Just A Reminder


February 18, 2011 by esarsea

Just a reminder that I’ve got new and used (mostly used) CDs for sale on ebay. I currently have 137 CDs listed, most of which start at 99 cents. The list of available titles updates every few days, so if you haven’t checked lately you might look again — there a little bit of everything there.

There is a link to my ongoing auctions on the right side of the page. Check back often for new titles!

2 thoughts on “Just A Reminder

  1. Da Goddess says:

    Guess I better go look at what else you have listed. I got great stuff last time! (Lost a couple good CDs that I really wanted, but oh well)

  2. […] Before I forget, if anyone is interested in very VERY inexpensive CDs from a great music collection, I know someone who is selling many of those CDs on eBay. Check it out. […]

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