depatis-Kupka. You can buy the CD at Strokeland Records or CDBaby.com. All proceeds from the sale of this CD at either outlet are graciously being donated to the Yvonne Kupka Medical Fund.

ABOVE: This video footage was recorded some three years ago when Yvonne Kupka first visited the studio to hear Doc’s song that bears her name, with their son, Mac. Video courtesy of Craig Carman at Drumstories.com.

2 thoughts on “Yvonne Kupka Medical Fund

  1. Bill says:

    Too bad she doesn’t live in Canada.

    Yo, where are the Google ads coming from? I’ve got 4 commercial google ads staring me in the face at the bottom of this post and they are all regionalized for the Salt Lake City area. Who posted this story?

    • esarsea says:

      I posted it. I remember reading somewhere among the WordPress FAQs and such that to help support this free platform, ads will appear on some blogs from time to time. Many ads, be they Google adsense or others are commonly regionalized, using your IP address to determine what ads you will see.

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