Turn It Up Tuesday!


February 8, 2011 by esarsea

I wasn’t going to publish a Turn It Up Tuesday feature this week in honor of Gary Moore, but decided to share this video instead. It’s of Gary’s classics, and it seemed somehow appropriate.

Turn it up.


5 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. torqdog says:

    Beautiful! It really pains me to watch this stuff right now as I’m really having a tough time with Gary’s passing. This vid is an example of that heart wrenching style Gary was so good at. Sad he had to go before his time. :-(

  2. billie789 says:

    One in a million. Man oh man.

    • billie789 says:

      Listening to this, I’m reminded that Moore was a total TONE GOD! He and Jeff Beck get unimaginable tone out of their fingertips and brain and heart, not an effect or amp or certain guitar, although it’s funny that the true masters of the sport always use fairly plain Fenders and Gibsons, not Epiphones or DarthShredder guitars shaped like medieval battleaxes or knock-offs sorta shaped just like a Fender, but a different headstock that looks totally out of place on an iconic axe body like a Strat.

  3. Belén García says:

    He escuchado esta canciín de el video Blues Live al menos 50 veces desde su muerte y no puedo evitar llorar. Era todo sentimiento. Le sigo desde mis 15 años. Su música me ha acompañado en todas las épocas de mi vida y creo que he ido evolucionando como él con su música, he ido madurando, primero heavy y luego el blues. Me sentí muy molesta con The sun por la inapropiada noticia sobre su muerte, la familia no se merece este trato ¡un poco de respeto!.
    Este video es de mis preferidos. Gary, tu música nos acompañará siempre.

    • Stu says:

      The following is a Google translation of the above comment, and may not be 100% accurate…

      I heard this canciín of the Blues Live video at least 50 times since his death and I can not help mourn. It was all feeling. I keep from my 15 years. Their music has accompanied me in all times of my life and I think I have evolved as he with his music, I have matured, the first heavy and then the blues. I was very upset with The Sun by the inappropriate news about his death, the family does not deserve this treatment a little respect!.
      This video is my favorite. Gary, your music will live forever.

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