Millions Against Monsanto Campaign 2011


March 25, 2011 by esarsea

Visit Organic Consumers Association for more information

2 thoughts on “Millions Against Monsanto Campaign 2011

  1. torqdog says:

    Well, 03/26/2010 has come and gone. I didn’t hear anything about these protests that were supposedly happening across the fruited plain. Did they materialize?

  2. Bill says:

    “Was gonna have a rally, not gonna dally. . .then I got high.”

    A young, female actor on Bill Maher Friday night started in on Bees and how if they die off, we’re all gonna die within a couple of years. Her explanation of why they are mysteriously dying off was sophmoric. “It’s a combination of all those things, Bill!” when he asked if it was pesticides, cell phone tower radiation, steroids in beef cattle, Toyota’s not stopping and, and, well,. . .Barack Hussein Obama! Then, before Maher could manage his own show, she started in on factory farms and how they spread really stubborn strains of salmonella and how we’re all gonna die in a coupe of years. Maher just started staring at her silently while she ran through a sentence on one subject, then, without taking a breath, linked it to another potential environmental disaster and how we’re all gonna die in a couple of years and just kept going and going until the original point was lost and there was silence on the set. Maher stopped her as she seamlessly attempted to dive into another potential man-made disaster and said,”Ok, ok, that’s going to have to be another subject for another day. I have to finish the show.”

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