Something Else to Worry About? Analog Sunset Begins!


February 9, 2011 by torqdog

As some of you know, I have a love for audio visual stuff like big TVs, bluray payers and surround sound systems. I’m quite often found perusing the audio visual forums trying to gather more information on this hobby of mine. The other day, I came upon a thread titled “Analog Sunset Begins”  where a discussion has ensued regarding the demise of analog “Hi-def” video signals. This primarily affects people who have not yet switched to HDMI and are still using the three colored component video cables for their hi-def signal. People who are still using standard-def coaxial cable or yellow composite cable will be unaffected for now. This article from engadget  primarily focuses on bluray as being the only thing affected but speculation being what it is finds many on the various forums fearing that this will also affect cable and satellite down the road. The costs to consumers will be huge as many who have resisted upgrading their TVs to sets capable of handling HDMI will now be forced to make the switch.

Just another thing to worry about? We’ll be seeing soon enough. From engadget;  “Any new Blu-ray player announced after January 1st 2011 will only output HD via HDMI — players that started shipping last year can still be sold until the end of this year though”.

17 thoughts on “Something Else to Worry About? Analog Sunset Begins!

  1. Bill says:

    I need to dig into this when I get some time. Everything I’ve picked up in the last couple of years, from flat screen tv’s to DVD players comes with HDMI-ready connections and cabling.

  2. torqdog says:

    Yeah, it’s not gonna affect everyone. In my case, it will force me to get rid of the perfectly good 34″ HDTV CRT display in the bedroom that came out before HDMI was available. It still has a wonderful looking picture and I really have no reason to replace it other than planned obsolescence. There inlies the rub, I may be able to afford a replacement TV but there are millions of folks out there that can’t. And from what I can tell, this seems to have been generated by the controlling “powers that be” under the guise of copyright protection. Anyone who would even think of copying a hi-def signal over analog cables is probably still copying VHS tapes in their basement and distributing them to their friends. And besides, it’s a moot point anyway since it’s possible to copy over digital interfaces like HDMI or DVI now with much higher quality results. It’s just another way to generate sales as if the current 3-D craze isn’t enough.

    You know I’m a champion of free enterprize but I have a REAL problem with forced enterprize.

  3. billie789 says:

    Hey! Run that sucker until it blows up or you finally decide to buy a 34″ flat screen. They are down to a ridiculous price which is still too much for me right now. I need to replace the “batchelor pad” 20″ Sylvania CRT tv in the bedroom some day. I have two 46″ Sony Bravia 1080 HD flat panel monitors in the house and I LOVE THEM! I’m like that idiot in the commercial who can walk from room to room watching the same action scene. God Almighty, now there’s a useful idea. . .how often would you need to suddenly move through your house, but are afraid to lose 4 or 5 seconds of Transformers action? No wonder other countries hate us.

    • torqdog says:

      I have a confession to make ……… Sunday we hosted a Superbowl party out in the Cave. But the bathrooms are in the house so every TV I own was on so no-one would miss the action. And when the rooms were empty, at least the Spiders were entertained ……… I guess. Yeah, we do indeed live in a country of excess, if one can afford it.
      I just took delivery of a 60EX500 Sony Bravia around Christmas. It was a replacement for the failing 60 inch RPTV that Sony was sued over and it cost me a grand total of $150.00 delivered. Absolutely stunning picture, especially hooked to blu-ray and it makes the way too expensive set it replaced pale in comparison. I even got to keep the old TV which I gave to my Bro-in-law. Even though the colors aren’t what they used to be and whites have a not so nice looking yellow tinge to them, he loves it as it’s his first hi-def tele. Is that a “pay it forward”, “pay it backward” or simply a lateral?

      • Bill says:

        Holy shit! A 60″?!?! That would look like a billboard tv from “Blade Runner” in my condo.

        A question: You have a man-cave and you have to come into the house to use the bathroom? Is it a real cave, like something you dug into the hillside out back? JK.

        Stu, get rid of the entertainment center and the tv. When you get a nice, clean-line, HD flatpanel with a couple of simple components, you can rack the whole thing on a tabletop. It’s like getting rid of a castle and replacing with a beach cabana.

  4. Stu says:

    Nice. I’m still watching a 36″ Sony Trinitron that will blow your intestines right out through your groin if you try to lift it. Cost me $1200 back in the day and it’s not even High-Def. I’m hoping to upgrade soon, but I’ve also got to get rid of the dinosaur oak entertainment center — and it’s another ball buster.

    • RockinRon says:

      Hey Stu, I think I got the same flat screen Sony in the bedroom. I dread when it needs to be moved around. It does give me a hernia when luggin this thing around. It is so unbalanced. It did have a nice pic in the day, and has been problem free tho.

      • Stu says:

        Yeah, it’s got to be 200 pounds plus – and the awkward size (and unbalanced characteristic as you mention) makes it more than one person can handle.

    • RockinRon says:

      We picked up a 55″ Visio, and the HD picture is amazing.
      Very surprised with depth of the LCD pic.

  5. Jane says:

    Well that sounds like it sucks. I have directtv but know people that just have regular tv and those digital converter boxes. They BLOW ASS and that’s on top of a hill near a major metro area.

  6. Becky says:

    heh,heh. aah….this is the kind of topic I need after a somewhat stressful week. We’re pretty much always 5 yrs. behind the newest technology at our house. Just too busy to worry about it. I know nothing about what sort of HD we have, but Wes can worry about that.

    Stu, we have a dinosaur oak entertainment center too, that we bought back when we were first married and thought we needed some “real”, tasteful furniture. I remember my dad and Wes moving it down the long wooden staircase from our second floor apartment in an old Victiorian house so we could take it up north with us. It was a nice piece of furniture back in the day.

    I’m thinking “blow ass” is opposite of “suck ass”, more positive in nature.

    • Bill says:

      Whew! I haven’t seen this much blowing and sucking since before I was married last time. . .

      My sister has both: A huge flat-panel in the down stairs room added recently, bit I fear they made a big mistake with the giant, CRT Sony flat-screen (not flat-panel). She remodeled the front room and had the builder build-in-place a corner cabinet for just that unit and she can’t fit a regulation flat-panel in that cabinet, so she’s stuck. To upgrade or replace that Sony refrigerator with a newer unit is gonna mean tearing out part of the front room.

      • torqdog says:

        “Whew! I haven’t seen this much blowing and sucking since before I was married last time. . .”

        Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman’s sex drive by 90%..
        It’s called a Wedding Cake. ;-)

  7. Becky says:

    Oh yeah, how ’bout that Superbowl!!! Who were you rootin’ for Torqdog?

    • torqdog says:

      Well, to answer your question Becky, let me just say first and foremost, I was rooting for whichever “square” on my three Superbowl pools came up as a winner. Unfortunately none won so secondly, yes I was rootin for the Packers only because I’m kind of tired of seeing Pittsburg in the SB. When Al Davis finally croaks and the Raiders are once again able to live up to that “commitment to excellence” moniker that has been with the team since the 70s, then I will once again have something to cheer for rather than money.

    • torqdog says:

      ……… oh, and I almost forgot ……….. congratulations!

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