Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants: The No BS Info on Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators


March 16, 2011 by esarsea

Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants: The No BS Info on Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators by Greg Palast

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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants: The No BS Info on Japan’s Disastrous Nuclear Operators

  1. Bill says:

    Interesting opinions from those two.

    I have been ranting for days, often to just myself, over how f*cking stupid you would have to be to place your emergency back-up generators in the floodable parts of your building. . .sitting in, not next to, the Pacific Ocean. And it’s not a godam gumball machine manufacturing plant; it’s a freaking Nuke that will go insanely beserk and kill and maim and poison people for years and years to come, let alone becoming the final brutal kick in the groin to people who live there and survived the 9.0 Earthquake and unimaginably-lethal Flood 20 minutes later.

    They found some guy clinging to a piece of his roof 4 miles off the coast. So many have become food for the fishes. Recycled to the ocean that sustained them.

    This is supposed to be an “elite” type of engineering/construction science, like NASA. They aren’t building bridges and towers; they’re breaking the atomic bonds of elements and unleashing raw energy in a contained environment where you don’t get to say,”Ooooops! What was that?” or, “Yeah, we should have put more steel in that concrete. . .I can see that now.” They have layers of back-up that always seem to fail, one right after the other.

    Too bad. This is just horribly F.U.B.A.R.

    And, to finish spitting my dinner at the computer screen, this is the same dull-headed-damaged-chromosome, shit-engineering design and disaster-naivete that allowed some idiot to approve placing emergency back-up generators in the basement of the major hospital in New Orleans that flooded during Katrina. Again, it wasn’t a Holiday Inn that was suddenly without power. It was a hospital, with patients. And they knew it was in a flood zone.

    I’d love to know where those generators are located now.

  2. esarsea says:

    So true. The thought processes boggle my mind.

    We’ve got the Hanford nuke facility here in Washington, where (according to Wiki) two-thirds of the United States’ high-level radioactive waste is stored — some 53 MILLION gallons.

    How much is 53 million gallons? It would fill a cube measuring 2,555 feet on each side; nearly 1/2 mile tall, 1/2 mile wide, and 1/2 mile deep.

    If you’re interested, there is a lot of information about the Hanford site here, including a long history (and continuing concerns) of contamination:

    Here’s one particularly troubling excerpt:

    “The most significant challenge at Hanford is stabilizing the 53 million U.S. gallons (204,000 m3) of high-level radioactive waste stored in 177 underground tanks. About a third of these tanks have leaked waste into the soil and groundwater.[53] As of 2008[update], most of the liquid waste has been transferred to more secure double-shelled tanks; however, 2.8 million U.S. gallons (10,600 m3) of liquid waste, together with 27 million U.S. gallons (100,000 m3) of salt cake and sludge, remains in the single-shelled tanks.[5] That waste was originally scheduled to be removed by 2018. The revised deadline is 2040.[51] Nearby aquifers contain an estimated 270 billion U.S. gallons (1 billion m3) of contaminated groundwater as a result of the leaks.[54] As of 2008[update], 1 million U.S. gallons (4,000 m3) of highly radioactive waste is traveling through the groundwater toward the Columbia River. This waste is expected to reach the river in 12 to 50 years if cleanup does not proceed on schedule.[5] The site also includes 25 million cubic feet (710,000 m3) of solid radioactive waste.[54]”

  3. torqdog says:

    Trying to sift through all the info coming out of Japan has been somewhat of a challenge especially when you have the press doing their sensationalistic, fearmongering news blasts. Here’s an article from the Nuclear Energy Institute that just tells it like it is.

    Here’s an excerpt from Wednesdays post;

    At 4 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, a radiation level of 75 millirem per hour was recorded at the plant’s main gate. At 4 p.m. EDT, the reading at one plant site gate was 34 millirem per hour. By comparison, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s annual radiation dose limit for the public is 100 millirem. Radiation readings are being taken every 30 minutes

    Is it cause for concern …….. you betcha but their readings don’t jive with the doom and gloom scenarios that we’re being fed. I encourage y’all to perouse this site as it is the most acurate, unfiltered and unbiased assessment out there.

  4. Bill says:

    Not sure how a nuclear industry lobbying group is considered “accurate, unfiltered and unbiased,” my friend.

    From Wiki:
    “In addition to its core mission, NEI also sponsors a number of public communications efforts to build support for the industry and the expansion of nuclear energy, a number of which have come under attack from environmentalists and anti-nuclear activists. . .

    In 2008, Greenpeace criticised NEI’s public relations efforts and suggested that NEI’s advertising about nuclear power was an example of greenwashing.[6] In the first quarter of 2008 the NEI spent $320,000 on lobbying the US federal government. Besides Congress, the nuclear group lobbied the White House, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy and others in the first three months of the year. The NEI spent $1.3 million to lobby the federal government in 2007.[7]”

    • torqdog says:

      True, BUT, they ARE the only ones who seem to be giving a step by step analysis with real info as to the severity of this problem (did you even look at the site?). Listening to the media you would think that the containment walls have all failed and that radiation is at deadly levels. Japan just raised this event to a level 5 which is the same level 3 Mile Island went to. Last time I checked, nobody died at 3MI and radiation levels released into the atmosphere were supossedly no greater than the equivalent of a couple of mammograms. And they also just announced that we are seeing the first signs of fallout reaching our shores. In SoCal they have discovered levels that are ONE BILLION times less than what is considered a safe dose. Why in the heck even report such non-sense if the aim isn’t to instill fear in the hearts of millions? Geiger Counters as well as Potassium Iodine sales are through the roof and I just sit here and chuckle at all the Chicken Little, “sky is falling” ignoramuses.

      I choose not to be scared but YMMV.

  5. Bill says:

    Yes, of course I visited the site. You can also get it from a non-lobbying group here:

    Don’t get me wrong, Randy, the media, all of them, are carnivorous and will make a meal oughta a dead guy’s leg if it will hold up ratings for another day. It’s shameful but it’s been going on for decades. How long has entertainment been making fun of how self-important media reporters and anchors all make themselves appear? The real villians are the producers and assignment editors and news directors who decide what gets reported, what gets on the air, what get a 1 1/2 minutes, what gets 5, etc. And the reason they watch each other’s “air” with monitors blazing on all walls is because they are watching each other to see which story they led with, how far into the newscast they each did the same big local story, that kindn of thing. SO, even the stuff they know is shit gets on the air because they are afraid the competition will run it and scoop them.

    Of course they look foolish running around a hotel balcony, in Tokyo, with a hi-tech geiger counter going,”It’s beeping over here by the potted plant! No, no, wait a sec. . .maybe not. . .but last night it was off the charts at the hotel bar!” They are trying to appeal to the most common denominator in their viewers: Sex, lies, murder, explosions, fires, earthquakes, plane crashes, mother drowns family, man eats dog, grandma gives birth, frog talks, on and on. And it’s only gotten worse, where you have people trying to one-up each other, particularly the cable guys.

    • torqdog says:

      Great post Bill. Sounds like from the detailed description of what goes down behind the scenes, you’ve “been there, done that” at some point in your life.

      I am truly fed up with the whole lot of ’em. You’re absolutely correct in your feeding frenzy description and unfortunately for those who aren’t “tuned in” to what’s really going on, unnecessary fear is the result. I guess it’s still a better system than what the folks living in and around Chernobyl had to endure with the state run Soviet press feeding them bits and pieces but never admitting the severity of the problem until it was way past too late.

  6. torqdog says:

    Here’s an article from of all places, the New York Times. It’s one of the few mentions ANYWHERE in the media that the problem has more to do with spent fuel rods laying in storage ponds rather than the Reactors themselves.

    And, if the backup generators had been elevated, much of this problem would have been averted as the cooling pumps would have never stopped working. I heard this on the way home this evening and haven’t yet verified it but apparently the locals complained that the elevated generators would have been an eyesore and design changes were made to accomodate their wishes. They’ve got a heck of allot worse problem than an eyesore now.

  7. Bill says:

    Oh, their eyes are gonna be sore for generations.

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