Turn It Up Tuesday!


January 4, 2011 by esarsea

4 songs from the Outlaws 1975 self-titled debut album…one of the greatest records ever made, PERIOD. Sadly, they never quite lived up to this record with their subsequent releases – but after 36 years this record stands the test of time. TURN IT UP!!!


12 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. Bill says:

    The Outlaws! Thanks Stu, for the memories. I had all but forgotten about these guys.

    Speaking of all but forgotten, I was watching Paladia last night as they’ve been doing this really cool, intimate thing with Guitar Center and a very, very small audience. Bonamassa was on last night and it was very entertaining because in between each tune, they do a one-on-one interview and Joe was really pretty cool. He seems kind of agitated all the time and his mind is running on 11, but his thoughts were kind and humble about his talent and hard work. He says his is 10% talent and 90% hard work and if his hard-core fan base didn’t attend his shows and buy his music, the music biz would have done him in long ago. Unfortunately, the music was good, but predictable. His playing is still a thing to behold. I was saddened by how uninterested I was watching him play compared to when I first followed his power trio. He looked pretty good, healthy and trim, but it’s now evident that he’s losing his hair at a very early age. I felt a lot of empathy for him last night. It’s like he’s reached a certain musical pinnacle and has no where to go with it.

    • Stu says:

      I’ll have to see if I can catch that program up here, sounds interesting. I think that part of JB’s predictable style or sound comes from his conversion to Gibson guitars. Given the circumstances that prompted the change, I’m sure I would have dropped Fender too, but I sure miss his Strat stuff. I loved the different personalities of his sound back then. Fenders seem to serve as the perfect canvas to which different colors can be added and mixed – while Gibsons seem to “Muddy Up” when effected. As a result JB seems to have a more one-dimensional albeit consistent sound now.

      But when I listen to I know Where I Belong and Pain and Sorrow and My Mistake and A New Day Yesterday I hear songs that are living, breathing, vibrant, edgy and dynamic. Compare them to the smoother, softer, warmer and consistent Les Paul tones of his more recent work and it’s just not the same for me.

      However! Speaking of A New Day Yesterday I read at http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/joe-bonamassa-1229/# that recording of JB’s new record has been completed, and it’s currently being mixed. JB is quoted in the article as saying, “It sounds a lot like a refined A New Day Yesterday.”

      Let’s hope Kevin Shirley doesn’t refine it too much.

  2. Bill says:

    Not being a fan, I’m not privvy to the Fender dust-up, but Shirley has taken a roaring fire and put slippers and a sweater on it and sat it down in the corner in a rocking chair. He’s used to working with burnt-out rock bands and guys who probably nod off for a nap around 2 pm. Joe should call Rick Ruben right now and beg him for a meeting before recording any more easy listening rock with Shirley. And you are correct about the Les Paul sound. Joe’s Les Paul was singing practically by itself as a good humbucker with sustain efx will do, even at quiet volume. You have to physically play a Strat or Tele, aggressively. Now, I’m talking about tone from fingers and pick ups, not tone from a pedal rig or rack gizmos.

    What’s odd is he pulled out a well-worn early-50’s Tele (Huge Bucks!) and said it was his favorite axe and the axe he did a lot of boyhood learning on. He did make some comment like,”Given the circumstances, this is a little weird, but. . . ” so I figured it had something to do with his Gibson endorsement for the JB model LP.

    • torqdog says:

      Bill, are you sure that was on Paladia? I was watching the Guitar Center/Bonamassa interview on the Direct TV 101 channel. In fact, I’m sure of it because I recorded it and that’s what it says on my playlist. And yeah, that older than me Telecaster was an awesome piece. If guitars could only talk……. uh, I mean speak english. :-)

      The Outlaws……. never really caught the groove back then but they did have a few hits that have stood the test of time. Good post Stu and thanks for the memories!

      • esarsea says:

        If you get a chance to really sit down with that album Randy I think you’d become a convert. Amazingly tight interplay between the guitars and equally tight harmony vocals – and there isn’t a bad song on the album. It’s also VERY well produced and engineered for it’s time, with tremendous crankability. I just love it.

      • Bill says:

        Yup, you are correct, sir. It was Direct Tv’s 101. I get confused.

    • Stu says:

      What happened is before JB and Gibson hooked up, he and his management had first approached Fender about an endorsement deal and developing a JB signature model. Fender summarily blew him off, telling him they only did that for “A-List” guitarists.

      Shortly thereafter, Fender released a special edition aged gold sparkle strat that was identical in appearance to JB’s custom goldie strat – right down to the pattern of the wear marks on the neck – and claimed it as their own.

      That was when JB moved to Gibson.

      A rather brazen move on Fender’s part, not to mention short-sighted.

      When you watch old youtube clips of JB dating back to his pre-Bloodline days (like the Jane Pauley show appearance) you see JB in his bedroom at home (still living with his parents) with 2 Fenders laying on his bed. He played Fenders in “The Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa Band” back then, and later in Bloodline. He also primarily played Fenders throughout his current solo career until this thing with Fender happened.

      Funny, I read an interview with JB after the Fender fiasco in which he told the interviewer, “I’ve always been a Gibson guy – I just played Strats in Bloodline so I could cut through the mix” (maybe not word for word but that’s representative of his statement).

      • Bill says:

        I think that’s more about marketing and endorsement deals than real history, according to this interveiw. He talked about how his Dad owned a vintage guitar shop and how the two of them would have a weekly guitar lesson and how his Dad would bring home different music each week to learn from. That’s when he pulled out this old, worn-down Tele and said it was his primary learning instrument in the early years, but it was obvious that his Dad’s inventory was available to him. from his comments.

  3. Da Goddess says:

    The Outlaws ROCK!

    They’re just as much a part of my musical heritage as anything else. Ask my sister. It was her album I stole.

    Looks like I need to dig some up and kick back and enjoy.

  4. Da Goddess says:

    P.S. When I’d occassionally DJ over on BU4Blues, I’d throw on “Green Grass and High Tides” and make dinner while it played. Good stuff.

  5. RockinRon says:

    I always thought the DJ’s would spin Green Grass and High TIMES Forever for 10 minutes while they took a break!
    A true classic that has stayed current, in my mind anyway.
    The things you can do with dueling leads.
    Love It!

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