Gary Moore 1952-2011


February 6, 2011 by esarsea

Legendary guitarist Gary Moore passed away in his sleep early this morning while on vacation in Spain. He was 58 years old. 

I know that Bill was a big fan of Gary Moore, and was responsible for introducing me to Gary’s music. Maybe he will write up a fitting eulogy here. In the mean time, here’s a couple of my favorites. R.I.P. Gary, you will be missed. 

In honor of Gary, there will be no Turn It Up Tuesday tomorrow.


29 thoughts on “Gary Moore 1952-2011

  1. RockinRon says:

    A Huge loss.



  2. his music saved my life by keeping my mind together last summer….the blues healed me inside out….one of the greatest, most under-rated guitarists in the whole blues scene…I’m sure “Greeny” is missing him too.

  3. Bill says:

    Glad you put this up, Stu. I don’t have the mental energy to talk about this yet. The guy was just one of those fearless, aggressive players that lit it up with no apologies. I love his playing and Blues, on an international level, has lost one of its prime ambassadors.

  4. Bill says:

    “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” is a killer, just a heart-crusher. You’ll notice that in this live version, it seems that there are two vocalists singing together. One is Moore , the other is his guitar.

  5. torqdog says:

    SHIT!!!! This just totally sucks! Gary Moore was one of my favs and was arguably one of the best at gut wrenching emotional blues. He was also quite versatile as witnessed by the killer version of Red House he did at the Stratocaster concert last year. I guess it’s time to head for the Cave to memorialize Gary by putting on the Montreux DVD. I’m bummed beyond words.


  6. Jane says:

    thanks Stu. I come here for alot of music content from all you guys but AS MUCH AS IT PAINS ME TO SAY SO was looking for Bill’s comments on Gary today. thanks for the song links and keep them coming

    • Bill says:

      Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! “AS MUCH AS IT PAINS ME TO SAY SO?”

      Gee, Jane, I’m not feelin’ the love, darlin’. I honestly haven’t had a chance to digest this much. Kind of unbelievable. Keith Richards is still up and taking in oxygen and a much younger Gary Moore is dead? I confess to split feelings because Moore was a huge talent in a genre of music I love. But, according to the British press, he killed himself with alcohol and from my own experiences in life, I have to temper the sorrow with the reality that when you put a gun in your mouth, spin the chamber and pull the swallow/trigger to the point that you might die, it’s hard, sometimes, for people who have skipped down that path to be all shocked and depressed and blue. We know that’s what happens, too often. There’s no individual meter on people to say who can hold up and who is too fragile to endure the abuse.

      Sure, I’m sad, very sad. I have a collection of CD’s with Moore playing those big, bold licks that give me the chills, as Moore would always inject a few ferocious, extra notes of a solo in spaces where others dared not go or bother with. I sat on the couch last night with an unplugged Tele trying to make those slow, crying bends that Moore used so eloquently.

      Yeah, it’s sad. Hey, Stu! Can you find the tune off “Bad For You Baby,” you know, the rollicking, kick-ass rock-a-billy thing?

      The video is horrible phone video, it appears, but you can hear the power of what he’s putting out. I love the solo that begins at 1:45. Here’s this 58 year-old Brit making that Tele scream as he gives a chicken-pickin’, turbo-charged, psychobilly lesson to any cowboy picker of how it’s truly done.


      • billie789 says:

        And again at 2:25 where he goes all Danny Gatton on us!

      • torqdog says:

        Interesting …… you say the British press says he killed himself with alcohol yet yesterday (I can’t find ’em today) I found a couple of accounts from friends close to Gary that said he had quit drugs and had severely curtailed his drinking. This hits home for me. My guitar playin buddy had quit drugs and had cut back on the alcohol for three years and had also gotten on a health kick of riding his bicycle 3 to 5 miles every day. Then he dropped dead of a massive heart attack at the young age of 48.

        Maybe with some people the vices are the glue that bind them together. And yeah, by all accounts, Kieth Richards and Ozzy should have passed long ago.

      • Bill says:

        I said Brit and no one caught it?” Irish from Belfast and I knew that. In the early 70’s, when I first heard his work in Skid Row (not that Skid Row), I was reading an interview with him about his background and playing and Moore said that he would place guitars in strategic places around his apartment so that he would have to pass by a guitar to use the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. so that it was part of his environment and easy to pick up around the house. That’s dedication.

      • torqdog says:

        Funny Mr. Trickster …….. I didn’t realize that this would become some sort of reading comprehension evaluation. Yeah, I too knew where he hailed from as he mentions it on his Montreux ’90 DVD which gets played frequently around here.

        Here’s another little GM trivia that I’m sure you are most likely well aware of Mr. Bill. Did you know that Gary was a left handed individual that forced himself to play right handed? In a way, that kind of makes Jimi’s playing a right handed guitar left handed to suit his left handedness seem trivial in comparison, IMHO!

  7. Jane says:

    i like the rock stuff but do have somewhat of an apprecation for the rest

  8. Jane says:

    and the love songs, some of them i guess are blues

  9. torqdog says:

    I mentioned in my first post that Gary had done a killer version of Red House last year. Well, actually the blistering version I was referring to was from a concert in 2004 and here it is. Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear this and now it also comes with an extreme degree of sadness that he will no longer be belting out these classics.

  10. Jane says:

    well apparently some of the initial reports of how he died were unfounded. Still not alot of info but here is a link stating it was natural causes, probably a heart attack

    • torqdog says:

      Interesting article Jane. I especially liked the comments where many blast the press and the Sun in particular for inaccurate reporting. One comment from Denz states;
      “I see The Sun got it incredibly wrong yet again, if you are reading this and you are a fan of rock music and you buy the Sun why don’t you do something positive today and cease buying it. Clearly it is has never been and never will be a reliable source of information and has now caused untold additional heartache to Gary’s friends and family“.

      Here’s another from Brian Barry;
      “Sadly it says a lot about the British mentality when the Sun is the best selling daily newspaper”.

      And here’s an excerpt from Damian’s post;
      “I’ll forgive Barton’s insensitively timed comment about Gary’s weight, as I too was concerned about his weight gain last year, (and indeed suspected a Heart Attack was probably the cause of his death), but I can’t forgive the Sun’s lazy piece of shite tabloid journalism. “Rock star dies after drink binge”, “chokes on vomit”. It appears all they did was re-hash an article someone had wrote in 1970 about Jimi Hendrix. After all, they were both rock star guitarists, it’s how they all die! I vow here and now, never to buy the Sun again”.

      • Bill says:

        “Sadly it says a lot about the British mentality when the Sun is the best selling daily newspaper”.

        Hee hee. That’s like what it says about America that Fox is the number 1 cable news channel.

      • torqdog says:

        Just can’t help injecting your Fox hate obsession even in a memorial thread, can you?!!!

        I’d much rather think of Gary in a positive light than have to rehash some sort of political B.S. here which I won’t do out of respect. There’s a time and place for everything my friend and this is NOT the time or the place!!!

      • Bill says:

        Says you. You brought up the Brian Barry quote, I said there are similarities with the polling and media outlet head-scratching. Don’t get mad at me. I’m not the respected American university that just released a study that found that Fox News viewers are the least-well informed news viewers in the country. I was thinking good thoughts about Gary when you quoted Barry. Being attracted, at times, to shiny objects, I gave an opinion. Sorry to offend your Fox sensibilities.

      • torqdog says:

        Bill, wassup dude? Are ya lookin for a fight? I’m sorry but you’re not pickin up on my sentiments here.

        I mean c’mon …… we both have a deep love and respect for Gary’s music and playing abilities so why are we even having this discussion here? Please just let it go, PLEASE!!!

        EDIT; since posting this I see you went back and completely changed your original post. That’s cool but let’s see if we can just leave it as is. I don’t feel like arguing over this. I don’t know about you but I’m still very emotionally upset by his passing. Maybe I need to get off disability and get back to work so I have something else to dominate my thoughts.

      • Bill says:

        Not sure what you mean. I corrected a single typo in an earlier post, but maybe I deleted something and boiled it down on a re-post. Honestly, I don’t remember. What’s “completely” different about it?

        And, I’ll personalize this for you and perhaps you’ll understand where I’m coming from, sorta. Stu has knowledge of this situation and I do not want to upset you, Randy.

        My drinking and partying days are long over. They ended on August 10, 2001, when I stood in front of the bathroom mirror in the post-divorce strange-apartment and said to myself, “No More, you stupid sonnovabitch! How dare you fuck this up? “This” was my life.

        No alcohol for 6 years when, in 2006 at the age of 55, I started having heart rythym trouble that was making me feel quite unsteady and ill. Doc picked up on it during a routine ear infection exam. I’m laughing it off as something I’ve gotten used to and no one was laughing as they poured over my EKG tape. Then, Doc walks me down the hall and introduces me to the clinic’s staff cardiologist who examines me, reads the EKG tape and takes me into a private exam room where he explains that I’m in HEART FAILURE! Period!That’s the official diagnosis. I gather myself up enough to ask what the dangers are and what we’re going to do to fix it, ’cause I ain’t about to die from something I just found out about. Doc says,”Oh, you’re right at that stage of life with a heart condition, that for men, this is where you go to sleep one night and you don’t wake up. . .you, my friend, could be heading right down that path. You’re “right there,” he said. My heart specs were in the transplant range (low ejection fraction) I will never forget those words. Three years and countless procedures, drug therapy, multiple electro-cardiac conversions and three cardiac catheter ablations later, it’s under control and I’m off the meds, etc. The final diagnosis, with no underlying cardiac disease, congenital birth defects or other history, drinking and partying were settled upon as the genesis of the cardiac arrythmia and subsequent enlargement and, I guess, a near-death experience without angels waving me toward the light.

        So, before anyone gets upset or annoyed with my take or opinion on this so far, I apologize, but I have direct, life-threatening experience with it. My official heart trouble was ascribed to drinking that I had ceased years and years before. You know why? BECAUSE DRINKING IS VERY,VERY HARD ON YOUR HEART! AND YOUR LIVER! AND YOUR KIDNEYS! AND YOUR THROAT! AND ESOPHAGUS! AND STOMACH! AND BRAIN and can come back and kill you years after you stop.

        So, while I feel empathy and sorrow, the fan sites and blogs that are screaming that it was a heart attack and NOT FROM DRINKING! PLEASE! SPARE HIS FAMILY AND FANS AND JUST SAY IT WAS A HEART ATTACK! is silly to me. It’s like saying someone didn’t die in a car wreck, but he died of a heart attack when his heart was stopped when the steering column of his vehicle smashed his chest because his vehicle struck a pole, causing major internal injuries. . .but please don’t say he died in a car wreck, whatever you do.

        Now, I won’t return to this thread. It seems that I got lectured, in a round-about way, by several good, well-meaning people, that my observations were premature, mean-spirited, ugly, disrespectful and even a tool to make me feel better about someone else dying, which is pure rubbish.

    • Stu says:

      Thanks for the link. As I was sharing with someone else earlier, I’ve lost friends to alcohol, to drugs, to suicide, to accidents and to natural causes. If anything, I was more saddened when I lost them to things other than natural causes.

      To suggest that someone was tempting fate before their death, or that they ultimately, “Got what they bargained for” is human nature – and probably has its roots in being a sort of coping mechanism. If we can somehow blame someone for their own death, we can guilt-free jettison some of the sadness we are feeling.

      The media on the other hand…well that’s another story.

  11. Bill says:

    Yup, you guys nailed it, good work. I guess the eyewitness in the hotel bar who told the Spanish police that Moore and his girlfriend spent the evening in the bar drinking champagne and brandy before heading for their room around 11 pm is just an old meany! I think Ill wait for an official cause of death that doesnt come from the Sun or the Examiner or a fan comment section in a rock magazine. And, in the end, the dude is still dead, isnt he? A heart attack in a drinker or a former drinker isn’t a rare occurance.

    • torqdog says:

      “A heart attack in a drinker or a former drinker isn’t a rare occurance”.
      Maybe so, but a heart attack in someone who’s borderline obese, living on a diet of Cheeseburgers isn’t a “rare” occurance either and is prolly a hell of a lot more likely the cause. And why don’t you also throw in some Cocaine usage for good measure? That there causes a hell of allot more heart damage than alcohol.

      Bottom line here ( for me anyway) is, can’t we just appreciate what Gary contributed to our lives rather than try to tear down and compartmentalize his life? I know we all grieve in different ways but this “having to defend” crap is not at all what I had in mind. More wags, less bark!

      • billie789 says:

        Well, just to humor you, the eyewitnesses didn’t mention cocaine, Randy. You guys can continue to hope for a rock and roll fantasy-ending here. That’s fine. All I’m saying is that given the reported and confirmed history, it could make sense as tragic as it is. I’m not going to shut up about the dangers of drinking. My father was a raging alcoholic who destroyed my family. I started down that path and caught myself 10 years ago.

        I’m sitting here telling you that I attended AA meetings 10 years ago for about a year. This story could have come out of any one of those meetings. Each week, our “home” room meeting place would “lose” another member to alcohol. They didn’t drop dead drunk at the laundromat, they died in their sleep almost always. Heart attack, stroke, ruptured esophogus, etc. Yesterday, I made my weekly visit to an old college friend who is in last stages of liver failure from years and years of abuse. When he was drinking, you couldn’t make him slow down. He actually divorced his 2nd wife because he told her that he liked beer better that he liked her. Now, he can’t walk from the bathroom to the couch without help. He takes a taxi to the hospital once a week to have a needle stuck in his abdomen to drain fluid because he can’t get his blown-up belly behind the wheel of his own car. My knowledge of heart problems and drinking are personal and the problem is well-known. You meet my cardiologist sometime. He has knowledge and shit.

        Yes, we can just appreciate what this gifted talent gave us over the years, absolutely. And I can speculate that a history of drinking, and he was drinking according to eyewitnesses, can KILL you, even after you’ve quit.

        As far as bringing closure to the living, I’ll wait for the “official” report.

      • Jane says:

        whether or not bill comes back to read here, i appreciate what he says in alot of ways. i think i needed to hear some of it for my own good. i used to get buggered up about the way some people say things but have realized alot of that is in my own head, but anyway that is where alot of hurt feelings cancome from.
        fWIW when i posted the original news story was unfounded it wasn’t to try to say i knew what killed him or it wasn’t necessarily from drinking originally or whatever. i don’t know, the point was he didn’t choke on his own vomit in a plastered stupor as what the original report said. that part of the story got spread far and wide without any merit. stuff like that sticks with people evem if later shown to not be completely accurate. i try to remind myself of that for stupid stuff i say too.
        anyway i never intended to try to say it was one thing or another, just that it probably wasn’t as had been initially spread throughout the world.

      • torqdog says:

        Yeah Jane, there’s a huge difference between having a glass or two of Champagne with dinner with a Brandy in the Bar before retiring for the evening instead of drinking to excess and dancing on the tables which is what that Sun article made it sound like. That’s all.

        I too can sympathize with Bill as he comes from a different perspective, one that almost saw him retire early in a most deadly way. Never-the-less, whether Gary died from a delayed heart failure from past drinking binges or a bad diet or just plain something that was bound to happen doesn’t really matter in the end. He’s dead and NOTHING is gonna change that no matter how much we bicker and dissect his life.

        Watching his concert vids it’s really sad to think he is gone. I mean, he always had a genuine smile on his face when he played and was always seemingly happy. I guess one thing positive has come from his passing ………. his video and CD sales on Amazon have suddenly gone from obscurity to #19 (Montreux DVD collection).

        Bill, please don’t feel that you need to stay away from this thread. I think we understand where you’re coming from and now that you’ve gotten it off your chest, maybe you’d like to reflect a bit on the positives. With Gary, there’s plenty of those to talk about.

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